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  1. Hey guys, I'm training on 3dsmax using free fbx models, in order to learn all the basics of medelling. After importing, textures appear on the model in the perspective view, but are missing in the material editor and in the exported LOD. Do you have any solution for this? S.
  2. I think it's just the standard TK mig21 bis B with modified .ini files to put NationName=IRAQ
  3. There used to be a great website called simmerspaintshop, but it seems to be down. maybe there is an archive of the website
  4. I would say the following - White riveting can add an impression of depth - Weathering using semi transparent layers. there was a nice set of brushes for weathering in photoshop called "fbs weather effects collection" - Adding a bit of noise maybe. I feel like TK is using this method on a few skins (1% of gaussian monochromatic noise)
  5. Fiat G91T?

    definitely waiting for this one!
  6. Sorry about that Erik. I was looking for it on thirdwire's webpage, and since I couldn't find it I considered it was kind of not off topic. Thank you Wrench, I was talking about the exporter, nothing illegal.
  7. Any idea where to find the DL link to the LOD converter for 3DSmax?
  8. Yeah, that's pretty much vanilla. I'm still using fully modded germany terrain for examples as well as other 3rd party terrain, but all textures are converted to jpeg and most of the skins are 1024x1024. I'm losing a lot of detail but the dpi is so high anyway the game still looks good. I'm also using default detailmeshsize parameters I use the following settings: [GraphicsOptions] DisplayDeviceID=0 DisplayWidth=1920 DisplayHeight=1080 DisplayDepth=32 AspectRatio=1.777778 AntiAliasing=4 UseAdvancedShaders=1 ForceDX9=FALSE ForceVSyncOff=FALSE Use32BitZBuffer=TRUE LensFlare=0 DetailLevel=4 ObjectDetail=2 ObjectTexture=3 CockpitTexture=3 CockpitMirrors=0 CockpitReflection=1 EffectsDetail=2 TerrainDetail=2 TerrainTexture=3 HorizonDistance=3 GroundObjectDensity=3 WaterDetail=3 CloudsDetail=2 Shadow=0 ObjectsFade=TRUE
  9. I recently bought a HP Spectre x13 for my job, with the following specs: i7 7550u, 16g of RAM and a Intel 620 integrated chip. I was quite surprised with the performance of the game on such a device: a have a consistent 50 to 60 frames in game, except in the Iceland terrain where I get 20 to 30. It is quite plaisant to be able to run SF2 on such a lightweight machine. Performance should be even better with the new mx150 Nvidia chip you canfi d on newest ultra-portable
  10. What do you mean by enhanced version of SF2?
  11. Hello guys, For some reasons, i can't use this mod on my install, the sim loads until 80 - 90%, then i can hear the ingame sound, but image is still locked on the loading screen. Do you have any idea?
  12. Or check the alpha channel of your waters1.tga file. Once again, maybe there is a few unpainted pixels on the edge of it
  13. Check your waternormal.bmp file, you probably have some pixels untextured on the edge. You can make a quick test by moving that file and see if the problem still occur

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