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  1. After some tunings, the Attila79 campaign is a good occasion to fly centurion's F5E:
  2. The Corona Virus Thread

    My first week of lock down in Toulouse: For me, things are ok, I am usually working at home except when I am on dosplacements. My wife is a teacher and we need to teach the pupils how to attend school at home (web meetings ...). I gave an old laptop to a family which did not have one. But one of my relative (cousin of my father) died yestearday from Covid :(
  3. I took some rest as my joystick was broken, but I am back now: Turkish F104 intercepting Greek F4Es:
  4. Mirage IIIE, 1968, intercepting soviet Il-28:
  5. Thank's for the information to all of you
  6. I don't remember if the MarineFlieger Tornados could carry MW-1 ?
  7. It's an overkill. Try a collision: you barely scratch the Tonka's painting
  8. Who is this stupid V adm who tries to sink soviet ships with sidewinders ?
  9. Quick and dirty fixes on planes: You will need the Combatace veltro's F102: and : Centurion's F5E: In addition to the other files from the readme Attila1979.zip
  10. JM Urlacher is an aviation photographer, he made several magazine covers such as: I found his site, which is absolutly extraordinary: https://www.urlachair.com/

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