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  1. As an IL-2 fan I am glad to see that new planes are being generated by Modders / fans and uploaded for use by the wider IL-2 community. I love the game and have spent many hours flying in my favourite planes. This MB-151 is a fairly rare aircraft but it is a fine addition to the game. I hope one day I will be able to take her up for a spin.
  2. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    He looks a bit old and ragged now, but he's still a very good action man. !!
  3. Frigging lovely Screenshots. I downloaded the first one to make into a Desktop.
  4. Landed on the wrong carrier

    It would appear that landing on the wrong carrier is, or was a common practice. Maybe some of them had to do it because they were almost out of fuel or badly damaged and needed to land on the first available, or nearest carrier. !!!
  5. Landed on the wrong carrier

    One thing is certain, when he got back to his own carrier he was heckled by the pilots from his own squadron, and I bet he got a right earful from his C.O.
  6. OH MY GOD..........IL-2 Sturmovik has progressed well beyond my expectations !!!! !
  7. Gloster Meteor F.8 -Template-

    Very nice and clean looking plane. I bet she handles well in the game. Such a pity us SF 1 first generation users can't use it. I would dearly love to see one converted for SF 1 use.
  8. Colonel Alois Hammer: Decendant of the late 1980's popular music figure MC Hammer. Can't touch this !!!!
  9. OOOUUUCH !!!!!!! You crazy son of a gun. I am going to Court Martial you for this you idiot! !!! You are gonna spend the next ten years flying crates of rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong !!!!
  10. Yes I have frequently had this problem. I have attacked ships on the water which also travelled on the land and later sank into the land when destroyed. It don't do much for the realism of the game, but in my case you just learn to live with it. !!!
  11. Hurricane (Film 2019)

    Well it is certainly on my watch list !!!!!
  12. Midway remake to start filming in September

    Without a doubt the best movie, and honestly the only real contender on this subject. Still watch it sometimes, and it gets me going when the Japanese flight chief gives the order to start engines early on the Sunday morning, and you see the pilot switch that big radial engine on. They were about to make history and change the perception of many Admirals who believed the the plane was inferior to the Battleship. On that day the carrier based plane became more important than the Battleship because it could now deliver a blow against an enemy who may well be more than a hundred miles away.!!!!
  13. 55 US Korean War Vets finally Home

    Well even though the boxes just contain remains of US soldiers, at least it is a positive step towards a peaceful solution to the problem of North Korea. Unfortunately there will have to be many, many more steps like this one to end the stalemate.
  14. I am a little suprised as I thought the Su-24 which is a relatively modern aircraft and is fitted with modern air defence systems was quite capable of protecting it'self from anti-aircraft missiles. Obviously not. Was the crew asleep or something.
  15. Robin Williams Show During "Retreat"

    Hmmmm, that was a little bit awkward. Not one of the best ways to remember Robin Williams. R.I.P.

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