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  1. img00003.jpg

    I wish I could bomb the train !
  2. img00004.jpg

    very nice
  3. I am mostly interested by the BodenPlatte Map Maps are very important in a sim to me and I wish it is out soon That's usually when I see a map that I decide whether I buy or not a sim
  4. A bad day for a Kriegsberichter

    Thank you I used to play trainz2009 and have atrainz2016 steam key, which I did not install
  5. A bad day for a Kriegsberichter

    Slightly off topic, but what train simulator are you playing with ?
  6. Still working on Spudknocker's Iran-Iraq campaign with an imporved initial OOB The Iran units are ok, but the iraqi units are still bugged : very few fighters encountered, wrong loadouts, only "tactical reconnaissance" missions proposed ... Tests are a nice opportunity for screenshots:
  7. Takeoff : Climb: Intercept: Everything is so easy !!!
  8. :( Too bad I am looking for something to debug my campaigns :(
  9. A bad day for a Kriegsberichter

    Spoiler : the day will be bad !!!
  10. Hello I found the parameter eventlog in the file missioncontrol.ini: Do you know what is the purpose of this parameter ? I am looking for a way to debug missions, campaigns ... Thank you in advance
  11. And happy new year to you too !

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