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  1. F-105D Hi res skins

  2. You need to create a dedicated 'Sounds' folder within the main game mod folder and NOT within the Objects folder. Like so: C:\Users\CPU1\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam\Sounds It should all work like a dream then.
  3. Going Rogue

    I thought I'd let all the hype quieten down before I went to see it; And I have to say it was definitely worth the wait. Would've enjoyed it a lot more if it wasn't for a large group of unaccompanied brats in front of me acting the fupping maggot all the time
  4. Wasn't Ravenclaw working on an Iranian F-4 package recently? I thought I saw some screenshots.
  5. Independence Day

    I'll raise you ten on that............ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn_6sU7O43w
  6. Independence Day

    Oh really? Then why were the Irish electorate TOLD by Brussels to run the Nice and Lisbon treaties a second time after the public rejected them???? That's not democracy mate, that's dictatorship.
  7. Independence Day

    I hear you Captain V. The most laughable part of this is that it's been the actions of the Commision that have caused all this in the first place, and they can't even see that. It stands to reason that if you continuously ignore the concerns of the people, and ram policies down their throats, under the guise of progressive liberalism (or any movement), eventually they will revolt. People can call what I've said racist or bigoted if that makes them feel better, but what's happened in the UK yesterday is democracy in action.
  8. Independence Day

    But have you stopped to wonder the reason as to WHY he burned it? He hasn't been the first person to do so and by no means will he be the last. Ordinary citizens are not feeling the benefits of EU membership. The EU is a great club for big business, banks, etc, but that's about as far as it goes. Here in Ireland we've been listening to our Europhile government bleating about how times are starting to get good again, yet we're in the middle of the biggest housing crisis this country's faced since the 1930s. When you look at countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece, who are still on very shaky ground. The EU has become a little too federalised at this stage now and ordinary folk are just tired of it. It was fit for purpouse when it was the EEC - and like a knackered old motor - it's fit for the scrapyard.
  9. Independence Day

    Narrow margin or not, I'd like to congratulate the UK for making this bold step. From watching broadcasts in the UK to engaging in webchat it's so obvious even Stevie Wonder could see that there's a growing disaffection across Europe for the whole project. To put it bluntly; being in the EUSSR is beneficial if you're a businessman, banker or politician - but not for the ordinary Joe in the street. May there be many bonfires in Britain tonight.....
  10. That seemed to work with the M109s and D-20s. They appear to be throwing their rounds a LOT further, albeit on a straight trajectory - instead of an arcing one.
  11. During the rebuilding of my Sf2 mods I decided to try and look into the possibility of solving the reason why in-game artillery never manages to throw rounds further than 2km. (Take no notice of the extended tracers - I'm using them to better judge the trajectories of the rounds!) I rather suspect it's got something to do with these lines in the _DATA.ini: GroundObjectRole=ARTILLERY RangeFinder=2 BallisticComputer=-0 (the last two lines may have a big factor to play here, if only the correct numbers were known) Anybody got some advice on how to remedy this little riddle?
  12. I've been working on recreating my personal campaigns for the Desert 4 terrain, but I keep having problems with third party 3D objects causing the game to crash when I'm approaching waypoint 4 - it's also around this time that opposing ground objects in the target area are supposed to spawn. By a process of elimination I've been able to single out the IraqiSquad object : I've also had the same problems with certain add-on ships; notably the CV-43 Midway carriers and the Type 21 model from the Falklands mod. Does anybody know of a remedy for this issue?

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