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  1. theres been worse qualified stand ins......
  2. Another WIP

    i thank you for that, and always welcome the newer stuff that zonks need of his. unfortuneatly the one positive his site has is multitude of things we dont have (anyone working some Victors, Valiants or Connies?) ya know, be a shame 3-4 dozen Wix sites popped up, refugees of crapuns. with full acknowledgement of who "created" it, and not charging a thing (wix.com so it doesnt cost either). after all, those terms and conditions are meant to keep compliance so you keep access. after banning, seems you basically have some Grateful Dead concert bootlegs and wtf is with him reinventing the wheel, with so many birds lately that either have been done here or are stock? note to Admin staff: this is mainly pre coffee grumbling. the revolution hasnt begun
  3. to throw a few pennies in the pot i was under the impression that most skin only no model available DAT add ons were identified in the skins sections. in fact, for a long time an asterix (*) signified this. we have gotten away from that over the last couple of years. but even as recent as a few weeks ago we have alot of skins here for DAT products (oh the disappointment when looking up V bombers!) despite the problems of many modders here at CA, there are many who somehow maintain a working relationship there and can get from both sites. the reason i would say to allow it here is that it allows us to have some eyes on whats up and if we have a non DAT model in development here, that modder would be a help to the one making it anew. not saying nothin as a fan of over there, just look at my signature (awaiting release on volume 3!) but the total isolation, if we arent gonna do something about our stuff thats over there, is riduculous. unless folks are throwing legal fees, leave whats on, on. the folks who pay the bills decide what happens on their sites (the other golden rule i quote to my teenagers soo much now)
  4. and a better (re easier) medium for more to practice their references
  5. youse gots alot of other tings to finish dontchya? JohnLewis here you go https://www.gimp.org/
  6. yes i (likely speaking for the rest) thinks its awesome enough working with historical nose arts on the big boys, i've been having to either recreate some things from near scratch, pull from totally seperate sources(typically on being told it was from album cover art) or trace over very blown up original and redo (ok thats probably near scratch too) personally, i think i can sorta tell where theres a join of the two parts in the displayed tga, and not at all in game screenie (which is the ultimate goal).
  7. MITO: Pease AFB

    https://theaviationgeekclub.com/former-kc-135-pilot-explains-how-a-typical-tanker-fb-111-minimum-interval-takeoff-mito-took-place/?fbclid=IwAR34lxPuVbiM2fu7tTrRq6ACbb8Aec4gqrG_m8PcYDaAGWRt0L5x-acxvrs pretty good article, with a good video at the end
  8. while i wasnt at Bastion, that brings back memories. the tents, AC units, and t barriers are pretty common to anyone whose gone to that place called Southwest Asia and while at Kandahar, i liked to hang out on the Brit side more than the US. often cheaper stuff; smokes at the NAAFI, coffee at that shop and gettin pies and Irn Bru at Heroes. pretty good stories too once the guys figured out they didnt have to behave round this Yank better sense of humor than the folks AAFES brought in too. a funny memory of the year was buying cigarettes at the NAAFI (Brit PX). NOTE: European cigarette warning labels do not say "The Surgeon General says...." but rather "SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU" so, my clerk at the register asks me if i want SMOKING IS BAD FOR THE SKIN or SMOKERS DIE YOUNGER the thing you find funny some days. and i picked die younger.
  9. not sure too many are working on Sea Kings right now if you have Photoshop (or picked up GIMP for free) we would be glad to talk you through creating one yourself though. everyones gotta start somewhere
  10. bumpin this back as im on a slight pause with SAC and ANG Bones while i get some research done on McConnell my thoughts on this, units:a repurposed 85 Wing (Southern Bomber Command rather than Air Lift Group) featuring No 12 and No 460 or 467 Sqns. 460 is currently an intel unit, but with the return of 4 engined bombers i think it would get renamed and the historically signifigant unit resume flying bombers. No 12 was part of the original 85 Wing as they were gearing up for Japan in mid 1945. me thinks an RAAF getting Bones in the late 2010s would be more nostalgic than one gettin them in the 90s Serials: while Spinners features A43 series, it was allocated to RQ-7 drones. A55 is not allocated (as of 2019) and the last 3 digits could simply be the last 3 of USAF serial like with the Pigs. how many are we envisioning transferring and when? tail markings: maybe a kangaroo with a cruise missile silohuette? skin would be all grey unless your telling me they got em before 95 JosefK, will let you do load outs and any localized radar or EW work, though will try to get exhuast edits to ya as soon as i have them on the _86. as it is currently, just isnt as spectacular as on the real thing or even videos of such
  11. i thought you got the 50% if you had the 5 original games, not if you also had half the DLCs
  12. Decals

    a laugh and a thanks (for all the advice you give the community at large) jarek
  13. these are some squadron patches, it esp looks similar in coloring to the second (a bit bluer) found this pic of the same shot, seems a little clearer but the snake is still kind of small when box selected
  14. Guessin the pic to be pre ODS, would say 1LT Karen Walden

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