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  1. Jeanba's album

  2. New book, written by me.

    Congratulations Gepard I've always appreciated your knowledge on East German Air Force
  3. F-101 Mega Pack Version 2.0

    This pack is interesting especially as it corrects the latteral unstability of the RF101C from SF2V expansion pack when carrying ECM pods
  4. RF-101B VooDoo. SF.2 2019 Redux. 1.0.0

    Very nice The new skins add a lot !
  5. I am playing an SF2V Mig-21PFV campaign. I try to play it "realistically", that is to say with a pair of Mig-21 ambushing the Yankee Air Pirates. No gun, 1 Fuel Tank and 2 AA-2A, fly low: Given the limits of the AA-2A, only surprise bounces are possible and most of my missions are unsuccessfull. In the below case, I tried to ambush a RA5C, he spotted me and flew away: I did not even bother trying to puruse them and went back home, to avoid the escort
  6. Mirage 4000 prototype

    Excellent A dream plane, very well modelled
  7. It would also be interesting to know if all the Venezuelian planes are really operationnal and would be able to fight effectively
  8. Bad guys during operation Askari (1983): I made several modifcations to SpudKnocker's campaign : No Mig-23ML (they were not operationnal at this time accoding to Tom Cooper) No SA-8 neither Added some Mig-21 PFM I could also have added Su-20M (very close to Su17M3), which were operationnal from 1982. Of course, my date are only hypothesis as we know very few things about the Angolan Air Force at this time, let alone which aircraft or unit actually fought at that time. We have better information for operation Modular

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