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  1. to answer the basic first question, yes you can, just extract the ini's as you would for an aircraft modding. something to do with air units in the campaign and campaign data ini's, just wait and we shall both get pounced on as i think its in the knowledge base. dumb question back at ya, if you can run full 5 merged why cant you run NATO Fighters too? suspect he answer back will have to do with hdd space, but otherwise i cant see why the mod would break your system if the game doesnt (esp with NA)
  2. ok, i'm gonna ask it as long as we've had Stratotankers, modders, and SF2 and nobody else has done a Shamu or ADC mod for the tankers? did we really leave it AMC grey all these years? anywho, ODS E models done, moving on to Rs
  3. all specs seem rather good for SF2 as is actually, though older in current computer terms. similar or better than what i got back in 2012 with SF2 specifically in mind at time of purchase i have a newer rig for many things (other games as they get my interest, UDK, and several other things that i should get off my butt and use) but kept my old laptop this time around. only difference iirc is a i5 at around 2.5 - 2.8GHz . works awesome if nothing else is running (like having gimp or PS running while checking decals in game. handled everything well except low level over Iceland. though i mod (and fly when checking) on my xidax, my old pavilion is the simming/backup comp. if you must upgrade, might get a new card first, then eBay off you old one to help finance the next step. but another route might be to clean up the old system to a dedicated sim computer, and use the funds a new one for all other tasks (and light gaming when away). at least in my searches (wife wants a new comp soon) a functional computer is about the same as higher end gaming quality components. last note: in a discussion shortly after i got my new system, i believe it was mentioned that graphics card was best improvement. game is best suited for dual core iirc, and more memory does not equate to more power necessarily. dont remember the thread or who said (it was one of the oldttimers here though), just that it was around late September or early October.
  4. just a friendly reminder.... NKAWTG!
  5. Yankee Air Pirate moving on

    reminds me of a movie where a character names his store "Going out of Business" because it was VERY good for business.....
  6. B-2 Low Altitude Penatrator

    interesting bit of what could have been, esp the pics. CAF team, might wanna take a peek https://theaviationist.com/2016/07/29/take-a-look-at-this-cool-drawing-of-the-northrop-low-altitude-penetrator-concept/
  7. awesome info. i didnt recall getting names when i was looking it up. Kevin, should go without saying but if you wanna use my decals and save some work. have the serials for 4X-FP O, P, W, X,Y and Z in my set. as well as that logo and the white roof and blue stripe as one tga. meanwhile, this thread has gone too long without a screenshot. so, do you like apples?
  8. in my opinion DLC purchase was to support continued PC development; most things are available here as download as well. Most here is better too, especially the skin packs (although i do prefer the TW F-4N over STORMs). given he does not work on PC anymore, i haven't looked at DLC in a long time question i would ask is do you want to support TW, or have cool toys? (answer hint: if you have the budget you can do both)
  9. my readme lists IsraDecal 1:72 IDF B377 Stratofreighter decal set as a info source, cant find my copies of decal sheets or reference from that (it was released 2 years ago). I do still have the Classic Airliners book on the B377 series though that has some serial info on the IDF. as for the other work, that pretty cool. although then i'd need to update the Creek Party ANG tankers
  10. unless your doing some model work i did a skin for this some time back better pic of teh skin and tga work
  11. this thread needs some Boeings
  12. needing longer version actually mate. KC-135 and 720 came at 136 ft long, 707-120 was 145 and later versions 152 ft. Sentry, JSTAR and the TACAMO plane (E-6B) are all between the 145 and 152 mark. if if there's a longer one cool. if not, can still do a reasonable job with the in house 707 (given a new set of clothes of course)
  13. as some may have noticed, i've worked on the Sentry and am working on the Stratotankers, with an eye to do the 707 airliners as well the question (mainly aimed at the oldtimers) is are they all off of the same model, but with appropriate parts added on? or are the E-3 and E-8 a different model (with hopefully more appropriate fuselage cross section)? in researching, the available 707 is based on the 320 model, it is 16 ft longer than the KCs IRL. the closest fit to the KC-135 specs is the Boeing 720 at 136 ft long. the KC-135 fuselage is not really a good fit for any 707 as the fuselage was around 4 ft wider, yet the Sentry and JSTAR were built using 707-300 series airframes.
  14. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    Skyviper, the USAF has announced that they will be short 2000 pilots for FY18. they are even considering calling pilots out of retirement to cover the shortfall (although into the desk jobs that take the younger guys out of the fight iirc). as for enlisted pilots, they are training enlisted aircrew for the drone programs. the pilots (drawn frm the Non Commissioned Officer ranks for the time being) still have to put in some hours in a T-1 trainer to get their wings, but will only be manned a console operationally. For the time being though i believe the wings are considered the same as what the officers earn. both are from the Air Force, they have the problems with the people and culture. Navy/Marines have problems funding spare parts... and as to my signature..... yup. two accounts banned. just took me til recently to post it. but volume 3 is being scripted right now
  15. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    pretty damn funny imo, wondering how many Marine aviators are wondering why they didn't do it first! (while not restricted to them alone, it does seem the crayon munchers have a 75% stake in all Sharpie'd phallic images) sadly, even in a Republican administration the military in general and Navy extremely in particular take a dim view on anything remotely embarassing. i think that pilot will be working for the airlines soon. or maybe switch over to the Air Force (they are hurting for qualified bodies). hopefully the WSO doesn't into too much hot water as he couldn't really do too much about it.

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