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ANG SLUF Pack- featuring TMF A-7D and A-7K

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ANG SLUF Pack- featuring TMF A-7D and A-7K

This is an updated skinpack to reflect all USAF users of the SLUF after the bicentennial.

Every unit tactical unit is included, as well as the 4450th TG that was a cover for the

F-117A's at Tonopah. Most every scheme by every unit is in here; BUT for some units that had

different tail stripes for different flights rather than squadrons(i.e Puerto Rico), i picked one color and

went with that.



open the main folder, copy and paste into the mod folder of your choice and allow overwrites



-4 diferent A-7D aircraft with one of the different paint schemes as a universal skin. changes

were limited to making 4 aircraft from 2, and adjusting the data.ini for the new droptanks

(A-7D_78TMF, A-7D80TMF, A-7D84TMF, A-7D_87TMF)

-1 A-7K with 4 different skins. droptanks for this are set for green as that is when the bulk

of these aircraft served was the SEA Wrap and Euro 1 era.

-3 sets of droptanks to work with the different A-7D models

- comprhensive decal set including 95 D model serials, 28 K model serials, and markings for

all units that flew in the paint schemes represented

- my expanded squadronlist.ini. helps to keep the tga's in order



Color and Markings #19: A-7 Corsair in USAF Service

Google Images


Thanks to / Credits

The Mirage Factory for the original aircraft.

macelena and Slartibartfast, whiteknight0664 and Muesli for checking this dummies work for errors

Dave, point man for permissions on TMF works

the greater CA community, for putting up with my dumb questions

TK, for the game itself


i hope you enjoy this little mod i put together

Kevin Unruh

aka daddyairplanes


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A superb pack for a fantastic (TMF) model !!!!! :hyper:


I'ld like very much some more two seaters .... TA-7C; TA-7E; TA-7H; TA-7P too.


:biggrin:  :biggrin:  :biggrin:

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