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  1. Election Time in the Emerald Isle....

    Don't we all
  2. Election Time in the Emerald Isle....

    So it looks like a sure sign of election fever is gripping the political masses here in (not so) good ol' Ireland: Increase In Rivalling Canvassers Fighting To The Death
  3. Problem solved. Ignore my earlier warblings
  4. Do you have a modified AVIONICS.ini file for the aircraft? The symbols on my cockpit HUD are TINY!
  5. Looks like you're probably in luck: MR Mk.2 methinks
  6. Sorry, bud, I was referring to the SCB-125A modernisation uprgade with the angled deck. I went to the trouble of buying YAP with the express purpouse of using them in SF2, but the aircraft keep flying through the deck.
  7. Jeeeezuz!!! In keeping with today's level of Political Correctness, that shot should've come with a health warning! Time for cooler light level, methinks........
  8. Just an awful pity the SCB-125 upgrade from YAP can't be implemented. They're a huge improvement over the stock version.
  9. That open top gunner's gonna get a serious case of sunburn .............that is if he doesn't pass out from heat exhaustion first Seriously though, well done my friend. Very well done!!
  10. .................... excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor ............................... Seriously though, are all the objects part of the airfield model or are they separate?

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