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SF1 WO* third party addon aircraft invisible ejection seat

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Hi, im looking for some step by step guidance for an old user who is not that computer savy but just started over again putting WOV/WOE on his newest computer as the old one got tempermental and isnt working well. Naturally I finally get it all set up the way I wanted and now have to do all over again. Bottom line one of my main problems is the INVISIBLE EJECTION seat on the few downloaded aircraft I have put onto my game


Any help in making them visible would be appreciated. I believe this happened before on my older computer when I set it all up there as well and thought I muddled thru curing that problem with many others somehow, but cannot remember for sure now!


Thanks in advance, RGDOE


P.S. Never having worked with computers in school in my day, I may need more assistance with other things as I try and rebuild my WOV/WOE and addon worlds!

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Which aircraft do not have seats?

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