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  1. Windows 10

    Already tried that, but thanks anyway VonS.
  2. Windows 10

    Well I have installed Windows 10 on my new rig and got it working okay, but sadly I have lost First Eagles. I have tried various suggestions from posts which I read at this site but sadly, it will not run anymore. The game will open and display but when I create a mission and try to load it, the whole game crashes to desktop. Any more ideas or useful suggestions will be gratefully received. Thanks in advance. Rusty
  3. I am glad you liked the quote. I have added some captions to the tank picture. Hope you like it as much. !
  4. Might I ask if there are some demos of the games in the list. Perhaps to try out before buying. !!!
  5. Windows 10

    Thanks for the advice VonS I think I am going to go ahead with Windows 10 .......
  6. Windows 10

    I recently had a few problems with my existing computer and I have decided to upgrade to Windows 10 whilst I am having the repairs done. Might I ask you guys here at Combat Ace if First Eagles 1(First Generation ) runs okay on Windows 10. Thanks in advance for any advice or information you can offer. Cheers RUSTY
  7. Australia forest fires

    I think we will all be long gone by then................The human race is Fu#ked.!!!!!!!
  8. Australia forest fires

    Building houses in the middle of a forest is a little bit absurd, especially if your house is made of wood.!!!! Quite obviously if there is a large scale forest fire and your wooden house is right in the middle of a blazing forest you will probably see your home and all your possessions go up in flames. !!! Then we get people saying why has this happenned.!!!! We need to be more careful where we build homes and avoid building settlements in high risk areas.!! The other concern is that we are turning the planet into a concrete jungle and occupying all the green spaces, leaving no room for nature and wild animals which form part of the ecosystem. Once the planet's ecosystem goes , we go with it.!!!
  9. Australia forest fires

    I hate to say this but we are going to see more and more Wildfires and devastation to forested areas as global air temperatures rise. As the bush and forests become more dry and arid it only takes a small spark to set a blaze going. !!!! We humans are responsible for churning out thousands of tons of carbon based gasses and releasing it into the atmosphere, and we are starting to pay the price for our ignorance. !!! In Britain last year (2019) we witnessed the highest summer temperatures ever recorded for June, July and August. I thought that Global Warming was just something that effected other people but at the height of summer last year my plastic patio table which resides on my patio outside melted due to the extreme heat. It has been outside in the same place for several years and it's never done that before. !!! My Cat usually spend most summers outside on the back garden relaxing and snoozing, but last year he was clearly in distress due to the extreme heat and was panting a lot and his breathing was extremely rapid and laboured. I had to take him in the house until early evening when the heat began to dissipate. Clearly something is changing and it's not good.!!!
  10. Happy New Year

    I would like to express my deepest thanks and continued appreciation to all of the Modders, Skinners and Administrators alike who are currently active here at Combat Ace. !!! Your regular contributions to the Strike Fighters, First Eagles series of games and many others, have added to my enjoyment and pleasure over the last year and I thank you all for that.!!! I would like to wish you all a Peaceful, Happy, Productive and Prosperous New Year. !!! Cheers. RUSTY
  11. How was your week so far?

    Well let's hope the change continues to develop and be more progressive. !! Maybee one day you will all have lasting peace in the Middle East. !! Wishing you all the best for Hannukah and a Happy New year as well. !! RUSTY
  12. Personally speaking I think Stephen 1918 would make a good job of this, If he had the time to take on the project and make it available here at Combat Ace.!!!! I have always rated his work for First Eagles as good quality mods.!!!
  13. London Bridge Attack

    In Britain we have suffered numerous terrorist attacks but I believe we are still resistant to the idea of becoming a Gun Toting people. That may have to change in the light of these attacks, and the fact the world is becoming a much more aggressive and violent place to live in. It seems the entire world is in conflict , with numerous wars and skirmishes between nations taking place every day and no end to the violence in sight. This raises a question in my mind, are we witnessing the end of our civilization, the final conflagration, World War 3, The Last Days. !!!
  14. London Bridge Attack

    Yes, I totally agree with Capital Punishment for Terrorists, Mass Murderers, Serial Killers and Drug Dealers, but not necessarily for other crimes.!!
  15. London Bridge Attack

    Sadly, this will not be the last Lone Wolf attack on civilians or other unprotected targets. !!!!

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