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  1. Browser reccomendations?

    Ha! Firefox has it moments too; however, you should be good to go. Honestly I don't know why a browser would be snippy about what version OS you're using. Isn't that point of website using JavaScript ... a language that's 25 years old? ... Then again I don't know what languages a browser is made in.
  2. HOTAS is Collecting Dust ...

    I love this forum, and appreciate the work the mod developers have done over the years to keep a humble sim going. I remember buying Wings Over Europe at a Big Lots store and then, a few months later, buying Wings Over Vietnam. My memory is a little foggy but I remember mods from Fast Cargo, Wrench, a slew of others, and then I think Fifth Column? Can't remember. They released the NATO series (I think). I've always had fun with this sim. Until recently. Got busy and the HOTAS started collected dust. So, here's how my last few missions went down. The mission was for a flight of A-7s to provide close air support - no problem there. My wingman was ready to go and so was I! So, I pushed my throttle forward. Nothing. Everything was plugged in right ... That's right! It's the other throttle, Nope, not that one either ... Are these things even being detected by the game at all? I pull the trigger and blow up some stuff on the deck.... oops Okay that mission didn't happen ... nope. We'll just uh, check the settings and try again. New Mission - the first mission. Close Air Support ... no problem. My wingman was ready and so was I. Pushed the throttles forward and get off the deck. I raise the landing gear ... the tail hook drops. I raise the flaps ... the air brake deploys I retract the air brake ... I'm told that the wheel brake can't be set while in the air. I turn on the radar .... and my wingman goes down. Okay that mission didn't happen either. New Mission - the first mission. Close Air Support ... no problem. My wingman was ready and so was I. I pushed the throttles forward and get off the deck. I raise the landing gear and the flaps. I got the radar on. No one is dead yet. ... Progress It's going to be a long flight and I need to skip the time ... no problem. ... it's CTRL and something ... no it's SHIFT and something ... ... no it's ALT and something ... ... or it just a button ... yeah it's just a button. Guns set to caged mode ... Map Screen opens up ... I'm off course Flares got dropped Chaff got dropped Flares got dropped Radar range increased Radar mode changed Flares got dropped Map mode activated I'm headed toward a new country all together. ... ALT + N ... riiiight So, know we're over the action! My squadron destroys the enemy forces with ease ... I helped till the soil in certain places ... but I got some kills too. All right time land on the carrier! Hook down, wheels down, flaps, ... the carrier decided to make a left turn ... and I bounced off it like a basketball. Y'all I was laughing so hard myself. I hope that little anecdote at least gave you a chuckle.
  3. I remember there was a space thing once ... I forgot what it was called. I remember thing using Star Trek ships too. ASAT stuff would be cool. Could try a space shuttle? Do kinetic strikes.
  4. I Published My First E-Book!

    Hello all, Some years ago, Erik allowed me to work me work on the CombatACE news team. My job was simple - just ask people for an interview and then send them a list of questions. Erik's support and the support from you the community, was very motivating for me. I got to do things that I didn't think was possible. I got the chance to interview cool people such as Leslie Shook, Kim Crow, and CEOs of large game development companies. Doing that job helped me build the confidence to keep pushing myself in order to meet new challenges - such as writing a book :). I published my first E-Book called Anthony Knight: Oath of Service. It's a science fiction - action/adventure tale about a young fella that grew up on Earth but then follows in parents his footsteps when he joins the military force of the Ademar Empire - a human civilization that controls a third of the Milky Way Galaxy. As Anthony learns to adjust to his new life in the Imperial Starfleet, he also learns about a sinister plot involving Earth. If you're an Amazon Prime member or Kindle Unlimited Subscriber, you can read the story for free. Otherwise, it's $3.99. If you're interested in checking it out, here's the link: Anthony Knight: Oath of Service Here's the full synopsis to the story if you're interested. I hope you all enjoy reading the story when you get the chance. Paperback is not available yet. I'll update this post once it is. Quick Update: I'm doing a free promotion Oct 1 - 2. Everyone will be able to download and read my story for free! I hope you all enjoy the read. If there's any issues, let me know and I'll fix it.
  5. I Published My First E-Book!

