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  1. 55 US Korean War Vets finally Home

    Well even though the boxes just contain remains of US soldiers, at least it is a positive step towards a peaceful solution to the problem of North Korea. Unfortunately there will have to be many, many more steps like this one to end the stalemate.
  2. I am a little suprised as I thought the Su-24 which is a relatively modern aircraft and is fitted with modern air defence systems was quite capable of protecting it'self from anti-aircraft missiles. Obviously not. Was the crew asleep or something.
  3. Robin Williams Show During "Retreat"

    Hmmmm, that was a little bit awkward. Not one of the best ways to remember Robin Williams. R.I.P.
  4. But even so I thought it was a good video reminded me of the Battle of Britain film (1969) aerial combat sequences. Planes everywhere. !!!!!
  5. Didn't even know this one existed, hhhhmmmmmmm will have to do some digging now that it's got me interested.
  6. Soviet era propaganda films

    Yeah I think the music made the video much more compelling as it adds a touch of drama to the viewers experience.
  7. Siemens-Schuckert D.I

    Very nice Stephen 1918 and you have chosen a rare machine to model, - top marks for this effort. Hope you continue to produce some more German aircraft of this era, as I consider you to be one of the most significant contributors to the First Eagles series . Thanks and gratitude. RUSTYMORLEY
  8. Well I don.t know who did the skin for the A-4 in the screenshots, but it looks damn good to me.
  9. I think that we have all encountered defeat at some stage with a Mod or something beachav8r. So I know how it feels. I speak personally of having tried unsuccessfully to get Soviet APEX missiles and French Matra R530 Air to Air missiles to show up in the SF1 Series game Wings over Europe even though they are present in the WEAPONDATA file and I can see the files and the skins. They don't appear in the loadout menu and I just can't get them to load-up onto an aircraft. I have made every possible alteration I can think of to get them to appear but they just don't. So sadly I just gave up.
  10. The Captain knows best

    More news on the Camel......................he has just been offered a part in the new TOP GUN movie starring alongside Tom Cruise. !!!!!
  11. Top Gun Maverick

    Blimey he looks well knackered, I can't see them strapping him into a F-18 without putting incontinence pants (nappies) on him first. !!! Now I can see why he has not been playing lead roles in many blockbuster movies for a while. You can't fight time and old age, no matter who you are or how much money you've got. !!! Sad really, I thought he was a good actor in his day but unfortunately the grim reaper is catching up with him, as he is with all of us who are over the hill and heading for the door.
  12. RNoAF Starfighter in air again.

    It is basically a frigging massive jet engine with a couple of ridiculously small wings stuck on the sides to make it look like a plane rather than a rocket. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Top Gun Maverick

    Let's wait and see................. could be good............or could be crap. I will certainly watch it once, and if it's any good I may even buy the DVD.
  14. Top Gun Maverick

    OH yes.......... loved the flight scenes in TOP GUN, throwing those F-14's around like the A-4's they were up against at Miramar was very inspiring, even though it was just a Hollywood movie. Unfortunately the dialogue in the movie was a bit naff. Errrr......I think I will just take a shower.!!!!!!
  15. I take it that DAT is a selfish, childish individual if he is willing to do that and deny others the pleasure of using these mods. What's up with him anyway, what prompted him to take such drastic action. ???

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