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  1. Incoming Weapon Custom View

    What's the problem with it? For me it worked all the times. If there are many weapons in the air, you can switch between them. usually the latest launch is shown. It is NOT a view for weapons targeting the player but a view of weapons in flight! If there has been a SAM Launch you will get the missile launched at your craft almost all times.
  2. Merry Christmas!!

    I wish all of you on all side of this planet a peaceful, blessed Merry Christmas!!! I also wish Happy New Year as I will be away for some holidays) I hope we will have a promising, successful year in 2019 of course with a lot of modding and creative time together!
  3. New Rig

    Ryzen Powwa.. ))) Hi5 octacore ) I've got an ASUS Stryx 17" note. Desert warfare cat... MARPAT? The one here is A-TACS Ghost.
  4. Hurricane (Film 2019)

    Well it is an american movie ))) Directed by Clint Eastwood. Now that's why it is strange - being daaammnnn good!
  5. Hurricane (Film 2019)

    I was just about to post a notice of this film, but I see people found it already. Without any spoilers... it is an almost flawless movie. Maybe the only watchable war movie since Letter from Iwo Jima. Whoever did it managed to earn my respect. And that's really hard to get anyone knows me can confirm In short, it told whatever must be told about Polish pilots. Finally some respect shown - and the shameful sorrow aftermath. I wonder when Hollywood will produce something at least equally acceptable?
  6. Senator John McCain dies at age 81

    As a war veteran I did respect him. RIP. I wish he hadn't involved in world politics. (( Especially not in the Ukraine
  7. Hi. We need to know what weapon - by means of stock or modded one - are you using and on what plane (stock/ mod) what altitude (!) what range. Need to know reconstruct the situation. Besided AIM7D is POS, lock break is not a weapon but a radar deficiency. Especially at low altitude. Guidance break however comes from low tracking str of radar (either because of noise out of low altitude/ or jamming str of on board devices) that causes the otherwise well shot and homing missile to lose track and go ballistic.
  8. Just one thing to add, performance of SF series depends on mainly the frequency of ONE core, as it was developed (and left in that state) in single core era. That means it runs better on a 2.4GHz single core CPU than on a quad core 1.6GHz CPU. If you chose gaming PC and it is important how SF series will run, then choose the one with the biggest clock per CPU core. Also if you try modding, it is advised to install the game and mod folder on an SSD because you will start and quit the game quite a lot ))))
  9. Not sure what is happening at Thirdware... for weeks, all Android game were unavailable on Googleplay, and they also did not run saying something about download failure(?)
  10. Hm.... interesting.. You should be able to extract ini files with the stock extractor. Perhaps try Mue Tools instead.
  11. There is... or at least there was a planned feature called NEXT_SALVO_QUANTITY=CTRL+RBRACKET PREV_SALVO_QUANTITY=CTRL+SHIFT+RBRACKET NEXT_SALVO_INTERVAL=CTRL+LBRACKET PREV_SALVO_INTERVAL=CTRL+SHIFT+LBRACKET You can mod them into your control list.... But of course, like many similar thing they do not work.
  12. There was a study that was saying, with numbers or participants increasing in a dogfight the difference of technology becomes less and less decisive, and losses will be more close to equal. Out of 500 ending with 30 on either side is quite a result here... As the numbers get down to a certain breaking point (of the above formula), the fight decisively turns in favor of either side as if the fight had started with that smaller number.
  13. Usually I am disgusted of the following term "According to US pilots" in such writings. It sounds like, 9 out of 10 dentists recommend this toothpaste... Well I am quite fortunate that I can read both english and russian books, and I have hundreds of both. Rule No1 I used to take, if it's about a western craft - I take the western source and vice versa, eastern source for the eastern tech. Either case they are both boasting and chest-banging about their own stuff but this way the sides equalize each other Yefim Gordon is a must. But he is not God writing holy books, but simply an excellent - english - source. Same could be said about Norman Polmar (Navy stuff) - he is best on his side - of his time. Bui we must take that into account that by the time they wrote their books they could not possibly have the knowledge we have right now. Rule No2 is simply to take as many sources as you can from different authors (possibly not copying plagiarizing each other) AND ask people of specific forums whose topics and answers seem creditable. Better if you know real life pilots, soldiers etc and ask them personally and match his talk with your background knowledge and sources. Some can brag or "color" his story, but you can ask questions politely to clear out controversies. I was soldier, I also have anecdotes which are "based upon real events" (sorry for the outraging Hollywood term from HiFi , history-fiction movies). Rule No3 is to cooperate and share info with others - without getting into endless who's is longer style debates perhaps this is the hardest to keep
  14. good morning, i'm using your Mig23 and it's fantastic, but we need a more accurate cockpit to complete this great work. tank you.


  15. What do you mean altitude of the launch site? Range is primarily determined by missile ballistics. Usually that's the most neglected factor - so missiles are just given launch window... max range, max radar alt whatever, but they can't fly that long OR fly with 8-10 Machs. You need a proper radar, set accurately - that can see, and see only as far as it is supposed to see. Range, strength, altitude settings etc etc. IF that works as it should, then you can set the SAME data into the launchers and the missile as well. Missiles usually have no problem with altitude, they are even too good at vertical accelerating - that's why the radar has to be limited NOT TO launch the missile to unreal heights.

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