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  1. I think Sabres did see some aggressor use in the US - as a MiG-15/17-proxy. Here's a little something you can try for an aggressor. The insignia is the "Circle Trigon Party" insignia used by US Army aggressor forces during the Cold War. I've used it on "QB-29s" (Tu-4s with the crew and weapons removed)
  2. Here's a screenshot of an Argentine carrier I made earlier.
  3. Incorrect spelling ... oh, I see. Shouldn't it be Mirage IIIÖ?
  4. SF2 Northrop F-89B Scorpion

    Is there a cockpit in this one?
  5. Using HOTAS Warthog with Jane's Fighters Anthology?

    That's the equivalent of taking a Ferrari to the corner shop for a bottle of milk.
  6. Seems not to be worth it, and the flight modelling in SF2 permits J79 and Spey Phantoms to launch and recover on Audacious and Essex class carriers. I've never tried it on a Majestic class carrier.
  7. Is it possible to incorporate the extending nose gear?
  8. I'm as excited as a very excited person who has a special reason to be excited.
  9. Alvaro de Bazán (F-100) Class Frigate

    Hobart class DDG?
  10. Needs more smoke (but seriously, awesome)
  11. I have flight manuals for the F-4K (FG.1), and F-4M (FGR.2).
  12. If the names stay consistent, then they can be added to the loadout.ini. But not urgent.
  13. Are these sufficiently "definitive" to include in a new aircraft loadout? I am still working on the USN/USMC Buccaneer (McDonnell A-6 Bakunawa). Naturally it would carry its nuclear weapons internally. A decent internal nuke would make a good addition for my American Buccaneer. As you can see, it's a tight squeeze, but there is clearance.

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