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New BF109 pit shots and KS update

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Our First Backers-Only Development Update: WIP Bf.109 Cockpit

Good morning backers! 
Let's try this out. 

With 24 hours to go on this kickstarter, we have a combined total of $139,871 + $3,317.82 = $143,188.82 

That's less than 7K to go in the last 24 hours. I think we can do it! 

One very important point. First off, PayPal witholds about 5% of the total. Secondly, the amount shown is pledges, not charges. Backers' credit cards do not get charged until after the campaign ends, and there are always some backers whose pledges do not go through for one reason or another. That can be a few more % shaved off the total. 

We are taking the KS fee into account. That won't derail anything. However, we are not taking the uncharged credit cards into consideration because they're impossible to estimate. One or two $500+ level backers whose charges do not go would have some impact on the project, but again, we will recover and we will find a way to do the Me.262 even if say 5% of the backers' cards do not go through. 

Why am I saying all that? 

Another thing that a lot of kickstarter campaigns go through in their last hours is many backers decreasing or canceling their pledges because they see that the total's been reached. Say we're at $151,250 two hours before the campaign ends, and a couple of $100 backers figure, oh, we're there anyway, I might as well go down to $40. That might have a avalanche effect - people follow the leader - and end up pulling us down below 150K. And, in conjunction with some of the credit cards that do not go through, that will have even more of an impact on the total the team eventually receives. 

So, if your only reason for doing so would be "we've reached the goal anyway, my pledge is not needed" - please don't decrease or cancel it. It IS needed. 

And very much appreciated. 

Thank you everyone who put your faith in this project. 

Today we'll show you some WIP images of the Bf.109 cockpit. 

We'll do regular updates after the campaign ends. We'll probably find some sort of a regular schedule by type of update. Say, landscape updates on Tuesdays, 3D updates on Fridays, something like that. 

I have a HUGE task on my hands with setting up the infrastructure for the closed forum with invitations to KS and PP backers, the form that allows you to select your matrix-style rewards, etc. It will take a little while to get ready, so I'll provide updates on that as well. 

Anyone who has selected a DCS World P-51 reward should be receiving their license keys via email next week. If you suddenly decide you do not want it, please change your reward selection before this campaign ends! 

Anyway, until we have a closed forum, the only option for posting backer-only images is right here on kickstarter. Where images get shrunk down to 560 pixels. My only option right now for posting full-size versions is somewhere open to the public, so that kind of defeats the purpose. 

So I'll post the screenshots as is, shrunk down, and then take a few close-up crops of the same shots showing more detail in better resolution. 

Hope you guys like it! The pit is about 50% complete at this point. About six weeks left.















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