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Nuclear Security Summit...

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.....will be held in the Hague (10 miles from where we live) in 10 days and we're gonna be right in the middle of it.... There will be 58 world leaders and of course a lot of other people. Motorways between Schiphol airport, Rotterdam airport and the Hague will be closed .More than 8000 defence personnel will be involved with stuff including light tanks, armoured cars and heavy weapons.

The former- but still intact-  RNNAS Valkenburg , a few miles down the road, will be used for stationing Apaches, Cougars and Chinooks and there will be 3 batteries  of NASAMS II missiles stationed at a 3 more locations ,parking places near the beaches and a glider airfield, just a few miles from here  (NASAMS is an anti aircraft missile system based on the AIM-120 AMRAAM, can be coupled to the airborne Link 16 system) .

We will have standing patrols of fully armed F16 MLU's from Leeuwarden and Volkel AB with tanker support, continuous AWACS surveillance and radar coverage from Nieuw Milligen and a mobile radar at Valkenburg.  As the Hague is situated at the coast, at sea there will be a 6000 tonnes air defence  LCF frigate (ZMS "de Zeven Provinciën") at anchor and  two sister ships patrolling along the coast line.....

To top off the whole thing there will be a police force of 13000 men (meaning a lot less speeding- and parking tickets for a while)

And for the record: a certain mr. Putin will NOT be there (too busy protecting poor surpressed Russians at the Krim by pouring in more poor surpressed Russians from the rest of Russia)

As for the expected terrorists, they have 3 days to react..............

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