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  1. no m8 it need mapping completing I think..ive been v busy if get chance will try do ones that are close to completion
  2. Thanks logan will take the dat and add soon as I have completed 3d stuff thnx @wilches no m8 hawk T1a
  3. speaking of cockpits reminded me of this....anyone know how to set the compass arrowed in 6th pic?..most of other stuff I know how to set up the ini for...
  4. ok I will get it in game,and flying....then hopefully someone with some aerodynamics and avionics nous can get it flying as should be...all it needs I think is basics flight skills...its up to the mision entries etc then that make it mission ready...will try do asap.
  5. Is there one already in sf2 ?....if not I will get this into game, as long as someone can do data.ini for it afterwards...etc
  6. Only this....quite a few pics of resin cockpits to help..click some of the flanker links to see guy building the pits..https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234982666-172-ai-mikoyan-e-152a-m-flipper-by-modelsvit-e-152a-e-152m-released-e-152-1-released-mini-world-upgrade-sets/&page=2
  7. if you place a hangar file image in each skin version of the same plane....did you know you get different skins to show in hangar screen ?...just to add some confusion lol
  8. very impressive man....I stuck to aircraft as its easier top notch job mate...too much hard work with ini files for me....
  9. ive never changed anything to start at any time of day or night....odd
  10. I customise my decal folders so it saves looking thru 1000`s of images for the ones i want I put my missions in erm missions folder ? .lol sounds should be certain quality yes...cant recall what... custon menus?...check the ini files for typos...? check aircrafts ini file that it states jpg ....silly but easily overlooked.
  11. I ll try and get these checked and uploaded soon too..
  12. dmtdragon and crew has the single seaters to do some stuff for you as ive no time....give em time lol
  13. Nah....time travelling crash test dummies...that went back 6 years lol
  14. you have to set a horizontal rotating mesh...like a radome as a propeller and move the x axis so it becomes the z axis....check my sukhoi awacs data.

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