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  1. Hold Her Steady Now!

    I'm researching for my QAF video of season 2 and came across this photo. I just had to share this here.
  2. 7-Year Old Aspiring Fighter Pilot Meets her Idol

    Oh, dude! That's awesome!
  3. Gary Owen, a standup comedian, is a Navy Veteran and talks about why he didn't join the Marines in this brief clip.
  4. This Is Why You Research Things

    I remember watching this video from Battlefield 3 and it was labeled "Realistic Dog Fight". I'll let this video do most of the talking. I'm just saying this is why I ask people that have been there and done that a lot of questions. When I do something as far telling a fictional story, I want it logical, accurate, and enjoyable. Logic and accuracy taking center stage. All that aside I think this another reason why DCS reigns supreme.
  5. This Is Why You Research Things

    The thing is though in the original video. It's titled Most Realistic Air Combat Fighter Game (Amazing Realism) and if you search realistic flight simulator this video is top 5. In the video I posted Mover shows us within a few seconds why it's not realistic. He does understand it's a game and all that good stuff. I find it funny though. To me it's interesting to know which things are accurate and which things aren't. Sure it's a game, it has to look cool, not be accurate, if it's a movie it has to be a little more accurate, plausible, but mostly entertaining. I'm just a weird person and from time to time I'd like to know how things really are. Since this takes place on a carrier I'll bring this one up too. The PBS series about Aircraft Carriers was an eye opener to me. Every time I see a carrier I think about the poor bastards whose birthing areas are under the arresting gear.
  6. Okay History Buffs, Veteran Navy, Cold War Researchers

    I want to thank you all for helping me out with this! If I bump into him again I'm going to see if he'll be interested in emailing the photo he took of that incident. My mother has this saying "We live history everyday" and it's cool to meet people that have "been there and done that" thing history books record.
  7. I'm trying to locate an incident that occurred during the cold war. A situation in which a Soviet Submarine was discovered off the coast of the United States. I want to say it was snagged in a towing line off the coast of Carolina (or near Carolina). Does this situation sound familiar?
  8. Okay History Buffs, Veteran Navy, Cold War Researchers

    That sounds about right. I remember that he showed me a picture that he took of that event. I hope I'll bump into him again. But this sounds about right.
  9. I have no idea why. But I found this interesting as I often wonder what happens to bases after the US, UK, and other Allies leave them.
  10. Any 50+ years old guys here from Alabama?

    I can already see some fella in Arkansas with a 12 gauge ... "you'll have to pry my nuts off my cold dead body" Of all the crap going on let's make decisions about people's sex lives. Let's use gender neutral words. Let's take away offensive words out of books and military cadences. Let's not focus our efforts on solving medical crisis, or curing deadly diseases. Screw it. If they want to neutralize the abortion bill. Then here's this. Everyone gets their stuff put on lockdown. Tubes, crimped or whatever. Then when people pass a government test only then do they get the full function of their sex organs back. They are allowed one child. Then they're organs get locked back up again until they prove they can properly care for more children. sarcasm alert btw
  11. Any 50+ years old guys here from Alabama?

