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CF-110M Phantom II - Royal Canadian Air Force

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CF-110M Phantom II - Royal Canadian Air Force

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The CF-110M Phantom II for the Royal Canadian Air Force.


There are three versions of the F-4M in this mod.

  • TK's F-4M: ADC Grey, SEA, RAF Green/Grey, Olive Drab.
  • TK's F-4M (75): ADC Grey, SEA wrap around, RAF Green/Grey wrap around, Olive Drab, Euro 1.
  • TK's F-4M (80): ADC Grey, SEA wrap around, RAF Green/Grey wrap around, Olive Drab, Euro 1.

The following squadrons are provided:

  • 409 Squadron
  • 410 Squadron
  • 416 Squadron
  • 425e Escadre

Modified F-4D loadouts are used. It is impossible to use the Sidewinder rails and the inboard pylons simultaneously. This is a built-in limitation of the F-4K and F-4M.


Back Story


The idea for this aircraft comes from my alternate history site. It was first operated by this alternate Royal Canadian Air Force in 1969 (in this timeline, there was no unification in the Canadian Armed Forces)

The RCAF originally did not want the Phantom, being content to stick with the Thunderchief and the Voodoo until the TFX (CF-111C) and FX (CF-15) were ready during the 1970s.

Canadian participation in the Vietnam War changed that. Canada committed Voodoos to defend the social democratic North Vietnam from Nazi German forces operating from the South and from Burma. The CF-101's inability to dogfight, and unreliability in the harsh tropical conditions of North Vietnam made early replacement necessary. The only aircraft available was the CF-4K, being introduced to the RCN as its strike fighter. McDonnell and Avro Canada devised a land-based version with minimal changes. This entered service in 1969 and quickly went to Vietnam. After the war ended in 1975, the Phantom replaced the Voodoo entirely in the RCAF.


The wikia article for the aircraft itself is found here:

- http://themarshall.w...-4K.2FM_Phantom



  • Copy the contents of the Objects folder into the Objects folder inside your mod folder.
  • Copy the contents of the PilotData folder into the PilotData folder of your mods folder.
  • Merge and overwrite when prompted


  • TK: F-4M from the SF2: Europe.
  • Sundowner: F-4 templates.
  • Dave, HomeFries and the SF2 Realism Mod: SquadronList.ini


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I have added the changes from the [Fictional] RAN, RCN, RAAF, RCAF F-4K/M Phantom update pack to this file. These changes include a reconnaissance pod, rail launched Sparrow missiles on the inboard wing pylons, and various skin fixes. I've also renewed the SEA skin. I had previously used a stock F-4C or F-4D skin with a Spey nozzle (with which I wasn't totally happy). It now has textures drawn from ravenclaw_007's excellent F-4E template over a modified F-4B template. I think it looks a good deal better (and more importantly, it doesn't look like it has a boom receptacle with paint partially stripped by the fuel!). I removed the "Jet Intake" warnings from the green skin for consistency with the rest of the skins.

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