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  1. also observed, you keep spelling terrains as terrians hopefully this is just an empty posting, but if you still have issues after creating a folder in the right location, do check that
  2. Humpday Heavies

    if he doesnt make the $25000, would he settle for a StrikeFighters:Civil?
  3. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    back to Battle Creek after a visit amongst the Vaarks..
  4. Su-17M2 squadrons

    the research for this hobby can be as intense as the modding. have you tried seeing if there are social media pages for the retired Soviet pilots? i have been getting some headway on Facebook with pages for the units that flew particular aircraft in the past, and wonder if there was any Cryllic equivilent
  5. back to the models debate, if he set up a fully functional exporter thats not restricted to Max2009, that would get alot more people making models. Hell, Mue made an exporter for Blender, but it doesnt allow animations iirc and if you are in school or have a kid in school its not hard to get a student license for Max upto three years back (figured that out in 2013 sooooo)
  6. sometimes its easy, and sometimes i want to complain about age test: who likes Styx songs? ok, its Renegade, realized the word is abit small ok gotta stop being silly and let this guy take it over for the evening
  7. as im looking tail should be fine. me thinks its all them individual decals on the fuselage that are gettin the attention of the two Kevins...... if it were mine, i'd put everything that stays the same with the unit (insignia, unit name, safety markings) as one tga, the Buno as another, and nose number as another. that keeps you at 3. also, still make the big one thats the same a level 2 decal (serial numbers). that way if you have say a CAG bird with full color insignia you just have MAIN.tga then MAIN000.tga as the cag bird
  8. indeed. if you have a lot to put on there, make a bigger tga with the bulk of what you are displaying in the same image. you can position it fairly close to center, and make fine tune adjustments within the space of the tga itself. if there is overlapping meshes (one decal goes on fuselage and forwardFuselage) the same position will work for both meshes mytai did this on his Phantoms, and i do it on most of my jumbo projects.
  9. look on the bright side, its stable for modding. if TK released a DLC with air to air refueling tomorrow, there would be 10 minutes of songs of praise and dancing in the streets, followed by 10 days of "it broke my mods" and "i coulda done it better"
  10. now with service out of Washington state... on a related note, after the recent break I'm looking at working on the final years of SAC to get back into modding. BUFFs, Switchblades, early Bones. If anyone wants to assist with the antennea farms via fakepilot Looking Glass and Nightwatch should be in the works too.
  11. I finally tried out the new LOD viewer this morning (its been a rough time lately) and am very impressed. This was excellent for skins and making adjustments without having to fire the game up every time, now thats extended to tga. Especially useful to me and others that work tga based skins (see my airliners or Gepards MiGs for what i mean). it is hard for me to get a spot on view on the nose arts i am working on, however i blame this on the size of the aircraft im working on not the viewer itself. also despite my joke to the contrary, i think i will still fire up the game every serials completed for a true in game look (ok including weapons too), but this gives a good view of the placement (even on far out ends!) and saves a good chunk of time. a huge thank you sir for the work you've done
  12. Nations.ini Question

    as to the nation showing in the drop down, does your aircraft skin folder have a decal for that nation? years ago hgbn i think posted a similar issue and the solution was to have a blank DecalLevel=0 (nation) tga and appropriate mention in the decal.ini. iirc their original issue was that the marking were on skin, and the nation wouldnt pop up in drop down. but the solution might fight from what im reading . blank decal can be name whatever, and 6x6 size, just make sure its labeled for the nation you want, ie whatever233.tga
  13. Still got more of those coming, just very slowed down at the moment. next batch will be G and H from 88-90. and yes it will be huge. are you a member of the B-52 page on FB Ron? lots of good stories and pics on there, and i've gotten alot of help from some former crew chiefs hunting down nose arts and eras (some are even gonna be included in the appropriate spots on these finished birds)
  14. i second the civil airport, although static airliners will need to be at the gates lemme know when you get that far and need some skinned up!

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