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I have recently downloaded a number of skins for SF.1 aircraft. The skins have added more realism and variety to my game experience. I just have to say a word of thanks to all the skinners who continue to contribute new skins to the game and make them available to all of us here at this site.


I have tried to produce some skins myself but I have learned very quickly that it is quite complicated and needs a degree of artistic flair and skill  :doh:


My thanks again to all the skinners here  :flyer:



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I can't skin either, but there's some fantastical stuff made out there. Alot of early jets had bare metal, but many skins of these are not very shiny. You can adust this in each skin's texture file, .. I like shiny


For metal skins, I use...




...glossiness of 0.2 is good too, not as extreme.


--- -- -


For less shiny, painted skins.. either white F-106s or typical cammo skins, I use...



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