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  1. Needs more smoke (but seriously, awesome)
  2. I have flight manuals for the F-4K (FG.1), and F-4M (FGR.2).
  3. If the names stay consistent, then they can be added to the loadout.ini. But not urgent.
  4. Are these sufficiently "definitive" to include in a new aircraft loadout? I am still working on the USN/USMC Buccaneer (McDonnell A-6 Bakunawa). Naturally it would carry its nuclear weapons internally. A decent internal nuke would make a good addition for my American Buccaneer. As you can see, it's a tight squeeze, but there is clearance.
  5. I think he is working on new nukes.
  6. As an aficionado of the atomic arts, I'd have to say that most of the nukes available aren't very good, with the exception of the WE.177.
  7. FLAW DETECTED There is a flaw in the wheel well door in the right wing texture for the RAN Camouflage skin. Here is a revision. Right_Wing.dds
  8. Flight of the Bakunawa - probably not in a cinema near you.
  9. While doing some research for the USN Buccaneer (McDonnell A-6 Bakunawa), I found this SAAF Buccaneer pic: That looks very much like 8 Mark 82s. I grabbed Ravenclaw's Buccaneer Mk 50, and found it replicated there. What I found is that if you use it, you can't load the M117, or any US cluster bombs. I think that if you have multiple bombbay in the data.ini set to allow BOMB, it won't come up well. Let's say I set up 3 bombbay systems, 1 for 2 LGB, Mark 83 or 84, or nuclear bombs (if so inclined); a second for four bombs (British 1000 lb, M117, CBU); and a third for 8 Mark 82. I think the result, if selecting from the loadout screen would be 14 Mark 82, or 6 M117/British 1000 pounders - clearly absurd. Does anyone know of a way to set a minimum length and/or diameter for a weapon station?
  10. With battle honours from the Raid on the Albanian State Washing Machine Company.
  11. It's getting close. I am greatly indebted to HomeFries, and everyone else who worked on the A-6 Superpack, without which this US Buccaneer would not have been possible.

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