    Thank you all for your support and kind words! Y'all are awesome.
  6. NOT SAFE FOR WORK: Cussing.
  7. F-35C ramp strike video

    Wow. I have more questions about this too.
  8. F-35C ramp strike video

    Oh. That's still cool though.
  9. F-35C ramp strike video

    My thoughts exactly. The enemy doesn't need an intelligence agency. Just use Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, MSNBC, Fox, CBS, ABC, and CNN because they'll certainly let you know what's up. But I digress from the point of this thread. I thank you for breaking this down with what's being seen in the videos. I remember from your interview that you've made hundreds of carrier landings in the E-2C Hawkeye.
  10. Working on a new format for my QAF series. Does this keep your attention? Remember my goal to whet appetites, and pack as much info as I can within 3 minutes.
  11. A-7 Corsair Familiarization Training Video

    You're welcome! I just like these old videos because it's neat for me to see how things were done then in comparison to how things are done now. I also like seeing how engineering and technology worked back then too.
  12. I just had to post this here.
  13. Vietnam SAM Avoidance Tactic

    I remember reading about something called a method used by US Pilots in Vietnam where they dove to the ground and then pulled up sharply while the SAM with poor maneuvering crashed to the ground. What was that technique called?
  14. Microsoft Set To Purchase CombatACE It's no secret Microsoft is looking to expand its services and enhance overall user experience by purchasing companies such as Discord. While such moves may seem obvious to most, one move Microsoft is making has many in the tech industry wondering about the things Microsoft is planning next. To the members here at CombatACE are familiar with developers such as ThirdWire and Eagle Dynamics. Earlier this month Microsoft attempted to purchase Eagle Dynamics and take over the DCS World many have to come to love. However Eagle Dynamics told Microsoft to step off and tinker with their little flight simulator. Microsoft angrily shook their fist at Eagle Dynamics and then pointed to a lone developer somewhere in Texas and announced they would purchase his humble company called ThirdWire. When it comes to big companies like Microsoft purchasing companies like ThirdWire a lot of footwork is done. While doing their research Microsoft learned about other sites they can buy to enhance their user experience. CombatACE is the top of their list and Microsoft is pleased to see a humble community filled with amazing people, programmers, and mod developers. "It's like all these things we wanted rolled into one little package" said William J Tinsdale Vlll "CombatACE will make a fine addition to our collection." But what will this mean for the users at CombatACE? To answer that question we reached out to the man himself. @Erik "Well at first I was against it" Erik stated "We built a thriving community for ourselves and not some corporate giant just to come in and take over and do whatever they want with it." So, okay, so why is Microsoft buying CombatACE if that's the case? "When someone offers you a free slightly used $200 million private jet with a full crew, free fuel, and millions of dollars for the pocket. You just gotta ask where to sign you know. Besides do you know how hard it is to run a website as large as CombatACE on a daily basis? It's rewarding work but it's hard work and if Microsoft want's to take over I'm cool with that. This jet is awesome and I have a surprise for all of the long time members here. They can get 1 free trip." Looking nice there man! An inside look the dining area "Regardless of the direction Microsoft chooses to take" Erik explains "they've assured me they'll continue to maintain the aspects that make CombatACE a great website. It is my hopes the community will continue to thrive and that people will get a kick out of this obvious April Fool's article entirely made up by Skyviper" Seriously @Erik, @MK2 , Mod Developers, CombatACE Staff and Members, thank you for making this site the awesome place it is.
  15. Honest Slogans

    I was looking up slogan and came across this post on We are the Mighty. I got a chuckle out of it and thought I'd share it here.
  16. https://i.imgur.com/utdPkT9.mp4 I saw this post just now about what happened a few hours ago on a flight LA to ATL From Imgur post: “The man made an announcement that we needed to be close to our oxygen masks & proceeded to try & open the door. They then called all the “strong men” to the front of the plane to restrain him. We ended up landing in OKC as it was the closest airport to us…. Update: he was trying to open the door to the outside not the cockpit” utdPkT9.mp4 Here's another news source: NBC Los Angeles
  17. NASCAR

