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Choo choo, motherf***ers!

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this weekend there was an open day at Milano Smistamento locomotive depot, one of the main freight yard and locomotive depot in Italy, where lots of historic trains are stored and kept in running conditions by volunteers.

I don't know much about trains, so for any questions you have to ask Spillone104.
























The locomotive in the middle arrived from Germany!


























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Well, some of them could cover the year range from WW2 to the end of the Cold War... Some of the brown locomotives were built between the '20s and the '30s, and served well into the '90s, with the latest retired in 2006!


That freight yard, being the biggest in Italy during WW2, was a primary target for Allied bombers. During one of these raids, due to a ground crew error, many bombs were loaded on bombers without a fuse. Still today it is common for excavation workers to find unexploded bombs in the towns near the yard (once they found one near my high school, the following day lessons were suspended for bomb removal operations).

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This is pure joy, already said something on FB to Aleks.... Most probably the German series 50 already made their mileage in Italy around the end of the war, it was a great loco, available in great numbers, could be used for about every sort of train, powerfull, with a low axle loading and able to run 50mph forward as well as backward so it didn't need turntables etc. This one was an extensive rebuilt (Reko) by the former DR (DDR railways) Must have been a nice trip though(over the Brenner Pass?), wonder if it was under power or running idle as part of a (goods)train.

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I discovered that steam locomotive didn't come from Germany... it is stored in Luino locomotive depot (an Italian city near the Swiss border), and it was towed to Milan by an electric locomotive: http://blog.tuttotreno.it/2208-una-tedesca-a-milano/ (sorry, Italian only, but you can see part of the towing locomotive in the 1st photo).

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Well, makes sense too. We have got a couple of 50's at museum lines over here too, in working order and they can be seen at main lines every now and then. Sufficient spare parts available and there is a former DR workshop at Meiningen (Germany), just a day's ride away where they perform complete revisions (of boilers too), and not only for German loco's for that matter....

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