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KM Graf Zeppelin (CVL)

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KM Graf Zeppelin (CVL)

KM Graf Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier

For SF/WoV/WoE WW2: ETO/SWOTL Installs


A definate "What If..." style of ship, based off Hinchbrook's HMS Eagle

(and yes, I know the after deck was fully enclosed, as was the bow - it's the best, closest fit we have)

As a WARSHIP, it probably (and hopefully) won't show up in single, anti-ship missions, but can be used in single missions created with the Kreelins Mission Editor or La Missionuer (sp?)


With many thinks the Hinch for allowing me to mod his faux-Eagle into something 'passable' for the Krieg Marine.


Simply put, this is mostly for fun. So, enjoy it! :)



Kevin Stein


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