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  1. Can you share some screenshots of the result?
  2. Would you consider releasing a template so others can create more skins?
  3. Yes, this is the only trick I found. On a side note, is it me or the MiG-23 is a really bad aircraft? Depending on themodel, it can be quite challenging (to say the least) to fly during the 80s without proper ECM and / or chaffs. No wonder these guys were wiped out in the beqaa valley
  4. Textures work well on my side. One other question is, I feel like the black bars of the radar on the hud make visibility a little harder and strain the eye. Do you know how to remove them? ini files point to MiG-23_radar.bmp used as background texture for radar. I tried to convert to tga for transparency and modified the ini files, without success. LOD viewer points to a file called YAK38_radar.tga, which I made transparent by modifying the alpha channel. Also without success
  5. Dmtdragon, will you release the skins you posted in the screenshot section?
  6. So it would mean that we would have the update in any case, which is a good news. I don't mind waiting a bit more, and paying for an update, if I can bring TK back to PC business
  7. New content is always good in my personnal opinion, especially the interesting one from the android app.
  8. this is great news! I really hope he can make 25k in 14 days.
  9. Vanilla SF2 would run on pretty much anything these days. The actual performance on your PC will depends on the mods. I run SF2 on a laptop with an intel 620 integrated chip. I run it around 35 FPS, but have to limit skins at 1024x1024 in JPEGs, and map tiles at 512 in JPEG as well
  10. Well, exporting unity assets is possible. But even putting legal considerations aside, you only get a low poly model, with opaque canopy and missing landing gear. What you can get from these apps are good skins that can be used on SF2
  11. I didn't test it, but I tested modern combat on PC. Even though the gameplay is great on tablet, it's not so great on PC. Gameplay is too simple for PC and lacks a bit more of complexity. Graphics are fine, but also lacks details. It's definitely a downgrade compared to SF2
  12. Well, cockpit have been released today, so far only a F-16 cockpit. And it's not too bad at all. A lot of fun on a tablet.
  13. Actually I became quite an avid player of the android game. I works just fine on a tablet, for a quick "lite SF-2" game on the go. But I still hope someday to see this plane set on a true PC game

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