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  1. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    As immersive as before !
  2. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    The grate thing is we find all the "typical" images of the Eastern Front : the buildings, the armored trains ...
  3. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    It looks great !
  4. I suggest you use "Alt D" to hide the bottom left info, it would be nicer for a screenshot
  5. I think operation Darius would fit better to what you are looking for I am mainly interested in pre 1989 period and and I would not do a good work on moderne era
  6. THe Iraqi Mig21 also used Matra 550 magic
  7. No time constraint, "when it's done" I start with 1980, I need to correct the OBs, associate TISEO, delete chaffs and flares from Iranian planes ...
  8. Hello I am updating the campaigns I found a Mig21bis called : MIG-21BISB_Irq Do you know where to find it ? JB
  9. Thank you Yakarov I am reworking the Iran Iraq campaigns based on the lastest available plane vesrions Any remark is welcome
  10. Iran strike against Iraq, 1980: Takeoff: To target: Target in sight ! Target hit:
  11. Maybe tyes, maybe not, but this picture was not taken in this context This picture is a non event, it's been 5-6 years this is common mutually agreed practice between Russai, Westrern powers ... There are a lot of disputes and influence struggle between Russia, France, US, NATO, Turkey, Iran, Israel ..., but this one is not
  12. The french are definitly uninvited by ISIS. Therefore, Russia, and most western powers share a common interest in flying iver Syria (either intransit to Iraq or to bomb ISIS positons in Syria) As such, deconfliction protocoles were setup to avoid incident and such situations are common. And this provides crews lot of opportunities to take pictures such as this.

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