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  1. It is a matter of taste, but as far as I am concerned, I find that the cockpit frame of the Meteor very different from the Vautour's. In this respect, the Mystere is better
  2. Realistic Terrain WIP

    That looks impressive
  3. Situation is bad, video games wise

    Apart from flightsim, the video game I play: https://www.slitherine.com/game/field-of-glory-ii It is very different but I love it : When I am losing, I always continue the fight in the hope of returning the situation, even when I know perfectly that it is impossible to happen. When I win, I always fear that a last minute maneuver of my enemy will turn a victory into a defeat
  4. Wrench It is very bad to criticize the work of modders who give a lot of their free time to the communauty.
  5. En route to target: Over the front: Target hit, plane damaged, back to home:
  6. CAP mission over North Korea: Beautifull view on the armament : The Falcons are nice (that's the only good point I can say about them) Scissoring with a chinese farmer:
  7. At the same time as Sundonwner released this excellent update, hushkit interviews a Javelin pilot
  8. Javelin CAP: Missiles are close to useless but guns are ok:
  9. Tornado GR.1A Desert Storm

    Great addition !
  10. Jeanba's album

  11. Gloster Javelin FAW9/9R

    A nice imporvement over the previous version Thnak you Sundowner and team

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