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  1. Beautiful project ! What about the status of your MiG-21s ? P.
  2. I have sent you my converted SF2 version of the TMF Nesher... P.
  3. Later... why not the "2005" F-11F Tiger ! However how to improve these old birds if we don't have the max files... P.
  4. 1985... ASAT test mission from SF2 ! Original mod by FastCargo for WoI in 2008. P.
  5. Old WOI mod by Fast Cargo... runs in SF2 !
  6. In 2003... I discovered SFP1 with later WoV, WoE and WoI. I played FE also. In 2006... I met Combat Ace and the TW games community. Today I play only with SF2. SF2 (and FE2) is in my opinion very playable with its full "moddability". Here at Combat Ace I have found plenty of friends thanks to the games of TK !!! P.
  7. Merry new Year!

    Happy New Year... health and family !!! P.
  8. Gina, sei così bella ! Many thanks !!! P.
  9. Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas my friends !!!
  10. Royal Meteors. 1944-1970.

    "Terrific" beauty... full mod ! Many thanks... P.

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