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  1. I made original,yeeeeeeeaaaaaars ago
  2. Yeah,I had the superjet 100,and thought would make a good awacs for reds.
  3. SU-37 Flanker-F

    no just dl and open readme shud tell you instructions
  4. I rarely touch my models these days,so its all really academic...
  5. Its a pity...I can get tk models into max 2009 but if I update stuff like adding better anims,better effects ie better afterburners etc or more 3d details I cant share it....unless...hmmmm dunno..
  6. Im sure TK said exporter and or game doesnt support multi\sub- objects
  7. Thats ok most objects share one bmp or jpeg...it doesnt matter,just objects cant have 2 textures anyways game wont allow it,....max only allows one texture per object any ways...with the TW lod exporter
  8. so we can extract files from Objectdata001.cat and 002 as long as we dont swap em or give to others ? Reason I ask is....so I can import to max and make better detail,IE,less blocky stuff,add new anims,effects to some aircraft models..TW ones. etc
  9. I attached one to ur message but seems to have gone,or you recd it? heres 2 part basics with txt Airbrakes tut.7z
  10. Somewhere in Nevada.....Area51 unconfirmed....C L A S S I F I E D , circa 1985
  11. 390.65 on my gtx980 and no flicker runs really good...no worries afaik.
  12. Add game to control panel and have game dictate gfx levels mines set to that and games fine as is....app controlled for sf2...easy peasy also,max 2009 32 runs ok on win 10,if u get probs...make sure all hot fixes and sp1 applied,if further trouble,dont use dx 10 use 9,and then if troubles copy max exe and run from the shortcut...works...
  13. Flogger..........oh yeah thats what IM talking about...... Rqd screen
  14. Altered the older one to proper livery... the old and the new...

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