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CombatACE Spotlight: Interview with Russouk2004

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COMBATACE Spotlight: Interview with Russouk2004

“The community here is so talented, I’m surprised we ain’t got together and made our own sim yet…”




index.php?app=gallery&module=images&sectThis week CombatACE got the chance to catch up with Russouk2004. He hails from Cardiff, South Wales, in the United Kingdom and has been a member here at CombatACE since 2004. Over the years he’s a released a number of mods but his most downloaded mod is the BF109E. A download link will be inlcuded at the bottom of this interview for those interested in trying it out.


Thank for you taking the time to do an interview with us, Russouk2004. Please, tell us a little about yourself.

Well im,52..yikes,did I own up to that? 

Live in Cardiff ,South Wales UK.

I work full time for a well know UK supermarket, owned by Wal Mart.

I love flight sims, play call of duty in a clan and love beer, my missus and our 2 cats in that order

 I love to mod and am grateful to people who like what I make.


What interest you about aviation?

Well it all started when I was a kid, granddad and dad were both flyers. My gramp in WW2 flew Hurricanes and Typhoons.

And my dad flew hunter and phantoms and a few others...

I’ve always loved aircraft and built hundreds of kits, mostly a\c .

It’s the magic of all that metal hurtling through the air, god knows how lol.(I know...wings create lift etc etc   he he)..a\c just amaze me...the speed, sounds and smells, it’s just brilliant, makes the hairs on your neck rise, when a Tornado in Afterburners speeds past you...or the sound of a merlin prop of the spitfire...awesome.


What is your favorite aircraft and why?

My favourite aircraft hard question...hmmm I would say, Ive really 2,one a prop and other a jet. For prop, it would be the hawker hurricane, such a rugged fighter and unsung hero really, sounds and looks the business. Jet will have to be the Flanker...it’s just a beast, looks perfect for its assigned tasks... and is. It’s a huuuuge aircraft but so agile etc, and looks just what it is...deadly.


What got you interested in flight simulation?

Can’t fly for real so 2nd best thing is flying a simulated aircraft. Perfect!

You get to fly anything you like, and from your chair, and it’s safe.


index.php?app=gallery&module=images&sectDo you remember the first flight sim you ever played?

Yes indeed, chuck yeagers...advanced flight sim ...seems so long ago compared o today’s standards.


What motivated you to arrive at CombatAce and stay over the years?

Good content not found elsewhere, great people to visit here ,lots of info ,and downloads galore..basically it’s a magnet!


When did you start modding?

Blimey, can’t really remember...I think it was for USAF,making skins.

What does modding do for you? Is it something that is relaxing and neat hobby etc?

It’s a buzz...realizing, stuff you make is available for people to use worldwide...and you see it on google lol..its addictive (as any 3d modder for example, will tell you)...also, you get to fly stuff you never see anywhere else..my Hawker P1211 for example, I’ve never seen it in a sim. If cant find jet in a sim you would like to fly..?...make it lol..


I see that your most downloaded file is the BF109E. What inspired you to create that mod?

Ahhh yes, lovely little fighter,2nd favorite prop by the way...just looks the biz and a real gem of a plane, just had to make one.


How much time and research did you put into making that mod?

Well actually I spend ages on google etc looking for plans and pictures, thing is, there`s so much out there, you get carried away looking...I suppose a few months actually getting info etc and building the thing. The actual 3d stuff is the easy bit, time consuming work is the mapping and skin. I usually make the template first ,panel lines rivets, parts etc then paint layered colour schemes, wear n tear etc etc..that takes your time up. When you see the end result.

And its popular, well worth the time.


What modding tools do you use and why?

3ds max

Paint shop pro 7.04


3ds max...obviously,for the actual model.


I use ps7 as its tools are so easy and effective, basically for the templates, lines rivets etc, and paintjobs.

ps I use primarily for decals, some paintjobs and the effects are outstanding for weathering models, etc. Also its good for making the bumpmaps that give models that 3d looking skin.


index.php?app=gallery&module=images&sectWhat is your favorite mod you have created?

hmmm,good question.

I would say undoubtedly, the P47N-15.

That was just right I think.

with hawk 2nd place.


What is your favorite mod that you did not create?

You like tough questions eh?...lol.

easy, anything by stary, for terrains like his Green hell mods...outstanding stuff he does.




Provided that you have the time and resources what would be your dream mod that you would like to make?

BAE HARRIER T4 most definite, in shiny Black it looks wicked aircraft.


Who is a Modder, or group of Modders, you admire or inspired you to start modding?

Basically, people here, after seeing stuff here I decided to try it, gmax was free so decided to get some tutorials, and have a go.


index.php?app=gallery&module=images&sectDo you have any favorite quotes or thoughts about being here at CombatACE you’d like to share?

No quote comes to mind. I would say this, any time you need help, there’s always someone here willing to offer help etc, everyone who loves to fly sims here who can’t mod or unable to, still offer help, thats rare on a lot of other sites I’ve been to. The community here is so talented, I’m surprised we ain’t got together and made our own sim yet, I’m sure we could, lol.

No matter who you are, where you live, we share a common hobby (addiction ?...lol) and regarding strike fighters for example, it would be an ok sim, but guys here have made it far better, I know it’s not graphically as good as say Lock On ,but it’s easier to use, and easier to mod. Actually saying that, the gfx are good.

I digress, I thank all at CombatACE, for putting up with me lol...



Staff members are awesome. Let’s keep it up.


That’s it, all I shall say is now, Merry Christmas everyone.




Thank you Russouk2004 for the interview and you too enjoy your holidays. Here is the link to the BF109E mod created by Russouk2004. Please read all associated readmes and download instructions to fully enjoy the mod. Thank you for stopping by and checking out today's CombatACE spotlight.

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