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Jaguar A Desert Pink

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Jaguar A Desert Pink

Generic Desert Pink camo for Jaguar A


I havent created a specific squadron for this skin,its just a plain desert pink skin for you to create new,

or use in an existing French Jaguar A Sqd folder.

contains just the 5 bmps in des pink.


Jaguar A Template

in Skin Templates

By slick cowboy

A LA Jaguar A original credits below.


Credits :


all 3D work is by BPAo , aircraft and pit (thank you chap, we don't forget you)

The basic textures,skins and decals by Tom Venom and Sony Tuckson.

skin updates and additional skins paulopanz, Coupi, ludo.m54

Decals by JAT, additional decals by paulopanz

The flight Model is based on the Jaguar GR1 (http://combatace.com/topic/67434-jaguar-gr1-for-sf2-series/) by column5, kreelin, baffmeister and was adjusted (engine, mass ...) for the Jaguar A version.)

Effects : Deuces, JSF_Aggie, BPAo, Sony Tuckson

Special thanks to UF_Josse and various memebers of the C6 forum for their information

Jeanba : bugs, historical mistakes, delays and some packaging

Crusader : Correcting Jeanba's bugs, basic packagings, weapons, historical researches


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