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  1. Unidentified

    Has anyone noticed that all or most of the pictures which have been drawn by individuals who have encountered aliens or who have been abducted like Betty and Barney Hill in the United States - show the aliens as bipedal, humanoid in overall appearance with all of the anatomical features like head, nose eyes mouth hands and feet in the same place, with all the major organs contained in a body cavity very much like our own, but with slight variations in overall size and colour of the skin. !!! There is no way that is a coincidence - it has to be part of some kind of cosmic divine plan. It's like all of the races in the universe have been created using the same basic humanoid template as a guide.
  2. Lufhansa Cargo MD-11F flown by two cool women pilots

    It is high time we put them back in the Kitchen where they belong, - after all cooking and cleaning is what they do best !!!!!!!!
  3. Lufhansa Cargo MD-11F flown by two cool women pilots

    My god they are getting into everything now. We should never have let them have the vote.!!!!!
  4. Top Gun 2 Maverick Trailer (Official)

    I was inspired by the first movie especially with those heavier Tomcats going up against the much more nimble and manouverable little A4 Skyhawks in the training sessions at Miramar. I think it will be hard to beat the original movie but I am always ready to watch something new. I would have preferred a sequel to the original movie to be set within the same time frame or perhaps a few years later but we have got to move with the times I suppose. I will certainly watch it when it arrives.
  5. Fiat G.91 Jet in top of a mountain

    I am suprised that they left it there to rot away. Surely it could be fixed up and placed in an aviation museum somewhere.
  6. Just a scary picture

    Graphics are a bit dated. I take it this is an older game.
  7. P-40T Twin WarHawk

    I ain't never seen or heard about this aircraft before. Looks like a real brute.
  8. Another Buff Reactivated...

    It is a testament to its usefulness and power that the B-52 has managed to last so long. The B-52 is a truly awesome aircraft which can travel enormous distances and deliver a massive blow against an enemy position more or less in any part of the world. Hell it's even got a rock band named after it.
  9. F-21 for India?

    To be honest, to some ordinary guy in the street, it looks like a F-16 with bits added on. !!!! Well okay it is an advance on a F-16.
  10. HMS By Jove

    Not sure what to make of this. The ship seems to be neither entirely sail or steam and yet it was a front-line warship.???????
  11. Models are so realistic it is almost unreal !!!!!!!!!! I honestly do not know how these guys do it !!!!!!!!!
  12. By God I wish Team Fusion would create a non-Steam version of this game, I would jump at it straight away.
  13. According to Mission for Today website the next Patch 4.14 might not be too far away. Can't wait for the new content.
  14. Windows 10

    What about IL-2 1946 does this run on Windows 10 ???? I may need to move to Windows 10 in the next year or so when I decide to upgrade my rig with new hardware, and I am thinking it might be a good thing to do it all in one go. Heard so many different stories about IL-2 1946 not working on Windows 10, yet some say it runs okay. Can anybody clarify this issue. !!!
  15. Vietnamese Vietnam air war movie

    Damn good video and stunning graphics. I hope the movie gets dubbed into English and is released over here. I will keep my eye out for this one. !!!

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