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  1. ..in the data.ini ..i think is the problem.... ..must be like this to the SF2 ...take a Look....!!!! [Shadow] CastShadow=TRUE ShadowCastDist=10000 MaxVisibleDistance=800 ==================================================================== And not like this... = [Shadow] CastShadow=TRUE ShadowLOD=A-4B_shadow.shd ShadowType=1 ShadowCastDist=10000 MaxVisibleDistance=400
  2. Really nice U-Boat. !! { I can not open Max. !} I had made also the VW T model for the Modern terrain in Greece for the HAF. I will try to remake them all and up load...
  3. ...i do find a nice skin for A' Aid Amb VW, in the ww2 ....!! maybe a low poly will be nice...
  4. Yes Strahi i do know. ..it But for Kormoran only for the F-104 and Tornado type.....i do know in this Game. ...! Is not a Cruise Missile and I can not help you more sorry. Maybe you are make mistake in the name ? If is not in the pack of Ravenclaw007 then is not Here. Good Luck. Ace https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cruise_missiles
  5. Kormoran ASM Cruise Missile As34 / 1 / 2 Air-to-Surface Missile (ASM) ? Show us some photo or infos . pls. The only i know in the Game is for the F-104 and Tornado missile.
  6. is from the italian tornado....pack.. Italian Tornado ECR/IDS Pack for SF2 V1.0 ...etc... SpecificStationCode=Kormoran_It StartYear=1981 EndYear=2002 Availability=1 BaseQuantity=24 Exported=FALSE ExportStartYear=1968 ExportEndYear=2020 ExportAvailability=2 WeaponDataType=1 RailLaunched=FALSE RocketPod=FALSE Retarded=FALSE FinStabilized=TRUE SpinStabilized=FALSE HasGrowl=FALSE EffectClassName=LargeMissileEffects ReleaseDelay=0.000000 WarheadType=0 Explosives=160.000000 FusingDistance=1.000000 ClusterBomblets=0 ClusterDispersion=0.000000 GuidanceType=3 Accuracy=90 MaxTurnRate=3.000000 MaxLaunchG=2.500000 LockonChance=90 LaunchReliability=85 ArmingTime=5.200000 SeekerFOV=25.000000 SeekerGimbleLimit=25.000000 SeekerTrackRate=11.000000 SeekerRange=12000.000000 CLmax=14.000000 MinFreq=0.000000 MaxFreq=0.000000 MinLaunchRange=2000.000000 MaxLaunchRange=8000.000000 Duration=400.000000 CounterCountermeasure=0.000000 NoiseRejection=0.000000 CapabilityFlags=0x10000001 LoftAngle=0.000000 DescentAngle=0.000000 MaxLoftAltitude=0.000000 BoosterStart=0.500000 BoosterDuration=5.200000 BoosterAccel=6.160000 BoosterEffectName=MissileFireEffect BoosterSoundName=Missile BoosterNodeName= BoosterPosition=0.000000,-2.280000,0.000000 SustainerDuration=20.200001 SustainerAccel=8.000000 SustainerEffectName= SustainerSoundName= SustainerPosition=0.000000,-2.280000,0.000000 InFlightEffectName=MissileInFlightEffect InFlightSoundName= ReleaseAnimationID=-1 EODisplayFlags=0 CEP=0.000000 Kormoran_It_data.INI
  7. ok...sorry... Is easy to make it. Also is here = CombatAce - http://combatace.com/user/64030-ianh755/ Italian Tornado ECR/IDS Pack for SF2 V1.0............. Ravenclaw007 ......... !!!! Here is the pack mis/le and data. Ravenclaw007 is make a great work with weapon's....look his pack also..... korm.rar
  8. AS.34 Kormoran 1991 630 kg (1,390 lb) 220 kg (490 lb) 35 km (19 nmi) 1,101 km/h (594 kn) Rocket Air Inertial, active radar Germany Specifications Name: AS.34 Kormoran 1/2 Weight: 600/630 kg Length: 4,40 m Range: 23/35 km Warhead: 165/220 kg Guidance: INS/active radar homing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AS.34_Kormoran https://web.archive.org/web/20070813023000/http://www.missilethreat.com/cruise/id.13/cruise_detail.asp
  9. LODViewer

    Thank you Very much . I do use Win 7 .......!! So what is for....the win7 ...pls ??
  10. Hello ignacioc91 all above is correct.... You cannot just make any flyable plane into a True Ground Object. .....but..... 1- You can make it into a non-flyable plane is a easy method [ but they are still a true airplane and a lot of a lot's MB ...!!! ] just remake a data.ini and a Folder. 2- Get the 3DS Max model and make changes to make it into a true ground object....making a Low Poly Model just ...the outside to be ...perfect....and no animation.... with the same skin's etc.....[ Reduce the texture skins to a lower resolution, either 256x256 ] from the maker.....if you want to put ...a ...F-14A for example. 3- The Game generate them automatically, via the game engine......also ...so the only you must to do is ....just to edit the airbase data.ini...Also The plane must be in the Game folder...otherwise will not see it.... If you want to place them where you want them you need a the coordinates so use the Target editir,.... to put in area's you want....and edit the airport.ini. Also the engine-game use's the 1st skin from the plane......only.
  11. New book, written by me.

  12. USAAF Stencil ,........... USN Stencil amarillo etc..... = https://www.fonts4free.net/amarillo-usaf-font.html
  13. ooooo Yes ...!!! Love those 2seat plane's...!!!! They look Real....some times
  14. ..old but from some where you must to start....Learning to fly....

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