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  1. just caught this message, will check it against pics from above later, currently going nuts trying to line up a curve on a Fuerza Aerea Argentina 707 for someone. big difference IIRC between the Forrestals and Kitty Hawks (which were originally billed as improved Forrestals) was placement of elevators. every carrier in a class is a little different as improvements on the last one are incorporated, but nothing as big as putting the elevators in a different position!
  2. there is a squadron list in the core files. some mods (including my older ones) have them to add new units. there are many of them out there floating about personally i think mine are the best (and not just because I made them!) because i discovered you can leave entries blank, and add in units all the way up to 2999 (possibly higher, haven't tested higher than taht tho). stock has around 214(?) units. myself and Homefries added probably about 500 more units to that, and the newest versions have blank groups of slots waiting for anything from WW2 units (hmmm hey Wrench) to Ace Combat squadrons. if you use mine, just run it by me so i can update it. but with my current projects it hasnt been needed. if a mod requires it, it should have it ready to go. if its not in one already, it goes in the PilotData folder of the overall mod folder. if a mod doesn't require it, don't worry about it
  3. almost. as i am sure is covered in the knowledge base... object folders (the aircraft, decals, weapons, pilots) will go into the above plus\Objects. this should make it appear in game. they will not show up if outside the objects folder better functionality will occur for the things like effects, sounds etc will go in their respective folders (FLight, Terrains, Sounds etc) these folders go into the overall mod folder (the file path you wrote above) most modders i have observed the last few years set things up so that you unzip the file (you did remember to do that right?) then open the folder and drop everything into the overall mod folder. example: my recently released JSTARS had objects folder, wtih the aircraft and decals inside. it also had a sound folder, with the proper sounds . After unzipping all could be dropped in as you asked because the aircraft was already in a objects folder HOWEVER, you have to pay attention esp to some of hte older mods. not everyone does what i described. so if the things are not already in a objects folder and hanging out loose in the overall mod folder, it will not show. hopefully the level of specificity you were needing to get it to work. Question for you: is there a specific mod that is giving you a fit or is it all mods?
  4. ok, i gotta ask: why? iirc, there was talk of putting a non afterburning F404 in some Scooters for the Adversary roles, and it would have taken them a little past M1 because of thrust to weight ratio. but IRL intakes are not set up for much past that, and it would run out of gas right about the time it hit top speed, or would hit that speed with enough gas bags to fly awhile the data could be edited, but as one of the historical purists here, Ed Heinemann didnt make a naval ME163.
  5. not just Cats, but World Famous Pukin Dogs mandatory screenie( or oh no you did not shoot that green sh t at me)
  6. are you using the LOD viewer? the radome is in the upper left hand corner of the texture if your going nearly to the tip for mine, its tga based, but the edge of the tga doesnt reach the end of the nose. my decals with curved stripes like that one reach a little short of actual postion. not totally accurate, but save from wheel reinvention ver 9.85.0235 if you catch me drift also, a pic i've been using to make the "Boeing 707" logo. its huge, but things always look better to scale down than up, and provides it in the appropriate font
  7. sorry all, thought i had uploaded this already. will be about two weeks (actual not modder speak) til i get ground vehicles and SAMs out there, RL is keeping me hopping as well as trying to get a project wrapped that was already in progress when i started this post. those in the PM, will pass actual game files there, reference info like these spreadsheets out in the clear as below here is the ships that are in mod/available here (or at DAT grrr)/ not available. generated the list of participants first, then if they were represented in game or not ODS ships.xlsx many types, esp support and amphibs missing, and this doesnt go through the mega installs already out there, only ODS so far. big loss is the Forrestals; while the Kitty Hawks are upgraded Forrestals they also are laid out different, so not as good to just say "hey its CV-60!" but if a non-DAT Forrestal isnt in the works anywhere, thats what may have to happen
  8. ah thats what it was. I remembered that the Brits had intercepted a 707 and escorted it away. I did not remember that it was FAA, and so figured it was Aerolineas pressed into service still, wouldnt be too hard to put all birds into one skin...... just want to finish E70s tga batch real quick first as to understanding, this was where you lost me " I believe the one of the TC91 and I believe that it is in the citium for its discharge ".
  9. could you guys use these? skins are tga as my usual method, and the curves on the tail of hte newer scheme were a Major PITA. but if you had serial nums and info on any older paint schemes flying in 1982, could whip up a shkin for it. also which were cargo and which were passenger (newer scheme has cargo door per reference material, and older scheme w/o cargo door) now, whats up with that Puma that keeps popping up?
  10. this is the original skin this is the new tga new circa 1971 any questions
  11. not in the Intruder pack, he made a whole separate one for the Prowler
  12. it's good to know....... something special's in the air
  13. will this just be the A model, or later models too with out that 20mm stinger? mandatory screenshot
  14. more things seen while spot checking and the hex value of silver is C0C0C0. now you know.

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