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A dummy needs flamethrower help!

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Been fooling around with the 'fuel dump' as a flamethower for the M-113 and I have a simple problem....


The flame effect isnt showing up. Like some of the folks at SimHQ that have tried it, I'm one of the unlucky ones that can't get it to work.

That is to say, it's there...and the vehicles DO shoot at the enemy; I got sound and the light flash, but no flame.

I also believe that although it's treated as a gun, no real damage is being done to the target. So other than the no visual, methinks the damage inflicted might need some upscaling.


Anyone that wants to give it a try, I'll be glad to send the data.ini for the M113-Zippo.

Don't forget to extract a copy of the M113.ini, and copy and rename it to "M113-Zippo.ini", as we're using all the original lods and textures.


{NOTE: tried posting the dataini, but the board thinks all brackets are UBB code, and I'd have to change every one them, and you'd have to change them pack.}


Thanks for looking, folks. Hopefully, someone can get it working, and tell me what I did wrong!



Kevin Stein

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Thanks to Fubar sending me his files, I got it to work. Remember people: there are 3 seperate inis to be made!! :rtfm:




As you can see, it now works. Now all we need is to build a proper gun to 'project' the burning stuff at the bad guys, and have it do damage.


Somebody correct me on this, but I assume this would entail editing the bulletobject.ini, as the flame would be treated as a bullet? Something along these lines:















Need a weapons guru to look this one over. I'm thinking the effect name may be wrong for what we're doing, but I'm used what's in the bulletobject ini as a guideline. Perhaps 'fueldumpeffect' may be more appropiate?


Follow this link to grap the M113 'Zippo' for testing purposes Zippo APC


Thanks again Ed for helping out!


Kevin Stein

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