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GUIDE: How to add enemy Amphibious Landings

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I discovered this little trick while working on my latest campaign, and it flipped my plans on it a little bit on the side. As an experiment, I checked if a ship-delivered Unit could land on a enemy held position. Of course it could not; the ship is merely the catalyst for the spawning of the unit. When it has reached its destination, it spawns the ground unit; and ground units can not be spawned in enemy territory.


So here is what you do.


1: Make sure your front line is close to the coast. It may work over distance but that is not why we are here. The concept is to create the illusion of a Amphib Landing.


2: Create a point in your Targets file, right outside the front line on the waters edge. The closer, the better, especially if the front line is just a mile or so off the coast.


3: Create your Task Force. Its objective destination should be the same as the point you just created.


4: Create Your Unit. Have it be carried by the Naval Force to the Point in question.

BaseArea=Deploy Point

5: Create the Strategic Nodes, connecting the Deploy Point to the closest land target. Make sure it also ties back into your own main base.

NOTE: Make sure there is either another way to your main base for a counter-attack or put all defending units on "Defensive Only". This will prevent the defenders to step into the Sea.


6: Enjoy the show.





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