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  1. Reload skin reloads decals too ...why need another button ?...lol I use it to fine tune mine..or change them...easier than in 3dsmax then in game then max again
  2. I have a lot of older games that I run on my old spare Q660 pc...with a zotac geforce 8800 on win10 with an emulatior of win95....try an emulator... no need to spend cash on a pc google win95\98 emulators here for example https://www.myabandonware.com/howto/windows
  3. Yeah it does....But I think Mother Nature will destroy us before we destroy it.
  4. Anomaly on mars discovered by Russian sattelite...
  5. Got an RTX 2080 TI

    yeah got 2 in sli.....ha j/k my custom built 6gb 980 Ti does more than enough for games I use it for....every game I run on ultra settings....no game yet it has trouble with...even new cod is a breeze...BF5 runs like silk
  6. They are same ones in Cod WW2 flak tower map
  7. This is what your current world looks like in 3ds max...
  8. Doesnt look promising $3,760 wont get us a lot with only 5days to go. doubt it would get us even a 3dsmax exporter
  9. wonder what $3,760 is going to get us..?....New Box Art ? a skin or ?
  10. lol its a wind turbine installation support ship.
  11. Squirrel steals R\C airplane

    Fake airborne sequence squirrel in R\C airplane...rest is real though...hilarious,well done vid
  12. Taken in English Channel this pilot has balls of steel.
  13. She looks japanese to me TK is Japanese \American descent too..TW based in Texas ...coincidence ?....
  14. yeah I noticed that...hide fuselage and cockpit shows

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