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  1. I bought it two months ago now PE is quite an interesting improvement. I love the new cockpits, and the new campaigns are an imporvement. I really look forward to WOFF2020 : the new graphics and possibilities look fun. I hope we will have interesting new planes :)
  2. Thank you Gepard, it works quite well I have 2 terrains : one for the blue, and one for the red. Mandatory screeshots:
  3. Id Tte 8th of May the right date to post an image of a german phantom ?
    A great addition
  4. Soviet Mig-23 vs Pakistani F16: I tried the Afghanistan terrain, but I could not make it work yet, so, desert only: vs Despite the image, I have been using Boom and Zoom tactics to avoid a contamination by a sidewindervirus 1 kill:
  5. Jeanba's album

  6. In the data.ini of the ship (under directory Objects/Groundobject): Search for : MaxVisibleDistance (under [DetectSystem]) and change the value (in m)
  7. I did the same, to match, at least the range of the Harpoon in my SF2NA installation

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