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  1. The Corona Virus Thread

    Hello everyone, i haven't posted here for a couple of years, being busy with real life issues, but stayed in contact with a few of us and just came to say hi. We are in lockdown in Spain, i was in the Army Logistics Academy converting after promotion (from Infantry to Electronics, feels like a monkey training to become an astronaut) and they basiclly told of to F back home and carry on with the subjects online. It is kind of frustrating since we just got certified back in Law Enforcement and NBQ and could be out with some units wich were deployed providing support. Family is Ok, but my sister works as a therapist in a nursing home and has lost several patients to Covid-19. She was quite attached to them, and it is taking its toll, i'm concerned she might get old-sergeant syndrome as this crap goes by. Just wish you all the best, take any lockdown or quarantine measures seriously, it sucks but you get used to it. Don't give it any chances, it is far more serious than any flu and it is quite a cruel way to die.
  2. Dunkirk

    Christopher Nolan acknowledged that the editing was risky and kind of experimental, but the photography was awesome. Have some quirks with some stuff, wich you may have if you saw the movie, but overall i enjoyed it. Anyone else mind to share their thoughts?
  3. RIP Sam Shepard

    RIP. It was ALS as far as i heard
  4. KC-130 Crash in Mississippi 16 Dead

    I had the pleasure to jump from a VMGR-252 KC-130 about a year ago, great guys. Godspeed Leathernecks
  5. Going Rogue

  6. Somehow, i wish the Sukhoi pilot made it alive, but still, i think a NoFlyZone sould have been enforced before ISIS took over
  7. I'm going to war against a mole!

    Oh, vet stories from the Great Rodent War? Me wants in! Turns out we had a cold wave or something this winter. It snowed after like 70 years on Cartagena, my hometown, on the shore of the mediterranean. I was in the dining room with my family and girlfriend, recovering after screwing up my collarbone, when i saw that big ass rat crawling by the chimney, taking shelter from the cold or something. When i called it up, everybody scrambled out of the room, while i came unto the rodent, to, say befriend it. Having the civilians evacuated to the kitchen, this limp paratrooper, with the encouragement, moral support and technical advise of out family Navy representative (dad), got to kill the rat. After having my airsoft G36 jam on me (had neglected it for about 2 years to be fair) and trying to impale it with a walking cane, i had to crush it under my boot. The psycoest fun i had during sick leave that winter. However, it did not end there. The rat had dug a hole in the lawn and i was concerned that it may be a sanctuary to more RatCharlies, so i decided to napalm the shit out of it. My parents just were about to pave it anyway, so they told me to leave it alone. But like i said, i was bored to hell. So when they were both at work, i went out shopping and came back with a bottle of zippo gas and a box of firecrakers. The biggest i found, they were like dynamite sticks. So a poured the bottle of gas down the hole and dropped one of the firecrackers. I didn´t here it thump, only had a burst of flames erupt from the hole and lots of smoke coming up from the ground. The stench was unbearable. The little kids of the Moroccan family across the street, wich should have been at school, were laughing their asses looking from their window, while i was pumped out with this "fuckfuckfuck i did it again" feeling. I hosed down the hole trying to put the smoke out, only to have it turn from black to white, a dense, even stinkier cloud of steam coming up. It was taking forever. Just as i had this feeling "somebody saw me do it, or is just about to" i had this lovely granny, a couple of houses down the street, walk by back from buying some groceries and stop to chat, asking me about my injury "Nah, im doing better" while i pretend to be watering the grass wich still had some snow on it while casually ignoring the cloud of smoke flying a block away, the stench and the puffs of smoke coming out of the ground.
  8. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry.

    In basic, that show may be intimidating "Wow, is this for real? This guy is going to eat my heart out". Later on, with a few jump induced bruises on my ass, i had a barely out ot teenage superior (leg, pog, fobbit, you name it) trying to do that to me because he had got pressed to look mean. It was because i had my MG4 slung my way, not against regulations, but a general advise. In fact, i had already showed my sarge how i did it and he made me show it to the new guys. I almost got chewed up when i couldn't help but chuckle a bit trying to look all serious at attention, with him screaming at his toes and a wimpy pitch, my sarge giving me that "don't laugh you fucker" look in the background.
  9. WWII After WWII

    Quite cool, a very interesting topic. I had been curious several times about such issue. Just this morning i was looking for some info on PPSh-41s in use by US Special Forces in the late 50s, early 60s
  10. Version