    All those movies that suspected 2020 would be the year of the flying car, and all these wonderful things we'd enjoy a better future, totally missed the mark ... except Idiocracy. None of this makes any damn sense. We're moving into the time of 1984 in a Brave New World being run by an Idiocracy.
  12. I'm just saying old isn't always obsolete/useless and new isn't always improved/better. I don't understand why some are so eager to toss away systems that have proven themselves reliable over the years, in favor of systems that have yet to do anything other than look pretty in recruiting videos. When talking about money spent maintaining the old ones ... what about the money spent on the new ones? F-35 program for instance. There's all kinds of drama surrounding that plane. Whether you're for or against really doesn't matter honestly because just about every aircraft has went through similar drama. However just about every other aircraft has eventually proven itself to be reliable. I'd like to hang on to what works until the new aircraft have time to prove themselves as reliable and adapt to their situation. Having shiny new equipment is nice and looks good but it won't mean a thing if they can't deliver. Not modernizing can have its advantages too. People gripe about the nuclear program being soooo oooooold and in need of upgrades and yet while hospitals are getting hacked, websites with personal data are getting hacked, credit card information getting hacked, you haven't heard of silos getting hacked...because the systems are too flipping old. I wouldn't trust a corporation today to make any upgrades to that program. We can barely get Windows 10 to work right and people want new systems for our nukes? Nah. Like my grandpa says "if ain't broke don't fix it".
  13. Hey guys, DCS, and SF2 are great and I've been looking into some nice sci fi sims but can't find anything right now. Rebel Galaxy is awesome and Elite Dangerous looks pretty neat but MMOs are an immediate turn off for me. I'm so damn tired that everything falls into the Survival, Construction, MMO, or PvP type niche. Star Citizen looks nice but I hear it will never get finished. Space Bourne looks interesting but the devs are cutting some content they were to be making so I don't know. In my search I did get a free copy of Farming Simulator 19 tho. X-Rebirth and X3 sounded great but it's like I fly and interact with menus a lot. X-Reberth kind of ... well I don't see how it's possible to stand on top of a capital class ship, in open space, and have a conversation with no protective equipment on. Space Bourne looks epic. Still in early access mode however dev is cutting capital ships and other features it seems. But you can build an army (but not a fleet I think) Rebel Galaxy (My thing I love this game) slugging it out with dreadnaughts X-rebirth mixed reviews, not so friendly community according to some reports, I haven't played it long enough honestly but first looks were super meh Empryon ... to me it's like legos in Space. Looks awesome, can be very fun if survival things are for you, lot of promise and the devs are really active with the community. And you can fly from the planets to space and vise versa so that's something that's neat. Then I found Evorchron Legacy. Looks amazing and what's even more amazing it made a single developer. So kudos to that guy. 3 hour tutorial according to reports but it's also said to be well worth it. You can build, trade, etc and explore. So that's what I found so far. I'd like to have a game where you can get a carrier. Develop a highly trained, motivated, and skilled military to wreck some stuff and take sectors over. And not just interacting with the world but being immersed with it to some degree. Anyway like I said that's what I found so far. What are some sci fi games you're into? Oh and if you're into farming: Epic games has farming Simulator 19 for free ($25 USD value) ... yeah it's farming but I usually take offers on free games.
  14. In my list I do not believe there are any demos. I've just been looking at gameplay footage on youtube for most of them.
  15. What's going on with Epic? I just got their service only because it has a free copy of Farming Simulator 19 yes I play that game to kill time when I don't feel like setting up my HOTAS. To answer question. Rebel Galaxy 1 is what I have, and love, and Rebel Galaxy 2 is something I'm wanting to purchase when I can because it looks awesome. Oh and I have modded FS17 to have aircraft in it soo I still do some flying there anyway ... just not with the HOTAS.
  16. Star Wolves looks interesting I have Rebel Galaxy love that game. That's a solid list. Thank you for that!
  17. I still have my copy of StarLancer and Freelancer. Old school games are pretty cool too because they're so immersive
  18. You may have to use the mods here to solve your aircraft needs. Back in the day Column5 had massive packs of aircraft available to use ... I mean huge amounts of aircraft. The mod developers here and the mod developing teams are amazing people that have spent considerable (and I do mean considerable) amounts of time, effort, and money into providing these models. It's the modding community that keeps SF2 alive. SF2 is straight up fun too. Like you said DCS costs a lot and honestly DCS and SF2 are worth it if you like flight sims. I have DCS A-10, and UH-1 while it's bit of a shock to hop into SF2 it's nice that I don't have fight physics as much and too a lot of technical things when I'm just wanting to chill out and do a little dog fighting or strike runs. Or check out the A-6 mods here if you like
  19. Yeah man. We've been discussing this topic for years... people have tried, tired, and tried again. One person was able to rig something back in the WOE days. With rearming, refueling, and all that. I think the files got lost over time or something. Yeah we've tried a lot of things with the SF series. Some even developed a bomb sight for heavies ... and I can still hear Wrench say "leave the bombing to the AI" :) DCS is on top of things that's for sure. However SF series will always have a special place in my heart. I don't care how bad the graphics are or how limited the engine is. SF series is still a good series.
  20. So what goes into switching from VFR to SVFR and IFR? What's the hassle with IFR? From my understanding if your eyes can't see then rely on your instruments and avionics to see the things you can't.
  21. Looking at this ... is the graph indicating the pilot was trying to pull up prior to the crash?

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