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  1. 40 Years ago : the birth of the Hornet

    It is hard to believe that it took so long to develop this aircraft and get it into front-line service with the US Navy. 40 years that's half a frigging lifetime. !!!!!!!
  2. This game is becoming incredibly real now as a result of these much more detailed models. The modders and skinners who are producing the the various items in the game have moved up to a new level. The maps too are so frigging lifelike. Hats off to you all.
  3. Sir Douglas Bader...

    I think that his anger towards senior officers was born out of frustration, and the extreme desire to get a crack at the enemy in the air. He was a real fighter pilot and did not like the politics and all the red tape that comes with the administration of the RAF by stuffy upper crust officers.
  4. Early Camo for Halberstadt D5

    Very nice sky blue scheme, love it.
  5. Damn, yet another wonderful plane for IL-2 1946 I can't fly because I am not modded. !!!!!!! One day maybee. !!
  6. New Rig

    Blimey I bet that lot cost you a fair packet. !!!! Looks good though and a nice big screen as well !!
  7. New Rig

    I don't know about your cat but mine always goes to sleep in my lap whenever I spend a few hours on the computer. Maybee it is the company or he just wants to be warm and comfortable. You cat has a gorgeous coat, hope you look after him for many years to come. Mine has been in the family for more than ten years now and he is entering his autumn years. Cats can be very comforting, and often seek your attention or just want to drop off to sleep on you, or in your lap. Good luck with your new rig. !!
  8. Now this is a Ceiling Fan

    I think a couple of Hellfire rockets would be just enough to deter a prowler at 02.00 am in the morning or a would-be burglar trying to get into the house through a downstairs window. Set it onto automatic before you go to bed, just like you set your alarm system. If you are suddenly woken in the early hours of the morning to the sound of wwwwhhhooooooooooosh followed by a loud explosion and a lot of screaming then you know the thing has done it's job.
  9. Now this is a Ceiling Fan

    Me too. Does it come with live ammunition to ward off uninvited guests, or intruders ???
  10. Safe Emergency Landing with Traffic on the Road

    Damn good flying, and a cool head too. Wonder if he had run out of fuel ????
  11. As an IL-2 fan I am glad to see that new planes are being generated by Modders / fans and uploaded for use by the wider IL-2 community. I love the game and have spent many hours flying in my favourite planes. This MB-151 is a fairly rare aircraft but it is a fine addition to the game. I hope one day I will be able to take her up for a spin.
  12. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    He looks a bit old and ragged now, but he's still a very good action man. !!
  13. Frigging lovely Screenshots. I downloaded the first one to make into a Desktop.
  14. Landed on the wrong carrier

    It would appear that landing on the wrong carrier is, or was a common practice. Maybe some of them had to do it because they were almost out of fuel or badly damaged and needed to land on the first available, or nearest carrier. !!!
  15. Landed on the wrong carrier

    One thing is certain, when he got back to his own carrier he was heckled by the pilots from his own squadron, and I bet he got a right earful from his C.O.

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