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In 1958, Finland purchased the Folland Gnat in order to improve their Fighter Capacity. The purchase was not a disaster, but it was not a very good Aircraft and would not survive for long against the numbers of the Soviet Union. As an interim solution, the Swedes who where on the way to dismantle their A 29 and J 29 A-E Aircraft had a lot of aircraft to spare. The Finns signed a deal for the purchase of sixteen aircraft, upgraded to a special H 29 standard in 1959 and delivery begun at once. In what could be interpreted as a violation of the international sanction Finland was under, they trained four times the pilots they would need for while Sweden upgraded Tunnans to H 29 "Ilves" and then kept them in "storage", giving Finland a viable reserve of attack aircraft should war come.


The Aircraft was wired in 1965 to carry the Bullpup Missile and once again in 1974 in order to accommodate the Maverick. Another brilliant solution was the conversation of the rocket rails to IRM Rails, allowing the aircraft to carry up to six IRM missiles.


The Aircraft saw action twice during its long life span; In 1963 a pair of Ilves used their missiles to shoot down a MiG that strafed a Finnish Fishing Boat (The Soviets would afterwards claim that the Fishing Boat had Baltic Refugees on board) and in 1977, A Ilves fired a RB 75 Maverick at a KGB Patrol vessel entering Finnish Waters and refusing to leave, after firing upon a Finnish Patrol Boat.


The Aircraft was retired in 1983.




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The background history are fine, i one moment i believe that its true, until i see the what if forum..... good job !!!!!

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