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  1. View File F-94B cockpit (proper) This is correct 360-degree F-94B cockpit, to replace my earlier F-94C Starfire released in 2015 (as we lack Starfire model still...) unpack to your F-94B folder, overwrite when asked (you might want to delete replacement cockpit folder first if exists any) Submitter Stary Submitted 02/28/2016 Category Jet Cockpits  
  2. Version 1.0


    tiny additon, if you use Green Hell 3.5 here are slightly modified trees graphics also buildings textures made a little little darker unpack to your Vietnam map, overwrite enjoy
  3. View File India/Pakistan Hi-res tileset This is set of satellite based 1024x1024 tiles created for India/Pakistan terrain by Deuces and Wrench Best to be used in dedicated India/Pakistan (AKA "Wings Over India") stand alone mod, but can be added to any install that has India/Pakistan map added into it. This pack assumes you do have installed and tested (flown over at least once) "Indiapak" map. Right now TODs and their placement is as they were for original terrain release, but they do work quite well. Also given the scope of the terrain portrayed and it's physical diversity I had to make some compromises. Submitter Stary Submitted 12/15/2011 Category Tilesets for Terrains  
  4. Stary in Krakow

    Just for clarification, Stary is the younger looking guy We had awesome time with Derk and his family, thank you!
  5. Why have I never thought of that old school touch and go rearming/refill? Must be memory leaks. @NIELS I very much understand your stance mate but the amount of work and the can of worms issues it opens when you factor in AI, mods ability etc is really big. Also the maps are really really compressed as Menrva points out. There are more important things if you want to attract new players, like lack of polished 3d hangar plane selection/loadout management scenes ye olde Novalogic sims / Aces High style etc. TK sort of heads in that direction with mobile offsprings but it is more due to differences between engines used. The SFP1 one doesn't really allow that, sadly. Interesting thing with that F-16 cockpit view in SFMC mobile reinforcement pack though, sort of if like TK is testing new ideas there.
  6. Quiet be Jules with pointing the obvious anti-Chinese bend there or you'll get us banned again. I re-read that 2014 topic in it's entirely, the guys pointing that the video is most likely faked in video editing software... gosh. Crowdfunding eh? Is SF2 on GOG and Steam since say, 2012? Humble bundle once a blue moon? GamersGate? Itch.io even? Noooo? Then good luck with any crowdfunding in the future. Playerbase is a thing only if you try your best to build yourself one. These days it's game Discord and Twitch channels. If TK is still living in 2002 modem-and-Altavista-search era it's his choice. Want to argue? Is this harsh statement? Show me the latest "Strike Fighters Legends" official launch trailer on Youtube, please. Or the shiny cinematic high production values "SF 2 Complete" one going viral via network of CombatAce aficionados, how many views does it ha... ahhhh, riiiiiight. See my point? Yes, still nice to see TK still pushing the semi-necessary update next year but there are other things that would give him more revenue. Like rebranding/re-launching the possible Win10 edition to break the SF-stigma (I can argue it is a thing) with say added seated VR to it, even limited in capacity. Ever played the House of the Dying Sun, Il2 BOS or even something casual like Overload? Works great with standard controls, mouse even (but can't beat VTOL VR or XP11 in terms of immersion). (And for the VR-haters, sorry the tech is battle proven and stays. Don't like VR? Go back to 2015 with your hate and try harder next time. You lost iteration 2 E3D6 61FE) Avionics -apart from floating immersion killing HUDs- and FMs are still rock solid as these are when you compare it to anything post-WW2 that is not DCS. Because there is nothing like this on the market. Not yet. Someone finally will notice the gap, TK. In -flight refueling? Players don't give a crap about in-game refuelling to be honest. Ohh you do? Delusional lot. Sorry to break it to you but you're minority. Three times the charm novelty not worth the resources that could be put into better presentation first and foremost. And don't even think again about making it "moar realistic" in times of DCS. Just don't. It's futile.
  7. View File MiG-19P/PF cockpit MiG-19P / MiG-19PF cockpit please read the readme.txt for more informations Submitter Stary Submitted 08/17/2013 Category Jet Cockpits  
  8. Contrary to popular beliefs I am still around, but nah, never worked on Su-25 one, Su-22 I had in hiatus for 3+ years so can't say if and when given my current modding break/leave.
  9. View File SARCASM v 1.5 SARCASM sky/clouds mod version 1.5 what's new? -new experimental sky lightning (HighAlt sky pushed down from 5 to 3.5 kilometers, try 2 km if you want things go odd!) -modified, more fluffy clouds (finally!) -smaller clouds texture (no need for 2048 ones really), and now only one -small changes to clouds distribution pattern for scattered and broken unpack to your Flight folder, overwrite when asked (previous installment of SARCASM mod not required) have fun Submitter Stary Submitted 09/21/2013 Category Environmental Mods  
  10. Version 1.2


