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  1. Been ill and not been around hence the inaction.... ok now but busy elsewhere,though I will go through stuff ive got near done and try get some out...where poss...if not I will offer up stuff for peeps to modify for you all..( by that I mean model thats done but may need ini`s etc) I wont be on every day but will try pop in more and more when able.. cheers guys and keep safe Russ
  2. Our friend russouk2004

    Thanks for asking...been unwell and lost interest in much..I am ok now and bit busy.....I will try to get some stuff done but also stuff thats done but needs small work I will offer up for tender...lol.. cheers Russ
  3. forgot that bit....I installed both usually work in 64 bit one then export in the 32 one.. win 10 64 doesnt like 32 bit 3ds max so has to run it by making shortcut of 3ds max shortcut to run odd but works..run it from normal shortcut and max crashes...weird
  4. Gurus post above yours...do that and it will work also put the dlu in autodesk/plugins/ NOT in the fbx folder
  5. Forgot that yes...flip vertical or wont be right
  6. Decent mapping ed...looks good
  7. one question ,wheres this model from?...seems to be an FS one 3d model exactly same as one ive got....? if it is...you need credits up..otherwise it looks dodgy m8... cheers
  8. you should open the files with DXTBmp...and convert to 24bit bmp then in ps to jpeg or tga...as most FSbmps wont open in ps etc...I ll dig out the temps for you now
  9. yeah saw that.....will finish that as its not far off...should take a day or two to finish it....will look at it monday
  10. make a transparent layer...add new layer create decal on it...when done export as tga uncheck compression and its sorted...works fine....
  11. if freeware skins kev....if no name attached just use them....as long as they say freeware and do what you like,...then its fine,I asked one guy about that who did some and thats what he told me about his stuff did you get the temps?..might help
  12. Sorry busy at moment with other things here,hope to get back to stuff in a few days maybe a week or so..
  13. Amazing how they used to laubch the buccs nose up off deck etc.....brilliant little film.

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