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T-33A Ecole de Chasse Christian Martell

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T-33A Ecole de Chasse Christian Martell

In 1947 on BE 708 "Mézergues" airbase near Meknès (Maroc), the "Centre d'Instruction à la Chasse" (CIC) and the

"Centre de perfectionnement à la chasse" (CPC) formed the new "Ecole de Chasse Christian Martell", dedicated to

a French pilot instructor and WWII hero.

From 1951 were delivered fist jets: T-33A and Vampire. On 1957 arrived the MD-550 Ouragan (done) and later the Fouga Magister (coming).

The Ecole left Maroc on 1961 and went to Tours and became Groupe d'aviation GE 314.


What's in:


- 1 new skin;

- Historical decalset;




- ErikGen for model & temps :clapping:

- http://www.millionmonkeytheater.com/ForgottenJets.html - Serials;

- Paulopanz - Skin & Decals;



- all mod folder content in your mod install

- overwrite


This plane is dedicated to my very friend Pierre (Coupi). :drunks:

That's all




@ paulopanz


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Oh! Many thanks Paulo for this French skin pack!!!


Very best regards my boy... drinks.gif.pagespeed.ce.9olfNKsCP-.gif

Edited by Coupi

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