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  1. French aircrafts video

    Footage from french film Sky Fighters
  2. Yes Sir, the SCW is interesting about the diversity of planes in use
  3. In Flight of the Intruder book i remenber they had two objetives, one principal and one secundary, but like says troski00 i look the nearest objetive and drop my load
  4. My condolences for his family
  5. As Wrench says it looks like Crimson Skies!!!!!
  6. I suffered this problem, when the target is far (5 miles or more) maybe CTD, near the target always CTD
  7. 2019 Drive

    Two years suscription ready, i hope this will help, thanks for this site Erik!!
  8. Gloster Meteor Mk8???
  9. Maybe Rockwell-MBB X-31 (real plane), F-31 Mustang II for SF World???

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