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  1. wheres the VNAF birds? that would make the history of New Zealands air force very interesting, as the aircraft that departed to neighboring countries could then offer them (super cheap. not free im sure) to the RZNAF. the airframe hours being spread as well as the extra airframes to pull spares from could likely extend the service life out past 92
  2. ok gotcha. on the one hand it would be nice to see decal placement in the LOD viewer. on the other hand i might never fly the sim again if that happened!
  3. so why arent you using mues LOD viewer then? for tga i understand but skins you merely have to save the skin and hit the refresh button in the viewer. Poof, instant view of progress
  4. yeah, it does now after checking it out again. i know thats what should happen so I named all the images after the appropriate line in the aircraft inis. for some reason it didnt work 3 (shocked when i saw that) years ago. it does today, so a little touch up and another small present is on its way this weekend. got reminded of it looking at Menrva's retro SF1 menus thank you for the reply
  5. Did a project a few years back for real pics for the stock loading screens instead of the ingame screenie of a Phantom. named them after what it was in the aircrafts ini and placed in the folders. but it didnt work. got distracted by other things at the time so question is, should it work with the stock name given to the jpgs (ie A-4B_65_LoadingScreen.jpg) or should I rename the file and add a corrected aircraft ini? not hard if the second option, just long and tedious across every. stock. plane. there is!
  6. i just realized.... this game has been around long enough to have retro styling! looking forward to it Menrva, makes me want to dust off my loading screen project..
  7. wild guess: you dont have the max file to pass on ....
  8. well, think of it like if Erik shut this site down. he isnt under any obligation to make an announcement (especially given how many use it for free) but Erik would, giving the reasons if it were in his power to do so. but especially for the recent purchase folks an announcement, even to the tune of you got three days get your stuff or lose it, should be made. honestly, how many of us have thought "he's gone and yanked it finally" when the store and download sections went down the last couple of times. not expecting forever service, just an announcement to more than his dining room wall when it is over. as to local copy, you'd better. thats just good backing up practice
  9. just access to previous purchases, or an announcement that he's shutting it down. the hiccups with the store and download section lately are troubling....
  10. in a conflict like what you are describing, those two would be evacuated anyhow, at least to Tinker in Oklahoma and more likely to a mix of Castle (California), McConnel (Kansas), and Blytheville/Eaker (Arkansas). Out of red tac air range but still somewhat close to the fight. Barksdale is a question mark but i think the Louisiana Air Guard would get federalized and begin a CAP rather than just a 5 minute alert. Same goes for Texas Air Guard in this scenario. Jets to be used depends on when you set the action up for (F-102, F-4C or F-15/F-16)
  11. No Dyess or Carswell (now Fort Worth JRB)? Where will the Buffs and Bones stay? seriously tho, looking good. and if you added the above bases it would be a very good reason for a Soviet backed invasion and for the USSR to give such support to put a threat closer to major SAC bases. Cuba 62 without the nukes or Russians in uniform........ and yes i see now it would probably be at the edge of the map
  12. Please bear in mind that swamp gas should be uploaded in the Effects Mods part of the SF2 DL section looks awesome tho. whats the secret on the green man in the light?
  13. while many are interested in the Tomcat, the ones who have done the most as far as mods are pretty busy IRL now. however, Gimp and the tutorials posted here are free. only needs the time spent on makin em (stares back at ya.....)
  14. ThirdWire Store

    sorry to hear that. you can try Facebook message as well. good luck!
  15. ThirdWire Store

    Its back up gents. through site or emailed link

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