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  1. Have you ever thought of doing the A variant of the much vaunted SA-8 'Gecko' vehicle? There only seems to be the B model available for SF2.
  2. I'll see your widowmaker and raise you twenty.......
  3. Nice!! Looks good in the IDF/AF camo scheme. I didn't even know there were templates available
  4. While we're on the subject of cockpits; I've been trying to Anglicise some of the gauges and panels on the Mirage 5BA cockpit. Does anybody know the english translation for these: Google translate has told me that 'Bidons' loosely translates as 'Cans' which I'm assuming means the external tanks. I'm completely lost on 'Voils', though. ....... I knew I should've paid more attention at school
  5. AMAZING!!! I've been using TW sims for years and have trying every which way to do that!!!! It's a perfect example of thinking outside the box. Thanks a million Logan
  6. Hi eric. I was just thinking there; didn't Nyghtfall find a way to view them, or was that on another 3D app he was using.
  7. Does anybody know if it's possible to view the stock cockpits on the LOD Viewer app; and if so, how?
  8. Hi Steve! It's good to hear that things are moving (as they should!) in the right direction. I'm slowly coming back to the SF2 world (ain't RL a bitch!) but won't be able to help this time as I'm slowly rebuilding my current mod folder. I WILL, however, be available for you to take my money when it's finally released
  9. Old soldiers never die...... ......they just fade away
  10. I suppose there are SOME advantages with having to rebuild your mod folder from scratch....... Before, it was a teensy weensy bit slow and bloated...... ....... now; I'm roughly halfway through the rebuild; and already I've got a leaner, sportier AND faster version of the old:
  11. There is absolutely no rush my friend. Take all the time you need to recuperate. Best wishes from this end
  12. Hi Ravenclaw! Just out of curiosity, will there be a new Red Top missile included in this pack?
  13. Now THAT'S what I call dirtified! (Note to C/O; more turtle wax required at next docking area)
  14. It's not absolutely perfect, but for an AI aircraft it certainly fits the bill. I can edit the borders of the dark brown to take the rough edges off it at a later stage. To all those who provided help and advice, thank you so much. Your assistance is hugely appreciated

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