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  1. AIM-7 Sparrow

    well, that would explain the better performance of the "Great White Hope" over Iraq , although this is the first i've ever heard of it (and i've been hearing that "120s got their combat debut the last week of Desert Storm" rumor since the mid 90s
  2. Best New Maps

    Menvra's Italy/Southern Europe 1993-2006. https://combatace.com/files/file/17924-italy-southern-europe-1993-2006/ no Star Wars canyons, but not flat like iraq or dhimar either. and very very nice to look at while in italy or over the former yugoslavia
  3. "lead, what the hell is on your speed brake?" F-15C 80-0002, also known as Opus https://www.twz.com/38216/an-eagle-named-opus-the-legend-of-the-air-forces-most-notorious-f-15
  4. i've only been loosely involved there, is it available with the first edition/pack/edit or whatever he's calling the first release of rewritten stuff? if its not, it still may not be a problem
  5. oh i know, and in lodviewer its pretty evident especiall at some distances and angles. in game and in several lighting conditions its pretty hard to tell unless you get very very close. like rivet counting close, not any kind of gameplay close. my last two posts in the main Screenshot thread are from test runs on the first few decals for this creating the decal itself is a little more complicated than the usual. not pick a color and opacity, rather Box with a base color, then black numbers. Make copy from visible and hide the origianl group of layers. Select the base color, then invert selection and delete (eliminates every trace of the black num). Copy that layer. Use bucket fill to change to a lighter color (the color bleeds, but at 200px image size, the bleed adds slight fuzz that eliminates the hard edges and isnt as noticeable as if say a 1024px image). Reduce opacity to ~30%. reduce the dark base copy between 2 and 10% for some variance. Rinse wash and repeat 37 times tonight i wrap up with the unit marked birds. this is wher it'll get a bit more interesting....
  6. back north for a moment so, i am doing serials for PACAF Mod Eagle. where the markings are supposed to be opposite of whatever color theyre on (most of ACC and USAFE ingnored this) but light serials dont do good on dark surfaces so i cut out a box on the mod eagle skin made a box in a decal, and cut the serial number out of the box insert via ini and it dont look too bad
  7. St Louis' finest * * land based, before the Bug and Super Bug fans start chiming in
  8. Gamecocks coming back to roost....
  9. straight from box even for those that recycle great reference for the more stubborn amongst us
  10. ok, real world nit pick time most netting like that is plastic, and melts kinda easy. how do i know? 21 years as an Army cook, with many many moons cooking under the stars. to close to any exhaust (even the fans venting the kitchen) and the net gets burnt up and darkened. so it should be higher over the building. which would be a nightmare to put up, and keep up in any kind of wind. but you want to be properly tactical? the competition is way ahead of you on that i've also eaten at a few of these over the years (yes i mean the truck)
  11. The last one ... ok, not an RF. lets see what i got next week......

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