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  1. New Aircraft

    I agree, the GIV with Ojcar's FM is very nice, one of the nicest plane to fly in FE
  2. New Aircraft

    I like it, it is very nice, but I would like to recreate recons ...
  3. That's how Viet Nam War was lost :)
  4. New Aircraft

    So do I I wish we had the same as for SF2 at least
  5. A F4C with 15 miniguns !!!! Anyway, nice F4 pictures : http://www.8tfw.org/pages/philics.htm
  6. New Aircraft

    Yes, the R11 was capable of half loops as mentionned by Jules Abel
  7. New Aircraft

    Great Caudron !! It will be the first time we can fly this plane in a wwI simu
  8. New Cockpit for AEG G.IV

    Very interesting !
  9. Mirage F-1CE v2.0

    Thank you The new avionic is really great !!!
  10. Ask on checksix ? http://www.checksix-forums.com/
  11. Want some guys in the USA to rename the capital?

    As a French, I demand reparations from Roma inhabitants because off all the things Rome did to my gallic ancesters in Alesia back in 52 bc !!!!
  12. New Aircraft

    Nice to see !
  13. New Aircraft

    Great !
  14. Yes, I agree The worse problem is for the Spad : Spad VII 150 hp and Spad VII 180 hp were very different : The firts one had lower performances than the early Alvatros (DII and III) while the second was better Worse for the the Spad XIII : the 200 hp was hardly more than an unreliable VII 180hp with 2 Machine guns, the 220 hp was better in performances, while the 235 hp was better overall (and especially in reliability). Add to this that machine giuns also changed heavily (especially synchronisation systems)

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