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  1. how many other modders out there, get deep into a project (or even release), just to find a more detailed reference on what youre working on? or so thats what the yellow squiggles in the Jersey tail are
  2. it happens. thats why you saved constantly, and throw away nothing
  3. this week on StrikeTankers2, obscure units lost to history (or at least the 70s) just moved to Beale AFB after a long stint at Wright Patterson is the 17th Bomb Wing and out of Kinchloe AFB we have the 449th Bomb Wing two last minute additions to SAC decals for the 70s. nice thing is i could just add them and the 301st BW at the tag end of the 80s decals rather than copying a folder to the tune of a few hundred more tga in the pack
  4. question 1: could some of those either consolidated into one or been put on the skin? statement two: its your world, put it where you like. observation 3: make the 000 and 001 Modexs (nose numbers) colorful, they are usually the CAG and squadron commander birds and the ones that are fancy. do the rest subdued.if you make the squadron markings level 2 decals, and have the main unnumbered decal subdued, then you only have to make two more that are colorful (same with insignia) otherwise very nice!
  5. would you believe its almost the original J57 exhaust? simply modified by upping the particle life time to 120 seconds and visible distance to 17000 meters. sounds like alot, but the old pics and vids show them things to be smoky mandatory screenie
  6. twas a typical lazy day, at any given airfield...
  7. saw one over Grafenwhoer once, although not as many Brit planes operating in Germany at the turn of the century. also happened to be outside when one burned in on takeoff at Kandahar (pilots punched out, saw his buddy take off then heard something off and saw two chutes very shortly after.) time moves on, but till depressing to see how many planes I grew up watching and observed (or flew on) after joining the Army are now retired. F-4s over DC. Tomcats, Skyhawks, Starlifter, Jaguars, Mirage F-1s. I remember seeing the "new" VC-25Bs, and now they are due for replacement too!
  8. legally implies getting it anywhere other than where you got it from. cant speak to your system, but just updated Win10 on my system this week and Crusaders are still present in untouched installs. had to double check as i pulled them and some others from my usual installs for a smaller dropdown list
  9. found the proper J57exhaust! two symbols of an era long gone (that smoky J57 and Eastern Airlines. the tanker will still be truckin a few more decades)
  10. 80s tankers done soon. bulk of unit work is done just gotta tighten up a few things. i expect cards. after all, i cared enough to send the very best
  11. well, you don't. that's the nature of a crash. however; jotting as many parameters as you can prior to pressing "fly" will help pinpoint, and allow you to select things to see what is going wonky
  12. a general bit of advice for you two, as well as all others that do campaign/mission modding would be to jot down features of a mission prior to testing. i dont mean this for fun flights, but rather those in which you are checking out features youve created. this should help pinpoint issues what type of install; what type of mission; aircraft; type of targets; number of targets; what is the target area; noting this info when testing and seeing what is different when it does or doesnt crash can help pinpoint the issue yes, i know its QA/bug hunting 101, but a reminder couldnt hurt
  13. so with all the talk about top gun 2, and my continuing work on tankers, i thought why not combine the two? (evidently the brown stain in the tower officers uniform popped up elsewhere in the sequel)
  14. true and posts get screenshots. hence the phrase mandatory screenshot
  15. Top Gun Maverick

    or a Reservist.

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