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  1. covid-19

    Here's hoping you'll keep your head above water, my man
  2. Excellent! But I think the windshield would need to be down for a more realistic look with the recoiless rifle.
  3. I've been checking out my install and doing some checking out and have come to the conclusion that this problem has got to be terrain based. I just flew four full missions on another terrain without any problems. Would this have anything to do with the fact that I've got 545 objects in the _Types.ini? That seems to have been the only file that's been edited on the terrain. And if so; does anybody know if there's a max limit for objects on that file?
  4. Indeed! Before I go to all the trouble of reinstalling I thought I'd pass the issue around here in case it's something minor that could be solved in a couple of minutes. I've checked all the key commands in the Controls.INI in case there's been some kind of overwrite - nope; everything as it should be
  5. I encountered this first last night when I went to fly a mission. I started up SF2 as per the norm and went to fly a mission, but when I started on the runway there was NO HUD info available at all. No matter how many times I pressed ALT+D there was still no change. Never encountered this before at all. Never even touched the Controls.ini. Even stranger; I started a mission earlier and it was all back to the way I like it, only to have the problem reassert itself on the following mission Ideas, anyone?
  6. Hi Krfge. I can't understand why this crane and all the other cranes you uploaded won't appear on the terrain when I'm flying a mission. They appear no problem on the Terrain editor, I've double checked and triple checked the _Types.ini file to make sure everything's correct - I just CAN'T for the life of me understand why they don't appear in the game. I'm at my wits end here at this stage from trying!!
  7. That model looks FANTASTIC!! However, the only way I could see it working practically is if it's used in either the mobile or static AAA role. If used in the APC or Tank role you'd find it damn near impossible to pass a formation on the move!
  8. I had a working system in place on a terrain where objects would be automatically replaced when they were supposed to: Target[019].Type=SovietTruck Target[019].Offset=185,456 Target[019].Heading=170 Target[019].InactiveDate=12/31/1972 Target[020].Type=SovietTruck2 Target[020].Offset=185,456 Target[020].Heading=170 Target[020].ActiveYear=1973 Target[020].InactiveDate=12/31/1983 Target[021].Type=SovietTruck3 Target[021].Offset=185,456 Target[021].Heading=170 Target[021].ActiveYear=1984 For the _TYPES.INI file, "SovietTruck" would (of course) be the ZIL-157; "SovietTruck2" would be the GAZ-66; and "SovietTruck3" would be the UAZ-375. I also had a similar system in place with "SovietAAATruck", "SovietSupplyTruck", "SovietFuelTruck", etc. Actually, just out of curiosity, but have you done any Soviet jeeps like the GAZ-69 or UAZ-469?
  9. Fantastic!! Now that's what I call attention to detail! Will you be doing a desert skin?
  10. Fantastic work as always, ludo. Will you by any chance be uploading the templates for this skin?
  11. Very well done indeed! It'd be interesting to see how the Buccaneer would look in an IIAF "Asia Minor" scheme.
  12. Have you tried switching your engine(s) off? That ought to fix your gravity issues fairly sharpish
  13. I think I'd rather sit this one out and wait and see if any of those now infamous bugs have been fixed.

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