    Operation Northern Sabre Plus This is intended as an expanded campaign using resources from other TW games merged. For this campaign to work, a merged install with SF2:Vietnam is required, but as usual, a full-5 merged install is quite advisable. The campaign includes another US carrier, USS America, employing CVA-63 model. The escort for USS America is entirely fictional, and if anybody can provide some information on the real composition of its surface combat ships for her 1979 cruise, please, tell me. Most aircraft added are Phantoms. VMFA-333 flew the J type and used to be attached to CVW-8, so much that AJ is the tailcode it sports in stock installs, and it keeps a detachment embarked aboard USS Nimitz. VMFA-115 was actually deployed to NAS Keflavik during September 1979, so it was a no brainier. VF-201 was a USNR squadron stationed in NAS Dallas, and it has been added to USS America as a way to add more Phantoms, just in case. The campaign is made so it will display Daddyairplanes´s F-4J_74 or ThirdWires F-4N DLC, but if you don´t have them, it will revert to F-4Js and F-4Bs (remember i told you this required SF2V) I also included an USMC Skyhawk Squadron in Keflavik, wich will take dmtldragon´s A-4M, or alternatively, A-4F_74 from SF2. The stock campaign also included RAF Phantoms in case you had SF2E or F-4K DLC, however i overwrote those squadrons instead of making them flyable, i just guess they would be busy in Europe or guarding UK air space to get into a mess wich the USN and USMC are handling already Most of the work was Tannethal´s, who figured out how to make two different CVBGs work fine, and had the idea of the Soviet reinforcement convoy, a lot of credit goes to him. Also thanks to daddyairplanes, Viggen and all others wich contributed providing info and advise. I suggest using the HFD version of Iceland for keeping FPS low, and modified SA-8s for airfield coverage. I just did it by changing their role from MOBILE_SAM to MOBILE_AAA, but it may be better to use two different copies (one model of each variant in each role). If anything goes wrong, it must be my fault for messing around with some entries, please tell me so i can solve it.
  11. Mirage Factory F-5E for SF2



    Adaptation of the original Add-on to work on SF2, Thirdwire second generation. Includes all the original files by Mirage Factory, adapted weapons, and skins, along with several aggresor skins by wpnssgt Readme included
  12. RAVEN

    So great to hear man
  13. 1SG Dickie Safety Briefing - 02/28/17

    So there i was, no shit. My collarbone had popped out of place. Got to the barracks to check up right after surgery. My BDU looks weird because i have a hump on my shoulder wich looks like Igor's from Young Frankenstein and a blue sling to hold the arm in place, providing a vivid contrast with the pixels made in 50 shades of green. Company Sarge, wich saw me getting messed up, sees me when i head towards the office. No "How are you doing?" nor "Hi", but before i can even salute: "Are you fuking coming back from sick leave already or what?" Thank God I'm immune to psychology
  14. Canada Wins

    Talking about weapon vids, probably the best i've seen in a long time is this about a live fire exercise simulating a US Army paratrooper squad from ww2 (If i'm right, it was different by the time of Market Garden). As an afficionado of historical firearms, infantryman and...why not,biased paratrooper, the way it is all put into context just makes this quite awesome.
  15. Citizens of Tornado Alley! Stay Safe.

    Stay safe buddies, i've always been amazed by how the people in the alley just take it and rebuild like "Meh". We just lost Bill Paxton and tornados get nuts
  16. Navy'lize a plane a what if?

    Coincidentally, i came back to bring another Sea Lightning: Apparently, a real paint scheme by the USAAF
  17. Wow, God bless you pilots and your hawkish vision
  18. Navy'lize a plane a what if?

    Well,CL meant to do the opposite...and that's what the Phantom was in real life. Perhaps an interservice mic drop... Like this would be EDIT: Just don't look at the Black Knights insignia
  19. Going Rogue

    Thanks for the concern, anyways, I finally got my way...i just needed to wait until i was alone at home and call my girlfriend to rush me out. Back when i lived with my parents, if i called my girlfriend because i was alone at home it meant some completely different kind of leisure. Getting old backwards, like Benjamin Button. It was as awesome as i expected and ended as i tought it had to, but i missed some epic scenes from the trailer wich didn't make it to the final cut. Loved the pacing. Perhaps the ship ramming scene at the end was the closest to being over the top but was cool as hell. A lot of effort was put into making it fit more naturally into a storyline almost 40 years old and it is appreciated. Regarding how dark or gritty it may have gotten, i felt it perfectly fitting. Some films intend to be morally ambiguous or kind of like that for the relativistic, evil-sympathetic pedantic pretending to look cynical and nihilist smartasses, absolutely not main stream but on fashion hipsters of the world, but all of that was right on the film. I would wait to get de-hyped to put any score on the film, or compare it with any other film from the franchise, but i liked it a lot
  20. Going Rogue

    Been waiting for this the whole year and 3 days before release i got a displaced collarbone. I've been trough parachute jumps wich crippled half my company and came out unscathed and i got screwed up during our christmas party. At least I'm better than the other "senior private-acting corporal" in my squad who got a testicle almost to explode...without even remembering what he did. We left our poor Sarge alone with the newer guys...wich come to think about it, at least have more brains than we do. Had to undergo surgery and i'm staying with my parents at home while recovering. They wont let me go to the theater just in case "What if Ana (my girlfriend, who drives so slow i could outrun her on foot) brakes too hard and the seatbelt takes the bone back out, or you get bumped in a crowd" 27, I'm freaking 27 and grounded

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