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  1. Strike Fighters: Modern Combat

    i actually enjoy this little game on my tablet. The variety of the planes and nations is really nice, even though it still misses some planes from the 60s in my opinion. I'm logging in every day since it's initial release so now i earn around 90.000 credits a day
  2. Hey crusader, can you share that mission file? It looks fun
  3. Sukhois

    That is excellent news
  4. yep, that was the thing czech6. Problem solved! Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I had some issues so I had to reinstall windows 10, removing my apps but keeping my settings. After that, i made a copy of my sf2 install back into the program files folder, but sf2 now crashes at startup. a clean install of sf2 in not working either. Drivers at up to date. Any thoughts?
  6. hey geezer, that made me think, were your mods about china and spanish civil wars released?
  7. i'm a bit disappointed though that TK didn't make a "unlock everything" in app purchase. The pro version of SF legends allows to unlock all aircrafts from the start, and after 18$ or so of purchase, that would be a welcome addition.
  8. My 2 cents is he is not wrong about that. A mod is used at the users risk, and it's not tk's job to fix this. But adding features is. One way or another, that won't stop me playing his games or his apps
  9. On a similar topic, I'm quite impressed with the job TK made on the new maps. It looks really good
  10. I didn't buy the PC version, but plan on buying all the in app purchases of the Android version. Just as I bought all the pro versions of his apps and made a few purchases in SF Israel app. Even though that might not be the best way to bring TK back to PC market...I could buy the PC version too if there was some way to synch saved games between different versions
  11. Export of assests to .LOD is possible, but the planes lack internals, so they would need to be reworked
  12. the game is good on an android phone or tablet, but seems unadapted to PC. let's hope tk makes more ambitious pc development in the future
  13. Just delete or rename the data.ini from the A&G mod. The game will just pick up the default one located in the .cat files. If you want, you can extract it using the cat extractor tool
  14. This is probably caused by out-dated data.ini. Try reverting back to default ones

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