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  1. I know its not friday. but it is 62 years since the phirst phlight today
  2. just curious (apologies if i asked before) do you have a L1011 Tristar hiding in your bag of goodies? askin both as airliner and as the tanker
  3. unfortuneatly you got it the same place this one was gotten you can share everything but the lod i though. just gotta give notice in the release that its a DAT product and need to get the lod there and that does look good btw
  4. Humpday Heavies

    straight out of Shady J (and somewhere in Texas) you know, i said i was gonna keep it to two camo schemes this skin. i lied to myself
  5. arent you backwards in case of a scramble? some more NKAWTG
  6. closest to multiplayer SF2 has come is threads back in the older days of 2013 or 14 where members here would post missions from campaign mods (Op Darius comes to mind). but as far as going out and dogfighting your buddy, its a wish for SF Win10 that wont likely come true (although i'm sure it would be a cash cow TK) to clarify, it was not 2+ people flying and fighting in Op Darius. it was one community member picking say VF-103 in Super Hornets playing the game in their own system, then posting screenshots of how it went to include if they were shot down. rinse wash and repeat across the dozen or so that posted to that thread
  7. its not that the prolific Gimp users dont make this mistake, its that we do about 3-5 times a week and are so used to it that its part of our automatic fix it now checklist
  8. other possible that happened to me is the folder being in the wrong place. to clarify, i now do my development work in a folder on a thumbdrive. allows me to work on laptop or desktop. then i transfer the updated versions to laptop to fly. but sometimes (including this weekend) i forget to transfer. therefore, shows in viewer, not in game dont know that is your issue, but the topic did stand out to me given 30 mins of frustration yesterday! one other Gimp bit of advice, relating to how you export: bmp if you go that route has to be exported in 24 bit (found in advanced options). tga you only have to deselect compression the first time you fire the program up, but so far i've had to select 24bit every time exporting a bmp. just something to throw out there
  9. dont underestimate. big ship, lots of watertight compartments = damn hard to sink thinking American CVA but i thought 14 was a bit few to sink a carrier. besides, could you pick out USS Chicago in those pics?
  10. coming soon

    why dont you just ask for an in house Connie while youre at it mean while back to this, gonna have to look at those sky truck books once again. hopefully there's a few more post service users than Bolivian meat haulers
  11. revisiting an old mod that set me down my current path..... now with nose arts cool thing is, given my fetish for camo as tga, the Shamu can be draped over both the blue and white and the current grey schemes effectively. dont judge the SAC band, still getting things dialed in
  12. i've thought of setting that up for USAF Phantoms (different camos) and USN (weathering) it would be a challenge that im not rushing to at the moment.................

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