    Version 1.2 of my "Unified effects pack" which is compilation of various effects I did through the years of Strike Fighters and Strike Fighters 2 modding. Various effects from earlier versions of UP that I tweaked or reworked through time included. Please note several legacy effects graphics by Master Deuces, used in any of my FX works with his permission.
  11. I was testing the beautiful new ships released recently (cheers WhiteBoySamurai!) and after setting simple test mission in ME, I'm shocked that three SumnerFRAM2 2 to 3 miles apart from Tarawa, CG-52 can't hit a thing. All rounds short, some 1/4th off the targets. I remember there was bug related to guns offset from ships CG, is it the case? I'm asking because the recent new naval addons, aswell as Tomcat on the horizont, are tempting see more sea action in the missions and campaigns by our fellow action gurus. With ships unable to succesfully engage each other from such short (too short maybe?) distance it would be a bit hard to do some nice user made missions.
  12. realSKY Environment

    (clapping in polish) Dude this is the nicest, most natural feeling environment in ages! Makes SF2 look great! Highly recommended!
  13. My Korea terrain visual update from 2015 has two season or so option and IMO feels "close enough" for Wrench's terrain. The one included in original Wrenches' release was utter shit temporary hackjob of mine that was released without me knowing as I had at the time nicer one almost ready.
  14. View File MiG-23 BN cockpit This is cockpit for MiG-23BN ground attack jet fighter of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pack countries from the 1970s -I think usable in vast array of either MiG-23 or 27 dedicated ground attack planes (sans the TV display equipped ones...) Build for and tested with Eburger68&Team's Flogger-H found in the great Floggers pack here: http://combatace.com/files/file/12149-sf2-mig-23-mig-27-floggers-part-3/ I have supplied modified data that makes the small pressure air tubes and antennae just slightly visible from the cockpit, other than that no other alterations to that file have been made. Have fun Stary Submitter Stary Submitted 05/14/2015 Category Jet Cockpits  
  15. View File MiG-23 MF/ML/MLD/etc generic interceptor cockpit Update: I forgot to mention in readme there is optional "icky green" textures set in it's folder for those who find this shade of blue not to their taste. Matter of copying that one into main cockpit folder and overwriting This is fairly detailed cockpit representing somewhat "generic" MiG-23 interceptor cockpit. Fits well or "close enought" MF ML MLD etc interceptors series 1 and series 2 of Floggers. Build for and tested with Eburger68&Team Floggers Pack: http://combatace.com/topic/66562-sf2-mig-23-mig-27-floggers-part-1/ and subsequent parts By default pre-set for use in MLD variant, so feel free to adjust to your favourite Flogger of choice. Do not use at the moment in the ground attack versions as dedicated BN cockpit is in the works Read the included readme for more informations. Submitter Stary Submitted 05/13/2015 Category Jet Cockpits  
  16. View File Green Hell 3.5 Description: This is optional high resolution repaint/treemod for SF2:V VietnamSEA map, I call it "Green Hell 3.5" ;) SF2:Vietnam required for Vietnam map (doh!) SF2 all-merged install preferred made and tested im May 2013 environment -included both 1024x1024 pixels and smaller 512x512 pixels versions for those with older computers -repainted hangars/base objects from my WW2 hangars pack, fits this particular scenery ok in my opinion -city textures by Brain32 from his excellent Vietnam repaint, used under freeware license -full TOD coverage included Installation: Backup your Vietnam folder, unpack and move/copy new VietnamSEA to your Vietnam folder, overwrite when asked. Legal mumbo jumbo: Freeware license apply, no to be used as part of any payware have phun Stary Submitter Stary Submitted 09/20/2013 Category Tilesets for Terrains  
  17. Version 1.1


