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I just came back from the past ... and I got photos to prove it.

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So I took a blast to the past ...




Yeah that's right Top Gun on NES brought back some memories both good and bad. ... Landing on the carrier is still a pain in the ass.


Found this to be a bit funny too knowing what I know now.






But I moved on from Top Gun and into another favorite of mine.






I gather that pretty much every mission consists of you rescuing people and these guys needing you to help out because all of this dangerous stuff is right your alley. I didn't have time to snap a picture of a fifty jets taking on a lone helicopter and shooting a crap load of blue staticy balls a.k.a missiles. But I did snap a picture of the take off sequence that featured and the refueling scene.






Then I went to a favorite from back in younger years ... F-15 Super Strike Eagle :) Its a Carrier based F-15 with Maverick missiles that destroy entire Airfields in one shot, take out four tanks or scuds with one shot, destroy a cruiser in one shot ... its still fun to play.




Carrier Launch



A little air to air action



I figured I share these photos with you guys.



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