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  1. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    Us army unfortunatly could not catch up : https://www.duffelblog.com/2018/02/entire-military-disappointed-no-one-thought-run-dick-shaped-route-syria/
  2. The planes are a little more agressive, but they are all destroyed without losses for the rumplers :(
  3. Thank you VonS I asked for the vickers data.ini from an experience in SF2 : I now always check AI + armament :)
  4. To clarify my problem : I have a spad7_180hp mission : 4 spad vs 4 Rumpler CI : the AI spads never shoot down anyone and are shot down by rumplers, if I replace the spad with a Nieuport 17 : the 4 Rumpler are shot down fairly quickly, with very few losses to the Nieuport And of course, it the same with lot of other missions
  5. No, I need to check the 303CAL_VICKERS_MK1.ini file As to the real one, have one very close to my home (and the around too)
  6. Nice work Still, the max field of view should be increased
  7. Still testing the spad 7 : I think the AI must be worked out, can you explain me the AIdata so I can check myself : [AIData] RudderForSideslip=3.0 RollForHeadingRate=-0.045 ThrottleDeltaSpeed=0.065 ThrottleVelocity=-0.065 PitchForAltitude=0.00030 ElevatorDeltaPitch=3.0 ElevatorPitchRate=-0.05 RudderForHeading=1.5 RudderForYawRate=-0.25 I think the cornerspeed has to be increased to force AI to turn less and fly faster (if it works like in SF2) add : where can I find the gun : 303CAL_VICKERS_MK1 ?
  8. Lybia


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