    I'm not an avid NASCAR fan I do appreciate the sport and think some of the technology involved in it is cool. The fact they're racing in the mud and rain sounds interesting. On side note, when I was younger, the Go-Kart track in town had a Mark Martin Kart ... it was the fastest one on the track :) I never knew how much strategy went into the sport until I played Chase for Cup. I know it's weird that I like playing the game but not sitting there watching the races.
  18. A Brief DCS A-10AWarthog Review By Eric J With the push to “break up” the aircraft out of the Flaming Cliffs title (Currently Flaming Cliffs 3) ED has started to turn the direction (in my view anyway) away from the study sim into more separate modules in order to update them as well as improve upon them. Flight Model The new 1.2.11 patch compared to 1.2.10 has in my mind improved the handling of the aircraft better as well as better thrust, In order to improve the flight dynamics. The plane now oscillates less and is more stable, and with a balanced load (or an asymmetric load coupled with the necessary trim as well) is a stable aircraft. Overall when I started 1.2.10 I had major issues with mountain flying as then the aircraft (I soon adjusted my flying profile and style) had to be led more than now. What I mean is that if you are to climb you needed to start very early in your climb if you felt like cresting a mountaintop. For 1.2.11 it now takes less time to lead a mountain for a climb and the less oscillation when pulling hard is gone as well, however it is recommended to take it easy as sometimes a firm hand on the stick is better than a hard pull. Otherwise the aircraft is very responsive and doesn’t require excessive trimming to suit your style of flight. It’s not a speed demon so take that into consideration when planning attacks or avoiding enemy fighters or SAM/AAA assets when dodging or avoiding enemy fighter. The aircraft is robust but a hard landing will jar the aircraft and in some cases damage it. The level of damage and physics is good and more than likely to be improved down the line. 3D Model/Textures The current model is of course well done and represents the late model A-10A before conversion to the C model. Otherwise the texture work of course is topnotch and while the official DCS site offers C model templates, the templates are usable on either the A or C versions (the only notable difference is the wedge-shaped antenna behind the cockpit on the C as opposed to the A model). Regardless they are laid out very nice (the images are from a texture that I uploaded here on CombatAce as well as the main DCS site, the “77-234 81st TFW skin) and once you figure out how to install them so the simulation can read and apply them. Having been in the field of texture work for 13 years I can say that having done work for them both hobby and professionally I have no critiques of their methods of mapping as well as textures. While ten 2048 x 2048 is a bit much, it offers the inexperienced to experienced texture artist the ability to make his or her aircraft how they want. Functionality Like the Beta Su-27, the cockpit still has the same functionality that started out with Lock On: Modern Air Combat. In the practical sense this is okay as while not as laid out and not 6DOF as the C model, a novice pilot who wants to get familiar with the Warthog can fly the A model to get a feeling and when he or she is ready, move on to the C model aircraft to get into the fully useable cockpit. Otherwise the aircraft works well as well the cockpit is laid out as per the real aircraft. The only noticeable difference between most of the newer updates is the lack of a “pilot” such as the Su-27 where a basic 3D model is to give some immersion but realistically in my view that’s only window dressing. Major issues so far The only major bug I’ve noted and brought up was that the gun seems to be always off safe. So even when you don’t press C (default mapping for the gun) you still can fire the gun with the trigger pull. And the only other notable bug is that the Autopilot indicator stays displayed on the HUD regardless of which mode that you select. Given that you have only three doesn’t stop the show, but again it’s noticeable. Final Thoughts The A-10A Warthog is a nice plane to fly and when I feel ready I’ll move on to the C model, but as I’m returning back to the series I’ll take it easy and just re-learn the aircraft and go from there, and the A model is a great start in that direction.
  19. I'm working on a report about Bessie Coleman and I keep coming across how an Ace helped her out. I can't find anything that said who they were. It just said she found an Ace near France that helped sharpen her skills. Since, she was black I would figure the Ace would be black therefore I'm coming up with Eugene Bullard a WW1 French Ace that died in New York 1961. So history buffs is there a way to verify who the Ace is? I also have William Robinson Clarke and Ahmet Ali Çelikten all are Aces that could have taught Bessie Coleman her additional skills.
  20. Do any of you remember a show that used to air on the Discovery Channel called Wings? When I was younger I would make sure to watch as much as that show my mother would allow me. I loved it and miss it. I also had a couple of these information cards that you could put in your 3 ring binder. These cards had information that was easy to understand and direct to the point. So in the spirit of Wings and those cards, here's Quick Aircraft Facts, a new series that will feature an aircraft, it's history, and if possible, it's future in 3 minutes or less. First up is the A-10 Warthog. Enjoy.

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