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  1. I like planes of this time and it is a good occasions to fly them. Particularly early scw, with old planes
  2. Mig Monday Video

    First part, mostly Mig25 ?
  3. I agree, it is a very dangerous plane I would like to repalce it with a Spad7 or Camel, just to see
  4. My first try at the Hanriot : 1 Hansa and 1 DFWC1 shot down !
    An excellent imporvement over the previous version I love it !
  5. http://aviationarchives.blogspot.com/ : http://aviationarchives.blogspot.com/2016/02/f-101bf-voodoo-flight-manual.html + http://www.filefactory.com/file/30yb1f33gtkv/Douglas_A-4C and L Flight Manual.pdf
  6. Mirage III, F5E, F4E, Mig-21: http://www.checksix-fr.com/documentation-performances-f-5e-mig-21-mirage-iii-f-4/ Mig23ML: http://www.checksix-fr.com/mig-23ml-flight-model-performances-identification/ Viggen: https://forum.keypublishing.com/forum/modern-military-aviation/148485-how-good-was-the-ja-37-viggen
  7. Fiat G.91 Jet in top of a mountain

    Google : search for "monty python burn the witch" and insert video
  8. Here is a nice link for the Alto Canepa war (1995): http://www.acig.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=567&hilit=peru
  9. IMG_4542.JPG

    A great serie of Su-17 pictures I love them

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