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  1. Last ARIZONA survivor returned to his ship

    fair winds and following seas
  2. me thinks it in the realm of technically possible, but damn hard to execute and often screwing up more than it provides the answer on many things SF2
  3. when you do, AND if anyone does a conversion in blender, a tutorial record of the steps would be useful. could help get some other cooks into the 3d kitchen
  4. the S64 Skycrane could be skin modified into a CH-54 Tarhe, and the Caravelle would go nicely into Tan Son Nhut for Vietnam mods there are several others that would do well to get the aircraft out of Capun or the FB page monopolies and open to all the big question (esp to the 3d guys) is what would need done to convert into SF2? @Wrench you may want to look at this for the WW2 stuff, see if they are versions we dont have or are on verboten sites. ie it says TBF Avenger, you could tell better than me (or most of us) if its a specific version
  5. Thunder Thursday

    Eric, you are obsessed with the Hog dude Did anyone say thunder (ax)? English summer vacation, or how i help beat back Irish communism dooowwn toooowwwnnn.... ok, im done
  6. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    on another edition of two seater tuesday or twice the fun its ladies night, and sure to be a hot one if these birds get angry
  7. Is Any of This Accurate?

    yeah, can vouch for bout everything but the jammer hopefully the earplug case ads go away since i didnt file by Saturdays deadline (we'll see). but dear GAWD they are persistent and annoying the CENTCOM AOR does in fact have a lovely fragrance of diesel fumes and shit. with special varieties such as the Kandahar Airfield Poo Pond. some Vietnam guys i knew say the same so maybe its a deployment thing, but defineatly true through all the finer wars in the Middle East some guys have gone nuts from the malaria meds. some of us trusted our government soo much we took a pill and chucked it in the trash daily (you could get inspected to see if you were taking them) and the burn pits in Balad AB (LSA Anaconda) were regular enough that if it was snowing ash by my CHU, it must be 1715. time to get dinner
  8. yeah scratch earlier comment on the IN, posted from phone and was forgetting about that slight taper on the back end my google comment still stands. ravenclaw, that last pic is the best graphic on the building block quality of the B28 package i've seen in probably over 150 hours now of image hunting nukes
  9. My observation on the IN is that dropping the chute containers ( big cylinder in back) and placing fins on the main body should be workable. It wasnt retarded, and fit in a Thud's bombbay, so not too big. Google searches remind me of a tv show a few years back, loosely based on Delta ( or CAG or whatever theyre called today). At the end of one episode, they said "loosen the kill chain". Vague, loose inputs often seem to get better results than precise inputs. And for those wondering about the episode, they capture, then release one of their own who'd gone rogue. Then watched to see who he contacted, to see who they contacted, to find the actual target.
  10. London Bridge Attack

    hey, i've said capital punishment should be a pay per view event. revenue for the states, and might restore the preventative power of such events (encourage folks to get out of such lifestyle so they arent in a future edition of Friday Night Flickering Lights)
  11. little bump to let you all know this is still going found lindr2's model for the Mk17 15 mt weapon. only able to be carried by the B-36. got it into game, fitted out the B-36 to carry it the SHAPE is actually fairly good. the SIZE needs work, as two of four bomb bays had to be merged together IRL to carry it
  12. get back to you around then, FB-111 should be done and released by then and nukes seems to be a slow burner project. my SAC project involves cleaning up the Euro1 paint job and positioning decals, so not too far off to adjust a decal.ini for the Ozzies. can do the same for the grey scheme that followed as i want to do the ANG Bones too (just not the GWOT active wings) would Aussie humor have them now called Bone B.1?

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