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Raven's Updated aircraft list

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I'm Starting this as a quick reference so people can see which of my aircraft have been updated and have new versions uploaded. As I finish them they will be added to the list. All changes and fixes are in the AC Change Log for each one.
Note:  Most of the changes will be  AC and Pit .lod's only and a Destroyed Model added.
Exception is the Hurricane Mk.IV and Mk.V , their  getting a animation overhaul also to stop the 'Gun fire gear flapping'.

Hurricane Mk.IIc (Tropical)             08/11/13
Hurricane Mk.IIc                               08/14/13
SeaHurricane Mk.Ic                          08/12/13
SeaHurricane Mk.Ib                          08/12/13
Hurricane Mk.IA                                08/12/13
Hurricane Mk.IIb                               08/13/13

SeaHurricane Mk.IIc                         08/14/13

Hurricane Mk.Vb                               08/15/13





P-40E1-CU                                           08/13/13

P-40F-5 CU                                          08/14/13

Kittyhawk Mk.1A                               08/14/13

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Hello Raven

There are many aircraft to up-date , when will be update the animation on F/A-18 Pack ?  ....

I hope for a real cockpit for Tornado mod, but there are many up-date for evry aircraft to make .... and for SF2 NA there's need of a detailed model for USS Forrestal class ...

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Sorry ,but this is just for the aircraft that I have made and uploaded , most of which are the Hurricanes that need .lod fixes.

Edited by RAVEN

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