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  1. if the U-2 wins brother. i have a full bag of tgas for it already cant say the same for the others no, that isnt meant to affect the decision. just letting you know if it does win
  2. lemme know if and when it gets to the skinning part. no sense in totally reinventing the wheel on the markings....
  3. dont recall a DAT Dragon Lady. the one here is the much earlier smaller one i have one as well, from a friend of a friend type deal and not for public release. but part of how i came across it was to tweak their skins and do serials as well as tail arts. as for the aircraft, that one could be interesting. the superpods on the wings, the hump on top and even the noses are interchangable. if one were to set it up as recce pod weapons, and the locations as weapon stations you could tailor the aircraft just as in real life
  4. Word of thanks

    there is an exporter for Blender
  5. heres one i just thought of any chance of a U-2R or S making the cut? if so, TR-1 would be a ini edit away, given they were renamed Rs for USAFE use (all renamed R after 91, then renamed S after upgrades mid 90s)
  6. im down for another Boeing. just make an airstair in the back, with a single paratrooper station (50 points to whoever gets it) and could make the fictional Concorde RS1 strategic aircraft along with a Concorde......
  7. that what mission editor is for but some of my favorites mission wise the last couple of years have been to sent interceptors (15s or 16ADFs) to track airliners. we just say they were in trouble and needed an escort and makes for great screenies
  8. any commercial airliner in a warzone wont be neutral. The US gives alot of charter business to companies on condition that in a war time call up a percentage of their fleet and crews will become auxillaries (was used in 90-91 and again in 03). thats passenger and cargo with some converted for medevac. It is officially known as Civil Reserve Airlift Fleet or CRAF. Aeroflot was always a dual entity. a short Google search will show paratroopers loading up on Aeroflot IL-76s. they werent flying first class not sure on other European nations (east or west) but safe to say the airlines would be pressed into service. as i mentioned elsewheres, ther is a BLUE Airliner nation. mainly made to create an airliner formation. wouldn't be too big a stretch to make a RED airliner nation.
  9. check sound settings too. i had an issue with ODS30AE, and the the fix turned out to be in the sound settings I had to change from 24 channel to 32,but not 100% sure and cant reference my install right now as the desktop is still packed away
  10. maybe go less brown. Stratos's second pic actually looks very milky. more whitish tan than brown
  11. i had thought to do a RED_Airline for that sort of thing. but never got around to it also, later thinking on airliners was the Civil Reserve Airlift Fleet. only called up so far for Iraq 90/91 and 03, it would have featured heavily in a real world REFORGER bringing the troops while the cargo birds bring equipment and supplies
  12. im not sure why airliner is neutral i added airliner nations when i made airliners (DC-10, 757, A310, 707) years ago. also added it to the formation ini so that the airliners would fly in a long line "formation". however, the airliner nation should be FRIENDLY, not NEUTRAL.

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