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  1. It looks great BoS is better and better !
  2. Great to see you back. I love your vautours and other planes.
  3. No, it is pure, genuine, vegan, organic stupidity
  4. There used to be a french book on the vautour with lot of pictures : The FSX Vautour caockpit is very accurate according to what I checked
  5. CAP2 Development Round-up

    It is shaping beautifully !
  6. You're right about the bomb bay : you can call me stupid :)
  7. I tested it today : I cannot use the bomb-bay There is a shadow porblem :
  8. I like it for"6 days war" or the "War for the Water" campaigns Anyway, I tested the Fouga Magister pit, and some reposionning are requires (higher, forward)
  9. It is good to see that Jason's team is going back to wwI, but the planeset does not interest me I wish I had a "Battle Of Verdun" planeset, with Nieuport 11/16, french early two-seater, german Fokker EIII, Albatros CIII ...
  10. More here : http://www.pyperpote.tonsite.biz/pages/vautour_634pag.html The point is the gunsight, which is fairly small :
  11. New Aircraft

    It is great that you are working so hard on the cockpit After all, when we fly one of your creation, 90% of the time, we see the cockpit, not the external plane :) Thank you !!!!

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