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SF2 WW2 PTO P-40N, USAAF (SWPA) Skinpak

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SF2 WW2 PTO P-40N, USAAF (SWPA) Skinpak

SF2 WW2 PTO P-40N, USAAF (SWPA) Skinpak 9/14/2013


-- Something for the WW2 PTO players --


= For SF2 ONLY, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


*Note: this pak MAY be usable in 1stGen SF/Wo* game installs. However, some features

(decal randomization, DDS damge textures, destroyed model, etc) will be NOT

functional. Use in 1stGens has not, and cannot be, tested by me.*


**Notex2: this mod is designed for use ONLY in a PTO-Centric mods folder**


A new skin for Raven's P-40N, a "generic" representation of USAAF P-40Ns in SoWesPac

Theatre (read: New Guinea). Although the "Displayed Name" on the Loadout Screen will

say "7th FS, 49th FG" (the Bunyaps), they are to be considered a bit more generic than

Squadron Specific. Even though the individual plane-in-group numbers fits those of the

7th's usage.


Skins remain in their bmp format.

New DDS damage textures (usable on all Raven's Warhawk/Kittyhawk in SF2 only) are


A slightly modified data ini, with some flight model tweeks, and switching to the

AvHistory engine sound. So, be prepared to back up some inis for saftey!!! A new

textureset ini for the "Bare Metal" skin is included, that adds Decal Randomization

for SF2. A new userlist ini was created, for the Export Customers.

All markings are decals, and Decal Randomization is TRUE. Also, via the use of my

(patent pending) Fake SqTail decal, the squadron name display is now active on the

Loadout Screen.


No weapons are included, except SF2 Versions of the new drop tanks (for those that

haven't converted them yet). New theatre-specific Hangar and Loading screens are

included, too.


The skins have been run through the template (thank you Raven for that!), and have had

a layer of dirt and 'clouds' added for weathering. They're still not dirty enough for

my taste, but it's something!!


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included.

PLEASE read them!!


Good Hunting!!



Kevin Stein

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