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SF2 WW2 ETO P-47C/D, 334th FS, 4th FG Skinpak

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SF2 WW2 ETO P-47C/D, 334th FS, 4th FG Skinpak

SF2 WW2 ETO P-47C/D, 334th FS, 4th FG Skinpak 1/5/2014


-- Something for the WW2 ETO players --


= For SF2 ONLY, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


A slight reskinning/rebadging for Wolf's P-47 (Razorback), represents the 334th

FS, 4th FG shortly after converting from Spitfires to early P-47



This package is designed to work on/with my "P-47C/D (Early) Pak", available at

the following url:




Included is a slightly modified data ini, with corrected operation dates,

rounded to closest whole month. (you may with to back up the original data ini,

as a 'just in case', before installing this pak)

No weapons or pilot figures are included; you should have them already. The

skin is in jpg format, and decal randomization is TRUE.

The other 3 squadrons of the 4th can be easily recreated, by simple making a

"SCode.tga" (squadron code letter decal).


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are

included. So, please read them.


Happy Landings!!


Kevin Stein

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