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  1. looks good (better than i can likely hope to do)
  2. win 7 or 10? if 10 did you try the compatability mode? (anyone chime in as i cant remember exactly how it works, just that some folks have had to do it before)
  3. who let the dogs out.... city mouse, country mouse and then theres if ya mad about all the BUFF pics, dont be a little
  4. but will it be available for Gen1? thank you sir, and looking forward to the plethora of early NATO skins from the European air arms
  5. odd visitors at RAF Fairford...
  6. Rolling Thunder off the water in Ireland...
  7. gettin tired now me thinks its
  8. sorry for late reply Stratos, theres stuff in the works in a group PM right now. not trying to weigh in on the 5 Ws, just tryin to work things w/o drama progress is slow on this, but is going bit by bit. we'll get there possibly sooner than the Fitters (just teasin you all Team Sukhoi!)
  9. um, what did i miss? not sure what happened to need an apology, the one post i made on one of your threads was just to point out a fact that isnt actually apparent to all. you seemed to have picked up on it, so no worries.
  10. he then also realized that the one tone grey scheme on the G was darker in 1991 than in later years on the H......
  11. in working on the tankers, i talked a bit to the Grissom Air Museum in Indiana. quite a bit of their focus was on Hustler operations
  12. You may wish to mention what your skill sets are in modding as to your help. it is deduced from the language in the post that modelling is not amongst those skills as otherwise you would have posted WIP shots good luck on this project, but as with all things that which you do not do yourself depends on the time and interest of the others
  13. and then he realized that there was two variations on the Strategic scheme, with one a little more reddish brown esp. on the top.......

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