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Advice on Graphic Settings

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Hi guys! Long time no speak.

Well I've just gotten back my upgraded desktop unit containing a new graphics card and hard drive.

Sooooooooooo; ........


I've been trying to work out how use the best settings on the AMD vision engine control centre WITHOUT using the overdrive feature. But when I go into the gaming interface, it's all foreign to me:



I've already tried tweaking the SF2 graphics settings but when I try to improve things I get a reduction in framerates (aver. 15-18FPS). :dntknw:

Here's my current desktop specs for anyone that might need to see:



Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated as the new AMD HD 7850 card should be a huge improvement over the 4350 series.

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ATI HD 7850 should be able to chew this game up while rendering a complex scene in max, folding and materializing a beer for you like a replicator while reading your mind just in case you may have another wish so I really don't understand why you get 15-18fps with it...


All I can tell you that anti aliasing from CCC has no effect whatsoever on the game, you can put that to default without worries, anistropic filtering is ok, tesselation is not supported by the game so leave that at default too, other than that I have no clue...

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Thanks for the advice, B32.


Just for experimentation, I've reset the graphics card settings to default and I've been tweaking the SF2 graphics according to what gives the best results. At present, as long as I keep the shadows on 'low', the horizon at 'normal', and the water settings at 'high', I can pretty much whack all the other settings to the max. The framerate is a fairly high 25 - 35 FPS, however if I use hi-res 2048 X 2048 textures I get a pretty low 15 - 18 FPS.

I'm still convinced that the new card could be pushed a lot further, however. Maybe it's just me getting a little behind on the techno-lingo, but if I knew what each setting did, it'd make my job a LOT easier! :heat:


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