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  1. it'll be here soon, i swear. just getting some professional help right now
  2. abit but not the longest out there by a long shot
  3. no worries on that, RL is picking up abit for me and the time for modding will be cut down (even if the "ooh i wanna do this" doesnt) i was actually more worried you'd say "looks simple" and try to tackle it now
  4. Remind you of anything?

    going with the google search, given how many posts (including DoD) use Russian equipment as photos in posts about American military im more amused than mad. at least this guy said "wow, A-10s and Desert Storm logos!" when selecting pics. the text of the post was about a DFC awarded mission providing cover for a pilot rescue attempt
  5. Remind you of anything?

    one of todays posts from the USAF Historical Foundation https://www.facebook.com/AFHISTFOUND/photos/a.245982302480861/1280039992408415
  6. long term request (several months away, not now I mean it! ) AGM-28 Hound Dog. the current one's mapping wont allow for the camo that was present from early 70s to retirement in 1978 (although not actively deployed past mid 1975) but i mean it when i say please consider adding to the bottom of the list for now
  7. Scooters

    and i thought 28 skins, 55 unique tgas per was a workload!
  8. well rivets and panel lines are generally speaking geometric shapes and easy to upscale to a degree. always best to get a library of very large source pics on stencils and unit markings. TV lies when it claims the computer expert can blow up something tiny and make it presentable what ever the software
  9. didnt even realize that, although makes sense. the capability had to be there to get realized in mods. again, i did a search of what i could think of that might have it and came up dry before asking did look in the knowledge base first, did not see mention in either thread on custom loadouts about dates. added a post bringing it up. waiting on moderator approval (nudge nudge other Kevin )
  10. Spain approves Eurofighter buy, upgrades

    in defense spending, common sense is 20 places below the lowest consideration. whatever the brass and pols may say
  11. Custom loadouts

    so to add (since i couldnt find this in here earlier) you can also set default start dates for the loadouts. say for when different weapons were used. example below Strike<-------------------------------------------------------------- original Loadout[01].WeaponType=Mk15 Loadout[01].Quantity=1 Strike_61 <-------------------------------------------------------------- original StartDefaultDate=1961 <----------------------------------------- the first line in red sets the starting date DefaultFor=STRIKE <--------------------------------------------- the second line in red will make this loadout the default for what ever stock mission you need. in this case STRIKE Loadout[01].WeaponType=MK39_3M Loadout[01].Quantity=1 also remember to add square brackets to your mission types, Strike and Strike_61 in this example. adding in the post seems to strike out the text after adding like so
  12. thank you. that post did point me back out to the exact phrasing i need. you know i thought i had done that. but looked up my copy (G_89), not the one in ODS (G_90). just getting older and have a bit on plate is all and i know about the search bar. i've ignored it for years . but seriously, did look in knowledge base and a couple mods i thought had it before posting. knowledge base doesnt have this entry, will see if i can get it added
  13. ok, so i know you can create seperate entries to represent different years like Strike_61 vs but can we put a default start date in like with the skins. something that might look like Strike Loadout[01].WeaponType=MK15 Loadout[01].Quantity=1 [Strike_61] SetDefaultStartDate=1961<--------------------------------------- this or something similar Loadout[01].WeaponType=MK39_3M Loadout[01].Quantity=1 am i in the right ball park, or thinking of something left field enough to not work?
  14. Need Help

    yes. options and version ini's stay in a mod folder within the SavedGames/Thirdwire folder. in the options ini, type in the file path you want the actual mods to go to. do not put the above mentioned ini's in the folder that you actually keep the mods in
  15. pre Mk80 series bombs

    ok everyone, i have spoken with Ravenclaw on 2000lb AN-M66's. no joy there for now, is there anything else newer out there (would hope there is since we do have multiple WW2 bombers on hand)

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