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  1. Yeah I had brainstorm and reversed the mesh in 3ds max and works....brain freeze lol I recall TK mentioning it on 3W forums....im old not my fault lol...brain is getting on too...lol
  2. yea reset to 0 and it faces left then stays there now...its not following the numbers in the data.ini...this is weird...did the same exctly in my B58 and that works fine....odd.and that pivot is same as this..
  3. wtf ?...never had this...just wont face backwards...is ok in max...pivots ok etc...fkin weird i cant see for looking...its always summat fkin up lately...grrrr Tail section... SystemName[004]=Tail Gun1 SystemName[005]=Tail Gun2 SystemName[006]=TailGunner crew [TailGunner] SystemType=GUNNER_STATION SeatID=3 GunnerID=1 PilotModelName= SetCockpitPosition=FALSE ShowPilot=FALSE Position= 0.00,-8.40, 0.08 MinExtentPosition= MaxExtentPosition= PitchModelNodeName=gunpitch box linked to tailgun as pitch guns linke to this... YawModelNodeName=TailGun this is mesh you see with guns attached to GunRange=2000 PitchAngleRate=45 MaxPitch=50 MinPitch=-40 DefaultPitchAngle=10 YawLimited=TRUE YawAngleRate=45 MaxYaw=210 MinYaw=150 DefaultYawAngle=180 guns [TailGun1] SystemType=FLEXIBLE_GUN GunTypeName=7.9MM_MG17 MuzzlePosition= 0.00,-9.83, 0.26 LightPosition= 0.00,-9.83, 0.26 MaxAmmo=400 TracerLoading=5 BurstAmount=15 EjectShells=FALSE GunnerID=1 [TailGun2] SystemType=FLEXIBLE_GUN GunTypeName=7.9MM_MG17 MuzzlePosition= 0.00,-9.83,-0.04 LightPosition= 0.00,-9.83,-0.04 MaxAmmo=400 TracerLoading=5 BurstAmount=15 EjectShells=FALSE GunnerID=1
  4. Getting this ready too...another one the templates seem to have vanished for...ffs gotta make two now...
  5. I have this original game on cd Have the Il 2 series of course and DCS...but these are way older... plus.. Mig alley Mig-29 Fulcrum F16 multirole fighter F-22 Lightning 3 Apache\Havoc Janes USAF all combat flight sims Combat Air Patrol Boxed. and Tornado...(Digital intigration)
  6. Not sure about ground radar...my sukhoi awacs dish rotates as an engine,with rotation axis normally Y axis...in max rotate y axis so its angle you wnt the dish to rotate...heres my dish data. [Radome] SystemType=PROP_ENGINE InputName=THROTTLE_CONTROL EngineID=9 SLPowerDry=1.0 SpinnerNodeName=Radarmotor StaticPropNodeName= SlowPropNodeName= FastPropNodeName= SlowPropRPM=6 FastPropRPM=6 MaxPropRPM=6 IdlePropRPM=6 BSFC=0.00298 ExhaustEmitterName= ExhaustPosition= FireSuppression=TRUE MinExtentPosition=-0.056,-3.648,5.383 MaxExtentPosition=0.056,-3.535,5.383 ConstantSpeed=FALSE RotationAxis=Y-Axis
  7. here you go...rename to what you like as I did pilots ages ago with same names... Gerpilot facing forwards... Gerpilot3 facing backwards heads now move independently.. WW2 pilots.7z
  8. ive got these,did ages ago 1st pic...and one facing back...need to rescale lol...dwarves taking over... with goggles on and mask,with goggles up and mask...and same for rear...did optional with mask down too. if wanted will upload later...only thing is they move heads in unison...guess I can make one look left.when exported..then they will be independent ?...anyone know ?
  9. F-5a

    Hate doing distance lods...hence why I dont...maybe will start if I remember correctly,so long as the heirachy is same order then its of no importance what you remove....if I remove say a middle mesh 2 from 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and link back mesh 3 to mesh 1 Is that possible..?
  10. < Stupid answer.......... > Margarine.? lolz
  11. Yeah I found few...the creators dont mind as long as credits given...most seem glad their stuff seeing daylight...doesnt hurt to ask...I asked the guys who made the DCS hawk,and they were pleased to help with stuff.

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