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  1. Well I don.t know who did the skin for the A-4 in the screenshots, but it looks damn good to me.
  2. I think that we have all encountered defeat at some stage with a Mod or something beachav8r. So I know how it feels. I speak personally of having tried unsuccessfully to get Soviet APEX missiles and French Matra R530 Air to Air missiles to show up in the SF1 Series game Wings over Europe even though they are present in the WEAPONDATA file and I can see the files and the skins. They don't appear in the loadout menu and I just can't get them to load-up onto an aircraft. I have made every possible alteration I can think of to get them to appear but they just don't. So sadly I just gave up.
  3. The Captain knows best

    More news on the Camel......................he has just been offered a part in the new TOP GUN movie starring alongside Tom Cruise. !!!!!
  4. Top Gun Maverick

    Blimey he looks well knackered, I can't see them strapping him into a F-18 without putting incontinence pants (nappies) on him first. !!! Now I can see why he has not been playing lead roles in many blockbuster movies for a while. You can't fight time and old age, no matter who you are or how much money you've got. !!! Sad really, I thought he was a good actor in his day but unfortunately the grim reaper is catching up with him, as he is with all of us who are over the hill and heading for the door.
  5. RNoAF Starfighter in air again.

    It is basically a frigging massive jet engine with a couple of ridiculously small wings stuck on the sides to make it look like a plane rather than a rocket. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Top Gun Maverick

    Let's wait and see................. could be good............or could be crap. I will certainly watch it once, and if it's any good I may even buy the DVD.
  7. Top Gun Maverick

    OH yes.......... loved the flight scenes in TOP GUN, throwing those F-14's around like the A-4's they were up against at Miramar was very inspiring, even though it was just a Hollywood movie. Unfortunately the dialogue in the movie was a bit naff. Errrr......I think I will just take a shower.!!!!!!
  8. I take it that DAT is a selfish, childish individual if he is willing to do that and deny others the pleasure of using these mods. What's up with him anyway, what prompted him to take such drastic action. ???
  9. I see from the above posts that DAT has removed some of his warships from Combat Ace altogether, no wonder I could not find them.!!!! Just a quick question, does anyone still make ships for use in SF 1 series games to replace those lost or make completely new classes of ships. ??? It would be a shame if what we have in the downloads section is the final list. !!!!
  10. Okay fair enough, I personally find it more interesting if the ships are out on the open sea, occasionally changing direction and you have to chase them down in the Anti-Ship mission scenario, but okay if you prefer the ships to be sitting around in the harbour in a Strike scenario then so be it. You have mentioned a number of ships which you say are in the Kamchatka map, and I agree with you I have never seen any of them appearing in the harbours on that map before except for the Sumner FRAM Class II Destroyer, and the standard Cargo Ship and Tanker. I am intrigued by the ships which you have listed which do not appear in the downloads section here at Combat Ace, so I am going to take a good look at that map right now. By the way I would not bother with Aircraft Carriers as targets, apparently they do not sink. !!!!!
  11. I have recently added a couple of warships to my Strike Fighters series 1 game and they now appear as targets in the Anti-Ship missions along with the standard Cargo Ship and Standard Tanker which are already in the game. I have added about 7 Soviet warships and a few allied ships and everyone of them has turned up in the game so far. I have had to edit the data ini file and replace the term WARSHIP as the ship type with the term CARGO_SHIP and they all appear fine. Most of the warships even fire back at me, some with missiles, and even the Subs appear, although they don't fire anything at me. I have even added Tanks to my game which also have appeared in the Combat Air Support missions and they are all fine All the Warships and Tanks which are now in my game are available in the downloads section. Is this what you are aiming to do or are you just wanting to have ships as targets in the Strike mission only. ????
  12. Admiral Lyle Frank Bull 1938-2018

    Admiral Lyle Frank Bull - Added to the list of Heroes in the sky.
  13. The Ta -154 is quite a rare German bird and was called Moskito by the Luftwaffe, but problems with the resin\glue which bonded most of the wooden structural parts of the aircraft together was found to be corrosive, and production was halted after about 50-60 examples made it of the production line. Pity, she has clean lines and looks quite the part for a high speed fighter\ bomber cum Night-Fighter. I am still amazed by the talented modders in the IL-2 community who keep this sim going even after all these years. My thanks to them and of course to all the modders and skinners at this site who do the same thing for Strike Fighters. Cheers to you all.
  14. The Captain knows best

    The question is did the Camel enjoy the experience as much as the Captain did. What happens if it was a male Camel. If it was indeed a male Camel, did he still enjoy the experience as much as the Captain did. Will the Captain be charged with sexual misconduct or harassment by the Camel's lawyer. Was Animal Welfare informed of the incident. Is there any truth in the rumour that the Camel is now in love with the Captain, and that the Camels lawyer has insisted that any misconduct charges against the Captain be dropped. Is it also true that the Camel has now been offered a leading role in an upcoming romantic Hollywood film called 'Love in the Desert Sand', and the Camel's lawyer has infact negotiated a six figure contract payment.
  15. Congratulations!!!

    I could not imagine the relief and sheer joy of those people who were living at that time who were informed that the war was over in Europe, leaving only Japan to deal with. A new world order was on the horizon and the hardships of the past would begin to slowly disappear. Sadly this happiness would not last as the threat of a new war - a Cold War with the Soviet Union would begin to take its place. The development of Atomic fission heralded a new age for mankind and a much higher level of destructive power not dreamt of before, which could very well prove to be the downfall of humanity if used in anger. The power to destroy ourselves was now placed within our own hands. Only the treat of Mutually Assured Destruction by either side has kept the peace over the last 70 odd years. But that could all change in an instant, if international terrorist who are seeking to assemble and detonate an atomic bomb on the home soil of their enemies ever becomes a reality. I dread to think what will happen to humanity if the world experiences this, and humanity plunges into a new age of chaos. Let us hope that this nightmare never becomes a reality. !!!

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