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  1. Have you considered utilizing an existing skin and modifying it for your purposes. !! Not forgetting to credit the original author of course.!!
  2. How was your week so far?

    Has anyone ever asked these crazed fanatics what the hell they are trying to achieve anyway - with sporadic, meaningless rocket attacks fired here and there at random targets they probably can't hit anyway. !!!!!
  3. To be honest you have hit the nail on the head there with IL-2. Whenever I want to fly WW2 aircraft I always go to IL-2, because it has got everything I want from a WW2 Combat Flight sim. I don't need to look elsewhere. And I would bet that other people feel the same way. One of the main reasons I am here at Combat Ace is that I love flying jets as well and because I am not Modded with IL-2 I have not got access to loads of different post-war and modern jets.
  4. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    I agree, that is the whole point of an Alliance. Trump is forgetting his allies and abandoning them to their fate. !!!
  5. So easy to make one tiny mistake and it can take hours to figure it out. I have spent hours trying to figure some mistakes out and in the end with some issues I had to give up.
  6. Why must you insist on carrying...

    Well whatever its heritige is it may not be a Sniper Rifle as such but it looks good. !!!!
  7. Why must you insist on carrying...

    I sometimes play DELTA FORCE EXTREME 2 (an old PC game) and in one of the missions called 'Eagles Nest' you can choose a Dragunov Sniper Rifle. I remember thinking during the gameplay - 'this rifle has got lousy range' and if it were real life I would not elect to use this particular item because of that reason. It looks suspiciously like a heavily modified AK-47 which in itself is just a popular and well known mass- produced, Soviet made assault rifle. Although it looks like a sniper rifle it probably is just a support rifle. !!!!
  8. Why must you insist on carrying...

    Is this a Dragunov Sniper Rifle. ??? I think I got one of these in Delta Force Extreme. ! Not particularly very good on range if I remember correctly. !!!
  9. Thanks guys but I have decided to let those two helicopters go. Shame really, just a bit more work on the tail rotors and they could have been fine. Cheers anyway.
  10. IT IS A CRYING SHAME. Some good helicopters are relatively unusable because of minor issues like this. I wish I knew how to fix them myself then I would have ago at them, but alas I have never been able to master anything like that. Never mind, just have to abandon them....!!!!! Just a final word to say thanks for your replies guys, I really appreciate any help and advice given by skilled modders and members alike here at Combat Ace.
  11. Okay thanks for the information and your reply Peace Puma. Will keep a look-out for any noticeable differences when using alternative terrains.
  12. Okay thanks for that Crawford. I think I will have to abandon them. Thanks for the reply anyway, much appreciated.
  13. I recently downloaded a couple of the Helicopters from the SF 1 downloads section. I am well pleased with most of them and they indeed are a credit to the makers. Following installation of the helicopters I noticed a slight issue with the Tail Rotors. Whilst the Main Rotor appears to be moving relatively fast when the Helicopter is moving at speed, the Tail Rotor appears to be idling at a low speed. Is there any way to alter this problem and get the Tail Rotor moving at a higher speed or consistent with Main Rotor speed. I am not an expert, but I assume that the appearance of both the Main Rotor and the Tail Rotor rotating at speed is generated by TGA files. If I am wrong please correct me, and if you can offer advice to fix the problem I would be very grateful. It may infact be a glitch with my computer or Graphics Card failing to display the movement of the Tail Rotor correctly ! - don't know as yet. Thank - you in advance for any help or assistance you can offer. Further Information Am using SF1 only. Game is Wings over Europe Patched to October 2008 Alouette V1 - issue with Tail Rotor only Bo 105 - issue with Tail Rotor only Graphics card is Radeon RX 580 Series All other Helicopter installations display the Tail Rotor movement correctly
  14. You know your into WWII/aviation history when...

    God.........I really hate to see animals being mistreated or abandoned. !!! The people that do this kind of animal rescue are total absolutely frigging superb people, and I am glad that they care enough to help animals in distress. Damn fine looking blonde girlie too.
  15. I am using SF1 only. I have fiddled about with the ini files for explosion effects and I am pretty sure nothing ever changed. It probably is hard coded.

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