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  1. The little Sod needs his bum smacking.
  2. The technical term for this situation is............. we are in deep shit.!!!!
  3. By then it will probably be too late to do anything. Boom.!!!! Goodbye!!!!
  4. The MIG-31s used for missile trials in the video are a little old by today's standards but still they are still one hell of a Soviet beast.
  5. I take it that this missile if and when fired at an enemy, is as stated in the video virtually immune and can't be intercepted at such a speed high. Another head-ache for the Americans and NATO in general.
  6. B-17 Waist Gunner Training Video USAAF Cool as hell.

    I have got a copy of a black and white US training video entitled Flying the F4U Corsair (1944). It appears to be a really complicated machine to set up and fly correctly. But I guess you have to take into account that it was one of the most advanced US fighters to be produced at the time the video was made. It has been digitally restored and is available to watch on You Tube !
  7. USS Lexington found

    It should be respected and left alone without interference, many sailors and airmen died protecting the LEX.
  8. Hurricane (Film 2019)

    Just love that film, as you say Menrva, real Spitfires and real Hurricanes with an all star cast.
  9. Very nice aircraft and a decent skin as well. I am glad to see that Combat Ace members are still producing aircraft for SF 1 series users like myself. Wish we had a lot more. !!
  10. Hurricane (Film 2019)

    Yes I am definitely going to watch this one. Heard about it on the internet some time ago and it looks just as good as Battle of Britain (1969).
  11. LAPD Air Support Ride Along

    Interesting job for a cop and you get a good birds-eye view of the city, whereas I am stuck inside a lousy freezer building all day driving a pallet truck for a living. I think the airborne cops have got a better job than mine. !!
  12. this as to stop

    I don't agree with guns at all but I can see the argument for and against them. I would hope that all of us here at Combat Ace are wise enough and adult enough not to try to shut down someonelse's thoughts and ideas by asking the admin staff to ban their arguments or censor their views in their posts. This is of course providing they are not extremist and do not advocate violence towards others. !!!
  13. this as to stop

    Things like this will always happen. !!!! It will continue as long as there are issues which need to be debated and some people who do not want to debate issues like gun laws. We all have different views and some want to discuss them openly whilst others can't see the others viewpoint and simply try to shut down any argument by censorship............. It's not fair but it happens. !!
  14. Anyone care to produce a YAK-130 fighter for SF1..........??? Something relatively new from the venerable Yakovlev stable. Would have uploaded a picture / photo but can't seem to find a decent size one.
  15. So what shows are you hooked on?

    Hmmmm.................... interesting looks like it is based in reality yet appears futuristic but, plausible. There is always something new coming around the corner.

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