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  1. Yup. Win10, Nvidia card (seems Im lucky), no issues.
  2. memphis belle my ***, this one acted my like a strawberry.......... oh nevermind. one good image to work from, color change up, image reversal for other side and perspective change by yours truly and the source material, best pic (of either side) out of a dozen
  3. Swedish underground bases would be cool as well. My suggestion though (as always) is for dual use airfields Although Kandahar would be interesting too. You can model the shape of one certain feature, but you will be a master if you can simulate the smell
  4. Thunder Thursday

    IT"S..... ok yall... . and a random heavy, just because me and the outer fringes of the thread rules
  5. let me remind you that this is a family oriented site
  6. i see both sides of that coin to paraphrase Bob Ross, theres no mistakes its the modders world buuuut as a alt history/counterfactual fan one should make the minimum changes possible in the revised scenario I see this as a good alternative to buying American, esp. after the scandal surrounding the Starfighter purchase
  7. doublin down on yakarovs response, if you save the gimp file from making the first few decals you can also save the font you use. B-52s as example, i have a tailNum xcf (GIMP file, like a Photoshop psd) and to make a new serial just go to the text layer, then backspace rather than delete the whole thing. if you place the cursor within the text layer at teh end or in between numbers, it will keep the exact previous format. that way, i only have to change two digits to get 78912 from 78908 and the color, size, and font are the same as before notice the placement of the cursor in the second one. one click and its back to teh settings first created in December and play with the transparency for best effect. on a high contrast skin 90% is good, for mostly green/gray skins (like Strategic Scheme or European 1) i use around 55-60% as they were harder to see. full 100% opacity tends to leave a white line around dark edges of the decal finally, @Wrench only 10000? i'd think more towards a million
  8. i would have to say IRL, unless someones been heavily messing with the inis but if that were the case i think AAR would be instituted before getting rid of fuel in game
  9. very interesting! i always imagined the immediate post WWII period as Dhimar recieving American and British planes as thanks for support, while Paran bought up German birds as "scrap"
  10. to answer specifically about mission editor, there is a DLC mission editor available at the TW store or it comes with the SF2 Europe expansion pack (if budget allows i recommend going with the Expansion pack instead of just the editor) an theres a few of us around still workin with this old girl, plus plenty of previous content for much of what you could imagine. welcome to the party
  11. the end run isnt too bad and quite a bit of fun once you set everything up and make a template that lines up with everything. getting that template lined up and established is the frustrating part, esp. as tga still needs the game fired up to be checked

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