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  1. weird went back to original folder now all ok and open weeiiiiiiiiiird
  2. Banzi in the f4e data.ini file under engines....look for exhaust emmitter and change it to the name of the f15 ones or vice versa.
  3. MiG-21UM infos

    doubt i can finish this....but if someone wants to try it....pm me
  4. These should be the ones if not I can resend mine... su27temps.7z
  5. Disregard...ive found the files....odd though
  6. when I opened max again loaded image onto the hawk pit.....hmmmm image wont open.so...went into folder...preview says cant open file....the images worked fine last time used them....so,opened paintshop pro and browsed the folders the images show fine...but will not open....since first look a few images ar now visible.....but the others refuse to open....sizes are there etc....jpegs and psp and psd files....this is odd....hopefully,I recall putting them on a dvd....hope so...any ideas? tried file format assosiation etc....no prog will open them even gimp .only paintshop pro progs will show them in browse or preview mode....anyone know of image cache software os such that will fix this?...tried allsorts its damn weird... cheers hope the back up is indeed backed up .
  7. Sukhois

    Looking good....will these be out before I come back to sf ? lol been away and busy ,hope to get some stuff going by time winter sets in...looking thru my hd s theres loads to do...might start back on the hawk pit but may need some help ..hope this out soon
  8. Visit to Area 51 hmm some strange things....a mirage ,weather baloon,marsh gas? lmao
  9. This v good tutorial spells out the basics of an ME 109 in max well worth a look.. http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=15018.0
  10. as stratos requested...I did add chute to the C versions I posted here....heres the chute for them... .add the bits in the txt file to data.ini...u can use same lod for all the C versions listed. Mig29C Ukraine,Russia,Czech and Khazakstan only works on ground...S key to deploy sound lasts too long may need adjusting its length Mig29c chute.7z
  11. IIRC if glass isnt mapped on the tga then the dec wont show or will be messed up....I flatten windows on tga so it wont affect the shine etc....maybe thats why it wont show on some models....glass may just be assigned tga and the glass mesh is just a mess of polys...
  12. Go on then,let me see you take off ....lol
  13. I use 4k 36" tv as my monitor its great for games ..my pc can handle itsnative res but it looks as good in 1920x1080
  14. As title...Happy Christmas to all my friends here at CA...I will resume my models etc after xmas...

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