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  1. gotta crawl before you walk, walk before you run. looks good and looking forward to future projects from you
  2. what did you not read my signature on the bottom of my posts mandatory screenie, or a little plane for Durasoul
  3. Triangle K goes to war... in an alternate timeline meanwhile at Keflavik....
  4. MIG-21Z Fly

    in freeware that is very true. it is my understanding that yunped is displaying these to attract interest in a for pay aircraft however i dont say that a focus on historical aircraft is better to be judgemental in that case. it's more a matter of knowing your targeted customer base.
  5. MIG-21Z Fly

    MiG-21 is very real. dunno about the bane of western air forces after 1972 though........ squaring off the curves and applying a gray mattish paint job are not, except within the electron traffic. i believe what Paulo is referring to is making something not in game but historical, like a CF-100 or a new A-6 pit or CH-54 (of a better quality than YAP). the fanciful and arcadish is fine. but by observation most of our community likes to get it as close to historical accuracy as the game allows
  6. its already been ongoing a few days. one would think it would move a little faster given holiday shopping season tho (and here i was hoping to pick up First Eagles 2...)
  7. aint nobody got time fo dat seriously though, i usually get a ballpark location from the lodviewer, as most of my projects start with blanking out the main skin in the first place. i say ballpark, as i usually have to tweek some from what i get in the viewer, but i also tend to be goofy and get a measurement AFTER twirling it around to look at the skin. fine tuning i do the old fashioned way: fire up game, make notes, adjust, repeat. remember its a game every 5th adjustment and fly around.
  8. without looking couldnt tell you about the mesh name. however that position seems too far back.-4.2575 is how far left the decal goes out(for a top facing tga),-3.0 is how far back it goes. one should start with 0.0 first then work your way around, and on a fighter size aircraft -3.0 seems rather far back. you may want to scale up as well until you get it better into position, and drop the decalmaxlod to 3 (its my default setting most of the time)
  9. i forgot about those. the best way i help; post what i think is a good idea only to have an expert give a better answer!
  10. down load this, study the entries, adjust as needed for your use. somewhere also is an post about adding smoke to buildings (like powerplant exhaust stacks). that should also have some relevant clues. not sure if one can make a light rotate, but it can be made to blink and the blink rate can vary. best advice until someone else posts
  11. NF-104 tanks?

    no, it was in the wingtip, not wingtank
  12. no can do, the lods for them (SF1 pits) are TW copyrighted and verboten to upload here by community rules and US law. there are threads that mention how to load them i believe, way back in the archives from when SF2 was shiny and new.
  13. i thought we had a pit for the 104, shortly after SF2E came out as to the Intruder, which version? WOV? and slightly off topic, the TW store and DL center is offline again. but at least with a message that they are doing maintenence
  14. hope you all are enjoying this fourth Thursday in November

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