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  1. there are several Dhimari skins out there, as well as Parani skins. Spinners also has a squadron unit badge set for the different units. this guy that skins jumbos even made a Dhimari C-17 iirc of course, there is also the classic call to make your own, in which case look for the template for the aircraft in question or again make your own.
  2. F-101A & C VooDoo. SF.2 2019 Redux.

    excellent choice to incorporate both aircraft as 1 esp. when there were no external differences in the two.
  3. looks good, although your destroyed model on the one a/c shelter may be more complete than anything shy of a nuke. an image search on google of "destroyed iraqi aircraft shelters" shows most with a big circular hole, debris blow out from the easiest door for the explosion to breach and scorching inside. the outside tends to look intact or have some slabs/blocks displaced rather than being entirely a flat smoking ruin but this is common of all the building destroyed models in this game (stock and 3d party). in real life (post WW2) there is often a signifigant amount of the building left, much like in Kosovo (around 2000) where the facade was blown off of many buildings but people were living in them still (and even watching Sky News on satellite tv!) with the appearance of an overgrown doll house. just a thought as you continue, but it is really awesome work so far and look forward to whats next
  4. Sukhois

    the quote of the day.....
  5. wicked, i just saw some pics of that on FB earlier this evening! mandatory screenie (tho a day late for a throwback)
  6. Ill Met By Moonlight

    that is awesome
  7. i realized i have goofed with the ini file for the water injection on the B-52Gs for ODS. it was a last minute adjustment that i did not run by the test team in order to prevent conflict with other J57ExhaustEmmiters. FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS DOWNLOADED THE B-52G_89 FOR ODS PRIOR TO 16 JANUARY 2019: add this to your effects folder, it will correct the error and you will experience as close to a water injection takeoff as the game allows Effects.7z FOR EVERYONE WHO DOWNLOADS AFTER 16 JANUARY 2019: the file has been fixed, you will not need this. My apologies to everyone who downloaded previously and needs this fix
  8. early morning 16 January 1991: Storm clouds rolling in from the west....
  9. The only Vulcan action

    cool thing about western militaries is our ability to make it up on the fly to get the job done! (not to bash others, "western forces are what I have personal experience with and even the Polish, Hungarians and Czechs I've dealt with were moving to a more western model at teh time of working with them)
  10. two cent observation, given my prediliction for airliner eye candy the game will load any aircraft in the install, stock or mod. But it does it when it damn well pleases, even if you set parking chance to 100%. also, most spaces are set for stock aircraft, which can lead to bigger planes merging imagine these guys joined at teh waist. it actually happens alot, and i usually pause for my screenies and have to manuever around to get such oddities out of the shot. sorry, for the just explained reason no example shots at this time so when setting up parking spaces, take the dimensions of say a C-5 and assign length and wingspan values for that to any parking spots you want to see large aircraft on. but be forewarned, the game will randomly select something (be it a KC-135 or an A-37) to go there (within the allowed nations) and jury is still out on if a minimum wingspan value would work (there is a maximum wingspan entry in the ini) NOTE: after rereading before posting i realize Menrva was talking about 3d party airfields not aircraft. but the parking info for the ini could still be useful so still posting
  11. also, most stock stuff gets credited to TK if you want to name a person (his show overall) or TW if you wanna keep it general
  12. tonight on ini dancing with the stars, precision adjustments to 4 decimal places (and a random 180 degree rotation to get it to work) or "if the fan blades arent in the model i'll just sticker them in myself!"
  13. meh, they land em without one of the wings. a canopy is nothing! seriously though good news that the crew is ok and bird got down safe
  14. no prob on the links, its one of the things taking some time is the column with link to latest mod

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