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  1. This would be great to fly the "Hog" !
  2. I like the Aviocar... in 2011 nearby the BA 118 air base I took the #378 of the Centre d'Essais en Vol !
  3. Hello Denis, May I help You to work on hit boxes and collision points ? What are the "pivot points" ? Best regards, P. Edit : Hit boxes & Collision Points.7z
  4. ... I've found this link : http://www.krasnayazvezda.com/terre/materiels/transport_troupes/btr40.php Best regards, P.
  5. Interesting... I hope TW keeps in mind (somewhere) the original SF2/FE2 community ! Six years ago... the last July 2013 SF2 update.
  6. What if... in 1943 ! Many thanks Ed !
    Thanks a lot for your update !
  7. With the courtesy of Veltro2k ! Early skin test of his Me 262B-1a "Nachtjager" project ...
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Gun fire test... by the 57th FWW !
  10. 1989 : Maverick test missile fire... Two beautiful mods : A-16C (by TMF) vs BTR-70 (by gkabs) !

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