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  1. Iranian F-14s in Retrospect

    Yes, but actually, the Mirage F1 were early versions which were not fully updated due to the arm embargo (and the AZ was a strike aircraft, not really fit for ATA) , the missiles were also old and did not have proper maintenance, while the Cubal MIg-23 were latest MLA version : there was therefore a big technicological difference
  2. Adjø Bodø

    I did not like "cold weather", I was rather in Mediterranea (6th Fleet) or Asia (7th Fleet, though it was cold there too)
  3. Scusate Il Ritardo! (ovvero, Terreno WIP)

    Menrva Prima di tutto, un grande anno 2022 Di certo non ho avuto il tempo di giocare con le tue mod quest'anno, ma sappi che ho sempre ammirato il tuo lavoro e che questa mappa che disegni con la tua solita passione suscita tutto il mio interesse. Mi vedo già a respingere le orde di Mig con il mio F104S o a fermare i mezzi corazzati nemici con un Fiat G91 Ancora una volta grazie per il tuo lavoro!!!
  4. Nieuport 21

    Very much used by the French on the Balkan front, with limited success as it proved unable to intercept ennemy bombers and recon
  5. WW1 Board Games

    I played a lot Air Superiority / Air Strike, that was real fun, especially The Speed Of Heat (the VN extension) and Desert Falcon Good game, but on some occasions, I find the Tomcat slightly overmodelled:
  6. This is great The Ogaden war is one of the only missing conflict in SF2
  7. Last Friday was "Freedoom Fighter Day", discovering Sophocels (and other's) NF5A:
  8. NF-5A_RNLAF_Ver1.0.7z

    Excellent I will soon start a new campaign in Nato Fighters 5
  9. Pierre Sprey is deceased last 4th of August All F16 and A10 are sad
  10. Postcards from Korea

    Enjoy : https://sandrermakoff.livejournal.com/641744.html
  11. Thrustmaster T16000M

    I have a T16000M for WOFF, BoX, SF2 ... and it is perfectly ok and sensitive enough
  12. A fun though different timeline would be that Dhimar and Pran suffers a catastrophic economical crisis due to the end of the oil production and are becoming third world country with very limited resources (old cold war planes, Trainers converted to Air combat, few helicopters ...) say in 1989, with no support from other powers
  13. France never used Vautour IIA, it was IIN and IIB. In 59, 66 and 68, you can have the SuperMystère (and forget the Mystere IV from 68) The Mirage IIIE can enter the fight in 66 or 68 The Mirage F1CR between 1984 and 2006. The F1CT between 1993 and 2006 You also forgot the Jaguar for both RAF and Armée de l'Air What about french aéronvale (Etendard, SuperEtendard, SEM, F8E(FN) and Rafale M) ?

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