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Phimat is only a contraction of Philipps / Matra.


As such there are a lot of variants of the Phimat, and its content :

I know that for the Super-Etendard, the phimat contained chaffs, it is likely the same thing for the jaguar (from what I udnerstood, the "full" version was too heavy).

For the Mirage IVP, it was a combination of flares and chaffs.

I don't really know for the Mirage III and 5F. For Mirages F1, I think it was both.

For most British and German planes, it was both.

All those information being subject to corrections.


So I think we need for the 2 or even 3 variants :

- 60 chaffs

- 120 chaffs

- mix


Nato5 uses the combination, the Mirage III from Deoliveiraand team use 60 chaffs, they should be differentiated.


Thank you in advance



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Yeah, I think we need a new pack of French ECM pods, including the different Phimats but also jammers like Remora, Barracuda et cetera.. I have already started to collect some refs but more are welcome! It is on my to-do list, relating to the Mirage F.1 pack..

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Phimat was a Chaff-only dispenser. The chaff was stored inside in several tubes.

Over the time I've read several numbers but the most common and from a good source was 210 chaff packets.

Weight with full load is 105 kg.


A similar dispenser pod is the Sycomor

It was used by many foreign Mirage F1 users.

Sycomor  has 3 tubes for chaff at the rear and the forward part holds 7 dispensers with 4 cartridges each which are

used for flares.

Lenght of the pod is 2.95 m

Its advantage is the ability to load both chaff and flares.

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There seem to have been a lot of Phimat variants : just like there are a lot of "Ford Cars".

At least for the Mirage IV, I am 99% sure there is a mix.

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The Mirage IV used a BOZ pod which has both chaff/flares + the integral dispenser system  in the rear fuselage bottom.

Early on it was Phimat for chaff and the integral system for flares.


There might be another Phimat version ... I never saw any info about it though ... so who knows.

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