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Terrain Mod Install ?'s

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Hello all,

This probably has been asked hundred of times here but I was unable to find any topics to help out.  I am new to the forum and I would like to add better terrain to my SF2 Vietnam.  I downloaded the "Green Hell" and unzipped it.  I took the new file "VietnamSCA" and I moved it into the Terrain folder located in the program files, Strike Fighters 2 folder.  The VietnamSCA goes into the terrain folder along with the other listed Terrains (GermanyCE, IcelandNA,IsraelME,VietnamSCA) but it does not replace the Origional VietnamSCA with new "green Hell" VietnamSCA.  The origional terrain files are listed as security catalog files (anyone know what that means?)  I have windows Vista.  Is there another folder to put the new file into?  Ive heard others speak of a Mod folder but I do not have the folder.  I do have a DLC folder.   Could anyone provide a step by step process on how to install these mods. 


Thanks all.

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this (more or less) explains the SF2 "mods folder" concept:




in fact, you might want to eventually start at the top of the SF2 Knowledge Base, and read all the threads.


Only the first couple of mods are hard to install (being new at it). It's gets SUPER easier as you go along!!


and ALWAYS read the readmes that come with add ons. If the mod uploader has done their job correctly, it can be pretty much 'drag and drop'



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