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  1. Special Report: 16 Jan 1991

  2. 17January1991 somewhere in Southwest Asia note operations commenced locally on the 17th, but still the 16th in the US
  3. normally i believe rolling radius has something to do with this. [NoseGear] SystemType=LANDING_GEAR .... .... RollingRadius=0.41 CastoringWheel=TRUE CastoringNodeName=NLGCastor but in your case, wait until the ramp concrete has set before parking seriously though, someone else will likely chime in with better info. but i recall this for minorly sunken tires, and iirc even to fix helos blowing up at mission start.
  4. GKABS, while it seems a pain i do ask that you reconsider on the cockpit windows. there are some amongst us (more than just me ) that like flying the big birds in game. to paraphrase someone in another thread, "sometimes its more fun trying to do you mission and avoid the defenses than blasting away". the regular windows i would understand and they can paint in without immersion loss. but a painted in cockpit window is a bit much, even for an AI only plane. that said, will you be doing a CFM powered version also? that brings in several other aircraft like the E-6, and Boeing iirc was doing that for most foriegn customers after the Saudis requested it on their E-3s, and KE-3s (which is a tanker based on the 707-320 airframe rather than the KC-135)
  5. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    Doin time in in the Med with the World Famous Pukin Dogs now i just wanted some pics. but this guy wanted to act like the Arab Red Baron i go to close in again, and suddenly my wingman calls Fox 1 so i figured it was a good time to break away
  6. just some cool in game shots while checking....
  7. James, as gp advice ultimately you should get all of them as each contributes a little something to the experience. but i understand budgets too, it took me about 4 years or so to get to full 5+2 merged (5 games and 2 expansion packs). taht said, get what is most interesting to you by era or need first, then the others as able. but then above and beyond the stock games is the thousands of mods here, and the ability to make your own if you dont like what you see.
  8. i've seen that somewhere before..... but pretty sure you all havent seen this be awfully nice if they were on the way to Sarejevo (hint hint nudge nudge)
  9. trim and peek, trim and peek.............. thank you (for the millionth time) Mue! can be a pain with only oblique shots of the top......
  10. dont know if we have a AIM-92 Stinger (most likely with Apache if we do), but that would be a better fit than Sidewinder mandatory screenies, but didnt you have something similar working? (i dont mean the prop jobs )
  11. C-130s Around the World: Euro Herks in the 80s Volume 1

    thank you! admittedly, the J is outside the range of interest for me (1972-1996 timeframe) but the -30 was already on the to do list
  12. the particular airframe appears to be privately owned. as such some license may have been taken with markings (if the camo wasnt a clue) the bit about 106 Sqn IDFAF logo adds questions, not answers as the pic is a good match for a modern, clean version of that .

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