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  1. Fantastic work as always, ludo. Will you by any chance be uploading the templates for this skin?
  2. Very well done indeed! It'd be interesting to see how the Buccaneer would look in an IIAF "Asia Minor" scheme.
  3. Have you tried switching your engine(s) off? That ought to fix your gravity issues fairly sharpish
  4. I think I'd rather sit this one out and wait and see if any of those now infamous bugs have been fixed.
  5. Artillery guns only fire in a straight trajectory, like with Tank guns; HOWEVER, rocket artillery can be implemented and is already in use on a number of terrains. As for vehicles, I believe there is a US MLRS somewhere in the d/l section as well as the BM-14-16 - the precursor to the BM-21: GKABS, you might want to check out that model when it comes to seeing exactly how the system itself is implemented in the SF2 game engine
  6. Hi StoneAxe1492. You'll be able to change this if you click on the "Options" tab in the main menu of the game.
  7. GKABS, your 3D modelling is getting better and better all the time. You, my friend, are a genius
  8. Election Time in the Emerald Isle....

    Don't we all
  9. Election Time in the Emerald Isle....

    So it looks like a sure sign of election fever is gripping the political masses here in (not so) good ol' Ireland: Increase In Rivalling Canvassers Fighting To The Death
  10. Problem solved. Ignore my earlier warblings
  11. Do you have a modified AVIONICS.ini file for the aircraft? The symbols on my cockpit HUD are TINY!
  12. Sorry, bud, I was referring to the SCB-125A modernisation uprgade with the angled deck. I went to the trouble of buying YAP with the express purpouse of using them in SF2, but the aircraft keep flying through the deck.
  13. Jeeeezuz!!! In keeping with today's level of Political Correctness, that shot should've come with a health warning! Time for cooler light level, methinks........

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