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DCS update is now available

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DCS update is now available.


Please use the auto updater and Module Manager as primary tool for updates and module installation. Due to publishing complexities, we'll push updates to the auto-updater first. The installers will be day or two later.


• Fixed hit point of shells in multiplayer that were independent of turret rotation on the server-side.

• Disabled the incomplete "Ultra High" visibility setting.

• Implemented the waiting screen for the Module Manager.

• Corrected helicopter exhaust effect.

• Fixed damage value for AI aircraft.

• Corrected invisible warehouses.

• Helicopter takeoff from ships corrected.

• Adjusted shell aiming.

• Adjusted infantry weapon accuracy.

• AK-74 assault rifle rate of fire has been corrected.

• Fixed lock ability for non-air defense units.

• Fixed "Emission Control" for radar units.

• Adjusted delay between manual gear changes for CA units.

• Fixed delay after launch of IR-guided missiles.

• Repair after mast bumping is now available.

• Fixed GUI button size errors.

• Fixed synchronization of ground units in network play.



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