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Yak-25K Flashlight A [REVAMP]

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Yak-25K Flashlight A [REVAMP]

Yak-25K Flashlight A


Yak-25M with removed cannon, equipped Yak-25K-5 weapon system consisting of the "Izumrud" radar and four RS-1U (NATO AA-1 "Alkali") beam-riding missiles on the wings inboard of the engine pods. Small number built (Wikipedia).


Also some planes were wired to use the R-8R/T/MR/MT Anab missile family.


I´ve started this template some months ago, then Stary teased me with a pit he was making, which eventually led me to complete the template.


The model as is, is the one of Pasko´s Old Yaks, it has some imperfections you will have to live with as i was unable to fix.


2 High res skins have been made on my part along with the numbers, but the real Star here was Stary, giving a whole new feel to the plane with the cockpit he made.


Another great unexpected contribution was the new Anab Missile family, created by Alessandro (Spillone104) Caronelli, those missiles were in the begining meant for the Su-15 Family, soon to make fixes to the ones i already uploaded, so, stay tuned :D


Also, must credit my good friend Daniel "Cocas" Liebaert, who let me use a MiG-17 seat we have for another soon to release project.


The rest, of the people who worked in this project, i will need to send me a PM so i can include them here.


Hope you like it and let´s beef our Red Army!!!


Enoc Marquez AKA Flogger23


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