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WINGS: Over Flanders Fields - New Update patch V1.25 released

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1st May 2014:

WINGS: Over Flanders Fields - New Update patch V1.25

Please see the website Downloads section.

If you cannot see the new patch press Ctrl+F5 in your browser to update your browser's cached version of the Download page.

Remember the latest update always INCLUDES all previous fixes and new features. This means after a brand new install or with any previous version installed you just need the latest patch to be fully up to date!

The "History of Changes" link on the Downloads page always contains all the detail for all patch updates released.

Changes for your convenience;

01 May 2014
Ver 1.25 4207.03

1) Air-starting an escort mission sometimes results in aircraft collisions between escorter and escortee
flight - fixed.
2) Bug with Late type DH2 skins fixed.
3) Strutters can now be claimed in 1918 (French Squads used them well into 1918 despite the RFC/RAF
withdrawing them from front line duty end of 1917)
4) Balloon Busting missions: Squadron Flight 'balloon damaged criteria' too stringent and so often the
correct designated balloon was not being credited.
5) Improved assigned mission ground targets criteria for AI kill credit.

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