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  1. Mirage F1 CT over Yougoslavia: Take off: Enroute to target: Attacking the target: Back :
  2. OpenFA alpha 0.1 Release

    Good idea, I wish them good luck !
  3. Fort de Douaumont

    Try Louvert Fort Mod : Here : http://www.thatoneplease.co/terrainWOFF.html
  4. F1 strike over Kharg Oil Terminal : Takeoff: En route to target: Target acquired : Firing : Egress: Note : My 2 AS30L were noted as "misse", though they seemed to have hit the tanker, do you have an idea why ?
    A usefull addition, early SA10 are good for 1980s campaigns
  5. What I miss most at the moment is a good (or at least "immersive enough") cokpit for the AJ37 Viggen.
  6. Mirage F1EQ-4

    This is a great addition
  7. Mirage F1EQ-5

    Fantastic addition
  8. Testing the new F1 EQs on Caturday:

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