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  1. you have name as tank it should be pylonnode name..or whatever the mesh name is of the pylon model try it in mues lod viewer [RightPylonMount] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=5 StationGroupID=4 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=5.0920,0.3084,-0.3827 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=100.0 AllowedWeaponClass=MER,TER,CGR,ATR,TLR,2IR,2AH,2BR AttachmentType=Nato,Argentina,ISRAEL,FRANCE NoJettisionTank=TRUE ModelNodeName=1pilones PylonMass= PylonDragArea= FuelTankName=
  2. oddityies

    odd stuff
  3. its a six of one half dozen of the other question....I have contacted creator anyways...also there is I discovered a model thats close enough to what I want here free...oc credit will be given if I use it entirely...though its really just as a template . cheers
  4. im suprised tk didnt us it for runway lights saves size of meshes etc...and modern runway lights are now flicker free mostly like the ones on my ufo
  5. If I use or base a data.ini on one in a payware model is that piracy?...I think not as the files are owned by TK so is this piracy if I use one as a basis for something of mine....? its just same model thats not got a data.ini in game already,I just need one similar.
  6. with your light cones....make a fading tga and self illuminate,and you should get a realistic looking beam...
  7. this is with self illuminated parts no lights...and beam from ship which is missing texture
  8. add self illuminate in max to the colour of the cones and lights.....works fine...used it on my ufo for strip lights..
  9. I have the Vulcan here at CA...it was my original model and uploaded it here...if they pay for it at that place tough...here its free as I intended.
  10. Short vid of Croation mig21`s...Awesome low pass....note the engine of 131, Light grey Chequer has a spluttering a\b on take off....I want a Mig 21. might be bird ingestion as green gets a burp on low level run. at 1:51 ..if your quick youll sp[ot it.....doubt its a technical fault as the Croation Air Force are renown for top quality Maintenance
  11. post options ini ...(bottom section) and show us where the files you adding are going...take screen of folders example...my installs are (mods) (in Users\Saved games\ options.ini etc etc point to:...... E:\Strike Fighters\ below is my test install..just basics and no stock a\c etc... so my options ini is thus... [Mods] ModsEnabled=TRUE Directory=E:\Strike Fighters\SF\Test Editors=StrikeFighters2 [ScreenShots] Directory=E:\Strike Fighters\SF\Test\ScreenShots Format=JPG
  12. what you mean backed up ?...made mod folder ?...erm not sure what you mean...show your install...ie...where folders are etc...and where your options ini is pointing...also what a\c ?...
  13. maybe someone should send link to TK sent link...maybe this guy should be banned...as hes been downloading our mods.....I know they are freeware but piracy is making the game lesser...if those games downloaded free were paid for we might have update sooner.
  14. 3ds max etc is a bug eh m8...once ur adicted thats ur life over lol...nice bit of kit matey...

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