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The Ashes 2013

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It's a great series so far, especially Stuart Broad's Day 3 stint, even though he was given out twice...


I do have one question though, is there currently such a severe shortage of professional umpires in UK that you have to resort to using someone as pathetic as Aleem Dar (and his terrible umpiring track record) to ump and important games like the ashes, or have the Pakistani betting syndicates been able to sneak one of their guys in? I would give you English hell for Broad not walking, but I won't for two reasons

1: I know the unwritten rule in cricket today is pretty much "if there's any doubt whatsoever, stand your ground"-- so I can understand why he didn't walk and that's fair enough.

 and 2: I know how insufferable you Poms (particularly the Balmy Army) get when you're right about anything cricket related or you get some vindication on any level :tongue:, and since Pup did the same thing overnight, it'd be a bit hypocritical (otherwise known as standard practice in British sports journalism! BAM! Ooooohhhhh!! :biggrin:)


These instances notwithstanding, it's a great series thus far, and we're going to have a hell of a time wrestling them back from your grip, and not just because Michael Clarke is our captain. Bring it on!

ps, fantastic to see Agar come out of nowhere and the magnanimous praise from both sides! I haven't see an Australian bowler dominate with the wood like that since Glen McGrath scored a whole 15 runs at Adelaide Oval once (a career high at the time I think. :tongue: ). Can't wait to see how this ends!

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Imagine an Aussie batsman not walking after having *cheated* like that. The English press would have given the Aussies hell.


The Aussie batting just seems too brittle now. The first test will be all over before before lunch today.  

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 Can't wait to see how this ends!

It ended the way the last 2 series did.........Aus lost!!  :fuck:  These umpiring decisions even themselves out.....Trott was judged as not out by the ICC after the game.

Great first test tho, Agar looks a real find. Roll on 2nd test on Thursday :good:

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