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  1. Indeed...so many I only added few otherwise would have been weeks adding them lol... I did label whats been moved IIRC got it all... theres templates out there somewhere but I couldnt find them...
  2. 2009 for SF2 stuff with this CV19 epedemic and time in house,might do some tutorial vids..
  3. Sukhoi Sunday

    Turn UP the heat....and "cmon and catch me if you can"...
  4. Jet Provost.7Z

    due to requests this will be up soon as soon as got few bits sorted....will not be comprehensive SM but basic and hopefully usable lol...
  5. Try animating these I had to animate 35 parts just for landing gears :) Flaps and spoilers have over 50 to do lol
  6. you meant that certain parts are animated in order ?.....thats easy eh lol
  7. if you want 1 mesh to do 2 things...say yo need a cylinder to go up and down......and rotate at one end ..animate the mesh to say rotate..anim slot 1 ..then create an invisible mesh or even 1poly....hide it in the mesh make it transparent...then link the main mesh to that poly and animate the poly...anim slot 2 .so you have now 2 animations for the same mesh....
  8. Do you mean they are all linked to same object and you want them to animate seperate ? not quite sure what you want.....post pics of it in normal view from a few angles so can see better each part
  9. working on it...theres a HRS-1,HAS Mk22,H-19,HO4-S and a Whirlwind HAR.4 in the freeware pack im converting.. ignore skin on this version its for remapping\moving textures reference for e as its the brightest skin lol wont be while as imn trying to get a helo pack together Kamov 27 \ 32 This....the lynx ,Merlin and Wessex.Mk5
  10. The Corona Virus Thread

    In cas4es like this....police or army could shoot them,...saves a lot of money and work of emergency services... No long drawn out care,only for them to die of the virus...that time = wasted resorce and a lot of money... 1 bullet far cheaper...plus it sets an example and teaches the ignorant bastards a lesson.....they can cause a long line of consequences that are preventable by.. STAY AT FUCKING HOME YOU IDIOTS. !!!
  11. Ill knock up a Strikemaster style pylon set on weekend...got plenty of time....lol Will upload it as a StrikeMaster LOD if someone wants to make up Files for it..
  12. Mi-24 book written by me

    ermmm we in uk still prefer pounds and ounces lol too
  13. The Corona Virus Thread

    Glad that fucker got done......set example to the idiots....give him the virus and lock him up........he deserves to catch it after that... on a lighter note... COMING SHOPPING WITH ME ?

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