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  1. Northrop F-5E/N "aggressor" double pack (*)

    Hello, Is the LOD file available on another website?
  2. Have a look into ObjectData003 to 006 ;)
  3. I'm a big fan of gigapixel AI. It is very useful for 512x512 skins. Works also very well on map textures ;)
  4. Uh OK, thanks for the explanation. The way you guys know all the technical details of this sim always amazes me. In any case, this is an excellent mod and a must have for anyone still playing sf2
  5. This is an excellent mod for scattered and broken conditions. However result is unchanged in overcast and inclement conditions vs default .Fx file. Am I missing something? Great mod though, thanks!
  6. Thank you for this mod! Definitely adds some sense of immersion
  7. Generally speaking, my impressions on this software are that it works very well to upscale panel lines and rivets, not as well to upscale stencils and other emblems. As you said, it depends on the source material. I'm mostly using it to upscale default 512x512 textures and then work on some details on photoshop.
  8. Hello everyone, Did you guys already try a picture enhancement software called Gigapixel AI from Topaz labs?: https://www.topazlabs.com/gigapixel-ai I have been using it for some time to enhance default skins and terrain textures and I have to say it is working really well. it's a bit expensive though. Regards. S.
  9. This one was released a few years ago but was just updated according to TK's twitter feed. Any way to quickly and easily unlock all the aircrafts. I already spent a lot of time unlocking them on the android version XD
  10. Default ones are named KILLXXX.tga and KILLAXXX.tga and are stored in Objectdata005.cat
  11. Can you share some screenshots of the result?
  12. Would you consider releasing a template so others can create more skins?
  13. Yes, this is the only trick I found. On a side note, is it me or the MiG-23 is a really bad aircraft? Depending on themodel, it can be quite challenging (to say the least) to fly during the 80s without proper ECM and / or chaffs. No wonder these guys were wiped out in the beqaa valley
  14. Textures work well on my side. One other question is, I feel like the black bars of the radar on the hud make visibility a little harder and strain the eye. Do you know how to remove them? ini files point to MiG-23_radar.bmp used as background texture for radar. I tried to convert to tga for transparency and modified the ini files, without success. LOD viewer points to a file called YAK38_radar.tga, which I made transparent by modifying the alpha channel. Also without success

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