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  1. Maybe add a the Phoenix in the bombay with a rotary launcher libe B-1B???
  2. If it works, do not ask or touch it
  3. Congrats, its a honor enjoys your work
  4. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Prueba a reinstalar los controladores por defecto y probarlos antes de actualizar, creo que ha habido problemas con algunos controladores en el foro, a ver si hay suerte.
  5. feliz navidad

    Muchas gracias Lobo!!!! Que tengan una feliz navidad y que el 2018 sea magnifico para todos, un fuerte abrazo compañeros!!!
  6. Can you pass me the desertstorm.ini and the desertstorm_data.ini.....i
  7. check the Saudi air force in the nations.ini I have campaigns with 10 or more services, usually the fault is typographical, like two repeated numbers or skip any
  8. Open the options.ini of your the original mod folder, and in the last part you can change it (in my pc the default mod folder is in C:\Users\Hans_Topp\Saved Games\ThirdWire) [Mods] ModsEnabled=TRUE Directory=C:\Juegos\Strike Fighters 2\Moddarius <--------- You can edit and change the mod folder here Editors=StrikeFighters2
  9. First its your health my friend, only with you we enjoy your work
  10. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Ahhh la familia es lo primero....
  11. Cold War Movies

    Red Dawn.....
  12. A400M

    Amazing work, a really interesting plane!!!
  13. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Espectacular torno!!!!! Vaya trabajo que haces!!!!
  14. MISSIONCONTROL.rar weapons update 2.0a.rar

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