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  1. Razbam Banshee

    not even a freeware fsx one that I can see...saying that founs 2 one here http://www.robertjamesrichardson.co.uk/ and another at Flyawaysimulations...if can prove 100% freeware I can do summat.... this one from robertjames site..its actually rather nice.ignore anim pic oddness...it displays anims all higgledy piggeldy lol
  2. so much to do to it I gave it a rest...its still being done....eventually...
  3. Pretty basic but when added a few bits will be ok.just finished making the basic gauges...bit to do yet......quite a few variations of the VC out there so went more or less stock....will have 2 versions with slightly differing layout...RCAF has some different gauges. WIP so not final yet.. :) with this one had to make the pit from parts of the a\c model....as there isnt a cockpit interior .MDL file just the a\c .MDL good thing is it will line up with external model just fine as its basically the exterior 3d modle too... last shot is the fsx one
  4. textureset.ini way is fine... if repainting say c47 copy its base textures to the new folder....when finished painting...just go to your new skin folder select the texture youve redone.and "save as".....ensres its exact same format... just ensure if plane uses a bmp its format you save in is....24/ 16 m depth\colours or jpeg if jpeg.. make sure the textures added to the planes main ini ie.....C-47A.ini...if you follow the steps you cant or shouldnt go wrong. [TextureSet001] Directory=USAFSilver1 < important to name right Name=USAF Silver < ditto Nation=USAF StartDefaultDate=1948 Specular=1.000000 Glossiness=0.500000 Reflection=0.800000 DecalNumberRandomize=TRUE [TextureSet002] Directory=USAFGreen1 Name=USAF Green Nation=USAF StartDefaultDate=1 Specular=0.400000 Glossiness=0.400000 Reflection=0.000000 DecalNumberRandomize=TRUE DecalNumberBlockSize=26 [TextureSet003] Directory=EAFSilver1 Name=Egyptian Silver Nation=Egypt StartDefaultDate=1950 Specular=1.000000 Glossiness=0.500000 Reflection=0.800000 DecalNumberRandomize=TRUE
  5. yeah its fake invisible gears...used it on my UFO to simulate hover or anti grav...
  6. no good unless its equipped with wheels like the catalina etc..get one made anew... .or you get the guy who made its permission...
  7. indeed...or copy the planes bmps you are making new ones...copy them to new skin folder and sav as and navigate to folder click on the one you are doing and save as...ensures same format
  8. like spinners says check format is same...also you might use mues lod viewer to load your skins to check out....and it helps to see whats what when you update each texture each time...I use it when skinning instead of 3ds max its open when Im mapping a plane etc..as it loads textures instantly ..(the refresh button)
  9. well see what we can do guys...lol.... heres a static model...kev might like.. not technically a screenie but it is lol
  10. Seperate RCAF and ..liked this skin so did a quickie....US Army one...this plane love it... last shot...clipped a tree oops.
  11. Coming soon.Cessna T-50 Bobcat..FM need adjusting badly as it takes off like rocket.....needs sorting...been 2 days getting to not blow up on runway...seems game doesnt like gears that just move up and down...only works if rotation is added to gearstrut....been pulling hair out finding this out.....based on Eds Whirlwind.....I am currently redoing fm...the wing data is too good.....should be more like the DH Moth fm or the chipmunks data... 4 skins and some nice templates all freeware ex Alphasim....some great models ....might do a cockpit as its pretty basic and needs its own...to do it justice... I really like this litte cessna beauty
  12. its usually because the post appears just before uploads complet or admin hasnt ok`d it when you tried to d\l
  13. my old B and variant what if F and CR and the dam mods.
  14. Panel below JASDF Badge and Japanese text....is where it was fitted.,left of the blue text
  15. Rarely if ever armed ..though provision was made for one mg in left nose...12.7 mm browning m53-2 and aim 9...2 x750 lb bombs...on the two pylons or with 2 x 455L tanks...
  16. the colours are just max reference colours...not mapping. when you make a mesh its assigned a default colour.
  17. md450 modeling site with refs of ouragan too.. http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/md450/md450_all.shtml
  18. for metal skins now...I do panels etc 1st then add real metal textures to panel areas like so....some great textures out there for free.. check modelling forums...If i need ref I usually look at them or eduard site for parts etc....
  19. Using C117 cockpit for connie...removed the digital Displays, and the Sperry units...added new tachos and fuel gauges...need to adjust a few a tad more and we are away.
  20. "Anything you can do" ....USAF Sec Of State..... RC-121D
  21. https://db0nus869y26v.cloudfront.net/en/R-40_(missile)

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