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  1. I never found any reliable mention of the use of Aéronavale Bearcat over Indochina For instance here: http://www.postedeschoufs.com/aeronavale/1946_1962/5 L'Indochine/l_indochine.htm Mainly Hellcats + Helldivers + Privateers + some more exotic planes
  2. Yes, Airplane is somewhere between a parody and a remake (= it follows very well the scenario ...) of Zero Hour.
  3. That looks interesting, and certainly worth trying Where did you get the Il-46 tablet application ?
  4. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    The context of the 1967 embargo was as follows: DeGaulle imagined that he could decide of war and peace in the Middle-East by selling weapons to both sides. In case of war, he thought that after 1 week of war, Israel would come to him asking weapons and replacement parts and in his infinite goodness, he would grant them weapons in exchange of a cease fire or peace agreement : this would have greatly strengthen his prestige and position in the Middle East. So when the war started, he embargoed. That was a nice plan but unfortunatly, 6 days is less than one week and Israel (which was at the same time negociating with the US) did not need their Mirage. DeGaulle was felt humiliated and had veryu bad word toward Israel. Israel answered : we do not need France any more. Of course, this was public, but in the background, France still wanted to sell weapons and Israel wanted the Mirage 5, so selling planes and blueprints and telling that they were stolen was a good way to keep everybody happy. "Business as usual" : the french were selling at the same times to Israel and her ennemies. Add to this that if DeGaulle was for the embargo most french were against, starting with Marcel Dassault (alias Marcel Bloch, who was jewish). Indeed, Israel had "legally" acquired the blueprints, which they had anyway before the 6 day war. It was known several years after that Israel was assembling their Nesher based on a lot of Mirage parts which were manufactured in France: When Argentina checked the Dagger, they saw that most parts of the structure had been built by SNIAS (now Airbus France) in continuous serial number. Also, several US C130 flew frequently from Blagnac to Israel with Mirage V parts. between 68 and 70. Things got bad between Dassault and Israel with the Kfir, because Dassault was very unhappy to see this aircraft compete against the Mirage : business as usual. Also, when Israel could buy A4 and F4E, the interest for french jets was much lower, not even thinking of F16 / F15 ...
  5. Two well known movies on Ageria war : Lost Command (with Alain Delon and Anthony Quin) Battle Of Algiers by Pontecuervi
  6. The real specialist is Pierre Schoendorfer, so: 317èmer section, of course Dien Bien Phu He also made movies on the war in Algeria.
  7. Yes, it is an Italian comedy : at the same time funny, but very very ironical. It happens during the battle of Caporetto. I think Indigène is far below the 2 french movies I pointed out.
  8. Lot of movies are missing: In french, "Indigenes" is not very good, you have plenty of movies by Pierre Schoendoerffer, such as Section 317 which are much better, you also have Capitaine Conan, by Tavernier which is excellent too: In Italian, "La Granda Guerra" is excellent too.
  9. A reasonnable price given the age of the game would be around 30$. Though I don't know if this would attract significantly more clients

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