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  1. the future is coming. This is just so damn nifty !!

    ElectroMagnetic Drive is the same sort of technology which ''Visitors to our planet' use to navigate through our atmosphere. Spooky ???
  2. To Stephen1918... again!

    Check your message box............ And Thanks.
  3. To Stephen1918... again!

    Ah Well.......... I can only continue to dream that one day my desire will be fulfilled. As to when..... is anybody's guess.
  4. To Stephen1918... again!

    I assume this is a model for use with First Eagles 2. Sadly I am still stuck with first generation offerings. Perhaps Stephen 1918 will one day get round to delivering a much better version of this model for use with both FE 1 & FE 2. I think we will have a bit of a wait though, I sent him a personal message a long time ago asking for this particular machine but as usual he was so busy with other projects. I guess if we want to see a good version of this baby we will just have to wait until his workload drops of a bit. (And if you are reading this post Stephen 1918, is there any chance of you bumping this one nearer to the top of your long list.) Please.
  5. To Stephen1918... again!

    Please, Please, Please. Would be so nice to have this gracing the skies in FE . !!!
  6. To Stephen1918... again!

    We also need the Roland Walfisch it is long overdue !!!!
  7. UK F-35B down

    But was the accident caused by mechanical failure or pilot error. ??? The sky news report mentions a rain cover may have been injested by the engine, but surely these waterproof plastic engine covers must have been removed by the aircraft fitters and mechanics well before the aircraft even came on deck. !!!
  8. UK F-35B down

    Well, when all is said and done, at least he got out ok. But he seemed to be moving far to slow to make it into the air. !!!
  9. UK F-35B down

    I am reminded of the many photographs of WW2 carrier planes being unceremoniously pushed off the back end of the U.S. carriers when the war in the Pacific was finally over and the ships were on their way home. Maybe in several years time we might find a graveyard of dumped F-35B fighters on the sea-floor which were deep-sixed after it was discovered they were declared 'crap' by their former users and then disposed of accordingly.
  10. UK F-35B down

    Sadly, I have to agree. This new fangled F-35B is not at all what it is hyped up to be. You can dump them off the back of the carrier and deep-six all of them for me !!!
  11. Thank-you guys I will look into this. Many thanks for your replies. Good to know you can get a response from the community when needed. Cheers. RUSTY
  12. Hi Guys I was wondering if any of you can advise me on a minor issue regarding head movement inside the cockpit. I am currintly flying a Mig-23 (SF1 Generation) and I have noticed that there is quite a bit of up and down movement inside the cockpit when the aircraft you are flying is either diving or ascending. Is there some particular line of data inside an ini file I can alter to reduce the level of up and down movement inside the cockpit. I have noticed that not all aircraft have this problem.
  13. Hold Her Steady Now!

    Here is another one for you. I got it from M4T site. A member posted the picture and asked for a suitable caption. I think my caption sums up the situation pretty well. GET THE HELL OUT OF IT !!!!!!!!!
  14. WINDOWS 10

    Thanks very much for your information Geary. It is worth taking a look at some of the things you have suggested. I might just get lucky and get things running well again , enough to add all my SF1 aircraft which I have got stored in a storage file. I think it is worth a shot. I will start with installing Direct X 9 and progress from there. I very much appreciate your reply and the information you have posted, it may even help others who have got similar problems with Windows 10. Thank you Geary. RUSTY
  15. WINDOWS 10

    How is your rig set up, and have you used any additional Mods or something to get it to work okay. ???

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