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DCS World 03 May 2013 News Update

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03 May 2013 Update


Well, the big news this week has of course been the release of DCS ver. 1.2.4, along with the first DCS module... DCS: UH-1H Huey! We've been really delighted with the reception of the Huey and that it has demonstrated that a talented partner can develop a module to the same standards of the other DCS modules. We hope this will put some of those concerns to bed.


In order to release the Huey and 1.2.4 this week, we ran out of time to include some additional changes/fixes into the installers. On Monday, we PLAN/HOPE to provide a 1.2.4 update with the following:


• Fixed hit point of shells in multiplayer that were independent of turret rotation on the server-side.

• Disabled the incomplete "Ultra High" visibility setting.

• Implemented the waiting screen for the Module Manager.

• Corrected helicopter exhaust effect.

• Fixed damage value for AI aircraft.

• Corrected invisible warehouses.

• Helicopter takeoff from ships corrected.

• Adjusted shell aiming.

• Adjusted infantry weapon accuracy.

• AK-74 assault rifle rate of fire has been corrected.

• Fixed lock ability for non-air defense units.

• Fixed "Emission Control" for radar units.

• Advanced options waypoint that allows air unit to fly to an assigned ground unit.

• Adjusted delay between manual gear changes for CA units.

• Fixed delay after launch of IR-guided missiles.

• Repair after mast bumping is now available.

• Fixed GUI button size errors.

• Fixed synchronization of ground units in network play.


After that, we will evaluate the most important remaining 1.2.4 bugs and do our very best to resolve as many of them as possible in 1.2.5. Work will also accelerate on development of DCS: F-15C and DCS: S-27. I hope to talk more about those next week.

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