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  1. May 2018 F-14 Ace discussion panel

    Hello Mig Buster, how are you man ? what about F-14 panels ?
  2. This Cracked me Up....

    This web sites are all scums, I live and work in Odessa , my girlfriend live here and when I'veknow her ain't got no need of this stupid sites, many american men just waste time and money here, I know all about
  3. Charle de Gaulle

  4. I'm still haveing prob whit the A-6E(79) ...still don't apperar in the aircraft list.
  5. F-4F pack

    Just Fantastic job .. i just hope for a new MOD of US NAVY F-4s
  6. Hello everybody, Recently I've take all the carriers pack from YAP and I've fix many of them for lunch and recovery. I stil have some problem whit the USS Kennedy because in the data.ini there'are not arrestor cable data. Some one can suggest me what should I have to do ? thanks a lot
  7. VF-33 F-14A (TMF F-14A_82)

    Thank you so much Man, I've always loved this squadron. Can You make the skins of VF-31 Tomcatters and VF-21 ?
  8. New Su-33 model

    Hello folks , Can I ask when will be available to download the new Sea Flanker ?
  9. RAF Tornado GR1 -

    Hello Guuruu , thanks a lot for this work, is possible to use the HUD for Tornad pack in SF2 ?
  10. A-7B_71 Skinpack

    Hello Makoto , thanks a lot .... can you make a F-4B skin pack in future ?
  11. Mil Mi-24W

    Very good project. I hope t sse soon also Su-24 and a new Su-27 Flanker .... Good luck Man
  12. A-7E VA-25 Skin

    Thanks a lot .... good job , can you make some other skins in low-viz for A-7E ?
  13. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    Good work ,Tos have take some cockpit details form Aersoft F-14 but vertical line in VDIwaypoint mode now miss .... Why on 3D model is not present refuel probe ? ... I hope will add .... many and many thanks
  14. 'Rivet Haste’ F-4E USAF pack add-on

    Thanks a lot , a very good work, my dream is t see the same update for the US NAVY and MARINES F-4B/J/N/S and the TW F-14A for NA and the TW A-7

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