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Okay, so I'm starting an Italian front install

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I created a second install to use Vogesen terrain as a mock up of Italy, as Quack has done. I know the French, Germans, and British sent units to fight. I'm trying to find information on what types, other than the native Italian and Austrian types I should include. I know the British sent Camels and RE8s, the French sent Spads and Nieuports, and the Germans sent some Albatrosses, and DFWs, but any information folks can point me toward would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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These German units were sent to reinforce the Austrian campaign against the Italians soon after the collapse of the Eastern (Russian) Front. These units would start to appear in September of 1917 and last till the end of February 1918.


Jagdstaffeln (fighters):


Jasta 1 - Albatros D.V

Jasta 31 - Albatros D.III Later D.V

Jasta 39 - Albatros D.IIIOAW


FeldFleigerAbteilung (ground attack):




FFA.17 -Albatros C.III



Kampfgeschwader 4 units (bombers):


Kagohl 19

Kagohl 20 - All AEG G.IV

Kagohl 21




Escadrille N392 (N24bis) standard markings

Escadrille N561 "Venice" (N24bis) standard markings with multiple personal markings

Later used SPAD7's

Escadrille N92I (N24bis?) standard markings


After Caporetto, two more fighter squadrons for a few months : Spa 69 and N 82

And some artillery spotters units.


Escadrille CEP115, Caproni Ca.3


There were more but that's still being researched.

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Thanks, Quack. Doing a lot of internet research myself, but just started, so it's going to take a while. Thanks for the info. Balancing time between real life, doing research, and just simply wanting to fly the Western Front sim i already have. :biggrin:

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