    Korea (V3) visual update and enhancements pack. This is new tileset, treemod, objects, targets enhancement mod for Wrench's Korea(v3) terrain. Version 1.1 update: Added missing graphics files for the village type objects, added three graphics to main folder (were in seasonal ones) just to be extra sure Why: Kevin's Korea V3 terrain was released with temporal f***ing ugly test set I made for KAW team back in early 2010, despite me having some other nicer fittable sets at my disposal. Yes I have been angry about that. Very very angry. But now I am ok, good doctors care for me here ;) This work is done to fix that omission of mine and I tired hard to make Korea nice place to fly in. What's this: -new summer and winter tilesets -new tile layout-following dedicated TOD objects, with densely placed and rather real-size objects -new era-themed ground objects (barracks, fuel tanks, tents, HQ, fire houses, misc buildings etc) to replace the stock TW ones, be it in airbases or targetareas -some older target objects have their textures tweaked or repainted under fair use license; that is mostly various "halle" objects by either Gepard or Gocad (various runways are yet to be repainted) -lots of targetareas have re-positioned targets to avoid i.e. barracks in the middle of tree cluster or factories sunken within tod buildings -but there is still LOTS of places to redo. You have been warned. -lots of targetareas expanded with additional eyecandy civilian village-type objects (though these are still a bit of WIP and bit "generic asian" in appearance; also these are old, like 5 years old) -the tiles are specfically tuned to work best with SARCASM 2 beta 2 update 1 lighting and sky Installation (read carefully!): -given the amount of objects this pack replaces you are advised to keep archived full current Korea terrain you use (it's called BACKING UP and it's really healthy, trust me) -this pack assumes you do have working Korea (v3) terrain installed and tested in your installation -dedicated Korean War installation in of course preferable -before installing content of this 7-zip archive, go to your Korea3 folder and delete EVERY SINGLE TOD file there (the files with .tod extension) -otherwise you might end with trees in wrong places of houses in the sea. Yes, really. -you can delete the seasonal tiles folders (winter, spring, fall, late fall etc) as this pack has new unique seasons in their new folders with new naming (fade_summer and fade_winter; why "fade"? This months-long project I kept under such code name to confuse my better half or possible Insky-related hacker bot that keeps attacking my emails. Ohh wait, where's my tilfoil hat?) -extract this archive to a place of your choice and move the Korea3 folder to your terrains one overwriting all files when asked. Overwriting IS vital of course. -you shall test my Sarcasm 2 beta (2 update 1) with this pack, really. i have my own, ohh well "art style" for SF2 series these packs represent; you might not like this but well, you can't change me can you? -in SF2 WW2 forum I released some new or updated effects, work well with this pack -you're pretty much good to go at this point Licensing: CA Freeware license apply -not to be used in any payware project; But you are encouraged to repaint and tweak the tiles, objects and associated graphis, tods to fit your own tileset or terrain. Credits: The author of the original decade old SFP1 Korea mod terrain as I tried to replicate it's general green-brownish tones. Wrench and KAW team for Korea3 and everything-Korea related. Than you guys. KAW mod is not yet dead. Or I'd rather say quite alive and kicking. Do335 for his work invested in putting the KAW team work and available assets back together. Much appreciated. Luk1978 for sharing with us his interesting repaint of my Taiwan/Korea set that gave me few ideas about the general feel of the set, thank you. Be back to SF2 please as you quietly do interesting stuff IMO. All the good and bad souls at Combat Ace and around :P Happy flying Stary
  18. MiG-19S/SF cockpit

    Version 1.0


    MiG-19S / MiG-19SF cockpit read the readme for installation informations etc
  19. Super Mystere B2 cockpit

    Version 1.3


    Version 1.3 posted, read the changelog. I strongly suggest you keep the 1.2 version backed up in case you don't like certain aspects of changes introduced in 1.3 (specular effect you might find too excessive) -------------------------------- Super Mystere B2 cockpit To install unpack to your Super Mystere folder, overwrite when asked have fun Stary
  20. also I know you can't really tell what was TK's last response but would love to hear that
  21. Nah not dlls, of course not. Shaders, lots of things can be tweaked in shaders. Shaders are not core game files I'd say. Tools to automatically adjust things in HFD as the clouds altitude >>maybe<< possible fix I propose. If that is right track and doable. External tool. Injectors are external tools too not binded by any EULA as far as I know. Otherwise I wouldn't be legally able to post my ReShade-enhanced screenshots back in the day I used ReShade in my Korea install. Or fly payware WW1 opus magnum WOFF is. Check WOFF development and CFS3 engine code injectors especially around Phases 2-3-up to Ultimate Edition. Different engines and approach the Unity-based games and SFP1/WOX/SF2, not that I made such point at any stage (about TK "not being into PC anymore"; find it irrelevant) I am the sane person here, I don't talk about rewriting code lol. Think of better ways to spend 50k he wasnts for source code. Tweaking things is possible to an extend. I see alot of people like to throw into air things that are utterly unrealistic at all like A2A refuelling (shees you guys) Things I would like to see in SF2 are to some extend doable. I like to focus on things I would like to see in SF2 :) but let's not steer from Mue's topic here.
  22. Not really PFunk, depends on the scale and exposure. We're niche within niche as the not so accurate saying goes. But consider this -bloody YAP was pirating and reusing stock TK's carrier decks textures for own models and getting cash from selling that and no one in Austin,TX blinked. Heck even Ubi didn't bother about ripped SH4 hull n' portholes textures used on Rising Sun ships.

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