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Kestrel/Sea Kestrel Photoshop CS3 Templates by Cocas - V2.0

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Kestrel/Sea Kestrel Photoshop CS3 Templates by Cocas - V2.0

This is the new Photoshop Template for use with the New V2.0 pack of the RAF, RN and USMC Kestrel aircraft by Cocas which can be found here -


RAF - http://combatace.com/files/file/14039-raf-kestrel-gr1-gr3-pack-by-cocas-v20/


RN - http://combatace.com/files/file/14040-royal-navy-sea-kestrel-frs1-frs2-by-cocas-v20/


USMC - http://combatace.com/files/file/14041-usmc-av-16a-av-16b-kestrel-ii-by-cocas-v20/


Have fun!


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      Hi, I'm looking for a skin template for the F-16XL, wondering where I might be able to find it. I've tried looking under every category, although I may not have been looking hard enough if the template can be found :D

      Thanks in-advance!
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      * Multilayered .PSD format
      * Resolution of 4096x4096
      * 4 camouflages - SEA in 3 variations + USN gray/white
      * Markings for USAF/VNAF and USN planes
      Layers are named to reflect the usage on the different versions of the plane/user.
      I also added decals + placement-infos for the propeller. Feel free to use them -
      That way it is possible to use different markings on front- and backside just like the real planes had.
      Rework of the template for other Skyraider-versions in planned, there's no ETA though.
      Tested in Photoshop only.
      - Thirdwire and TK for a great game, models and the skins I used.
      - Wrench - original Skyraider-templates
      - me - new templates, decals
      - mue for his great LODViewer, which was a big help while creating the camos and placing stuff!
      - all modders at CombatAce for their work and inspiration!
      If you have any problems with this template or have suggestions and hints, feel free to PM me.

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