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FreeTrack success

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I'm finished with it and it is a success. It took me last three days do it. I know I posted several weeks ago that I'm starting to built it, but I had some other things on my mind since then. There were some minor issues with calibration, but they were all solved thanks to FreeTrack forum community. The thing is absolutely playable, and it's not even a temporary thing with which to close a gap until buying a TrackIR for instance. It works great with all 6 dimensions of freedom. There is no day light pollution with the camera, I tested it with all lights on in the room. The most beautiful part is that it costed 10$ + a webcam that can no longer play its primary function.


For some reason I'm not yet able to use FreeTrack with StrikeFighters2 and WO* 'cause the webcam control panel keeps poping up and minimizes the game, but I'll figure it out soon. FreeTrack works like a charm with my Free Falcon and Il-2 '46.


To be hones, when I started with it I didn't think it would work at all, but in the end I was taken by surprise. I still can't believe its stability and smoothness. :hyper:


Unfortunately I'm not able to upload the clip I recorded where I'm flying around and rediscovering the cockpit of F-86 Sabre in Il-2 '46 :( My upload strenght is small. Youtube takes like 15+ hours to upload a 6min. compressed .avi clip, and Dailymotion just reports error during upload and stops. As soon as I manage to upload any FreeTrack clip, I'll post it here.


If anyone wants to make his own FreeTrack device and set it up, feel free to ask me anything. It really isn't dificult to make one!


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