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Mercenary Sand Skin for F-5E Tiger II (fictional)

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Mercenary Sand Skin for F-5E Tiger II (fictional)

Mercenary Sand Skin for F-5E Tiger II (fictional)


by Gerwin 16-1-2013



Made for the TMF F-5E model. For use by the nation of Paran.

This skin is part of a Skin set, all in the same style, by the same author.


This work is based on existing skins and templates, Taking the required

parts of each source. Before making this skin I worked on an improved

USAF silver skin for the F-5E, which is also available.



Copy the included folder with contents to the folder that contains

the F-5E files, for example:



My Documents\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters 2\Objects\Aircraft\F-5E

When in the game select the skin in the loadout screen.



Be sure to download and install my Damage Textures Pack released

on Combatace, which also contains detailed Damage textures for the



For Game performance or loading times it may be desirable to scale down

this skin to 512x512 size.



Third Wire for the Strike Fighters Based Games.

Camo pattern taken from TuAFCamo1 (Tunisia) from paulo / @paulopanz

F-5E Skin by LANAPA

F-5E Templates by Boz (Bosco Hsuean)

F-5E Templates by Sony Tuckson

F-5E Aircraft by The Mirage Factory:

BPAO, C5, JeanBa, Kreelin, Fubar512 and Streakeagle, WPNSSGt,

Sony Tuckson, Flying V, Manetsim, USAFMTL and Tom Venom.



r,g,b target colors like MercSand F-16A:

base 200,183,136

brown 162,142,101

nose 124,105,91

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