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Warthunder Ground Forces

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I have tried alternativly WT GF and its a whole different game than WOT. I like both and have to say WOT is more tactical.


My fav tank in WT is the T-50, its fast agile and the gun is ok. The sloped armor protects you from the most guns, but, when you get hit.. you become a onehitwonder.


That tank is so fast that you can drive right behind the enemy, position your gun an turret during you drift to a halt, fock up one tank after the other and than drive away with 3 or more kills in a few seconds.


The german line is done up to the tiger and Panther, but in WT the mediums are the best choice. They have often the same gun as the heavys and you have 2 tanks for a battle. The heavy is only playable once per game. And they are to slow. The fast Panther with the good gun is a joy to play.

Pz IV, when you know where to hit it, you can blow it up with one shot. I have even hit an enemy tiger with my Pz IV in the top plate of the turret and blow it up.. damn that guy was angry :D

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I'm not sure if this is the only War Thunder topic but I was very curious to see if there other members here enjoy playing this game. I have tried WoT long time ago but I don't like the game (battle) interface. I feel its quite arcade. I agree with 76.IAP that WoT is more tactical compared with WT.

For guys who enjoy playing ground forces games/sims I think WT is a must with countless vehicles dating from the 1930's up to modern ones. The player can select different vehicle types such as light/medium/heavy tanks, tank destroyers and anti-aircraft vehicles and even anti-tank missile vehicles on the higher ranks.

It really impresses me that last post for WT was back in 2014... Any other WT fans here?

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