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  1. Gepard....if you want them here u go Hangars.7z
  2. you know ur vehicles... I know how to make main turret move yaw etc.. x in pic....i need top turret to move random...I set up as dummy gunner...reckon this will work...just rotate random / I set it as fake gunner...im asking as I dont know if dummy works on Groundobjects. [Cupola] SystemType=GUNNER GunnerID=1 DummyComponent=TRUE YawModelNodeName=hatch ViewportPosition=0.0,0.0,2.70 cheerz
  3. F/A-18 Korea (1997~Windows 95/98)

    I have this in original cd case somewhere
  4. any use ? kev chk ur pm
  5. yeah...seen biggin hill...but not all those bomb craters etc...shows how risky airfields were
  6. That might be lost on our American friends m8 lol......maybe Later That year.....after the pilot checked out the recon phots...he found (inset) "Bear Behind"
  7. Dont use lappy so cant really advise....just try the latest for your machine.
  8. dx 9 is crapola.......update ur drivers and try at lower res see which it starts to play up on what spec is ur lap top...they are i7 arent they...
  9. it could be the dreaded in game settings \ unlimited effects bug...try on high for effects....same symptoms as windows with latest nvidia gfx...looks like your recent drivers has this prob too....
  10. Almost

    Ejector racks...damages and external pylons.....ejector racks not 100% but you wont see em much...
  11. Mostly done,just got to do missile launch mechs...and alter some skin details like around the refuel probe area,and more or less done.... did pilot I had from 2 free models I found....and combined them...I like it .....and it will be released with the T-50..Pak-Fa.will do the 57 too later....with the thrust vectoring.
  12. its a pain sometimes....tweaking it seems to make it better...I use 64bit version to make...x86 version to just export
  13. Almost

    lol...its better now...did look a tad dark.....funny that...I dont think ive ever seen a black russian....weird.
  14. I `ll see how far along it is...if not much to do...will sort after the SU-50
  15. Is there one already in sf2 ?....if not I will get this into game, as long as someone can do data.ini for it afterwards...etc
  16. Try these supplied jpg and wireframe also one lod is 75% smaller...about half a metre ,other is about metre total lenght...if you need it resized let me know New folder (3).7z
  17. ah ok cant you use a dummy cockpit ini and use the seat \ pilot positions to rotate it..?
  18. Yeah as I was using gun editor it occured to me that I had overlooked that lol.
  19. ok Flamesky....do this.... in flight folder find you soundslist.ini...add these and make numbers consequetive... replace the XXX with next numbers... SoundFileXXX=ADEN5 SoundFileXXX=Gau8a Then scroll down and add these... [ADEN5] Priority=NORMAL Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=4 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=FALSE MaxDist=1000.000000 MinDist=50.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=0 [Gau8a] Priority=NORMAL Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=2 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=FALSE MaxDist=1000.000000 MinDist=50.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=0 Then drop the new 30MM_ADEN5 folder into ur guns folder....and Gau8a wav into sounds.... check with gun ed to see they are loaded in game. 30MM_ADEN5.7z
  20. This IS weird....copied and renamed Aden to make ADEN5 all exactly same...used gun ed to assign new wav gau8 and wont play sound at all...is the editor porked?
  21. At least it was same company wings...if it fits fly it I say
  22. make new Aden gun in gun folder....rename it so its unique like 30MM_ADEN_New rename the wav you prefer to match like 30MM_ADEN_New.wav [InternalGun1] SystemType=FIXED_GUN GunTypeName=30MM_ADEN_New < just add this...no need for any other enrty when you have done the above InputName=FIRE_PRIMARY_GUN MuzzlePosition=-0.24,4.39,-0.41 LightPosition=-0.24,4.49,-0.41 AimAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 or use gun editor to do it...copy the aden and you can assigne new wav here

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