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Yak-28B Brewer stand-in cockpit

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Yak-28B Brewer stand-in cockpit

This is stand-in cockpit for soviet YAK-28B jet bomber.

This is basically slightly reworked and "modernized" Il-28 cockpit to be used in radar-equipped soviet jet bombers (-28I, -28L etc. AND twin engine interceptors, I'm looking at you Farmer!) the one used here being Yak-28B.

you can grab Yak-28B Brewer here:


Comes with build-in experimental, yet working and accurate bombsight. An evolution of idea I had back in 2008 or so...

The bombsight switches on automatically when you select air to ground ordnances (including guns).

Selecting caged mode switches you back to pilot's seat. For ease of use I placed backup radar screen in the bombsight "compartment".

Made and tested in Jul12 full-merged installation, so it's preferable setup.

Has NOT been tested in latest May13 install, you have been warned. Should work ok though


Pasko, Lindr2 and all that had their input to the Yak-28 series.

TK,Thirdwire for keeping the PC series still alive

CombatAce community for being who they are (and you know the names!)


First install Yak-28B from above link.

Unpack to your Yak-28B folder, overwrite when asked.

Legal info etc:

CA Freeware License apply. Feel free to tweak/repaint/re-release in other mods, just give me credits.

Not to be used in any sort of payware.

Have fun



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Mighty Pit-Master, could You upload some more dedicated pits for all other member of the "combs" family (mostly R & RR) ?


Thank you in advance.

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