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  1. CF-5A flight with the new FM v0.96 by Baffmeister ! And new cockpit layout ! Many thanks !!!
  2. Hi, Do you have try to run the uninstall exe ("uninst_SF2.exe" for example) from the SF2 core install ?
  3. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Es notable, lo mas interesante !!! .
  4. I hope we could fly this F4 (and/or Mk.III)... over SF2 terrains ! Best regards
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. In the Navy... I like this skin created by Nyghtfall !!! Thank You for your mod !!!
  7. New Aircraft

    Thanks a lot !!!
  8. Israel Air Force 1956... the Meteor F.8 flight ! Thank You Jarek !!!
  9. I use the NVIDIA video capture from the GeForce Exp. suite.
  10. F-16A Block 10 Demo... around 1981 !
  11. The several files I've modified are not mine ! I've picked and reused them here and there from my different SF2 installations... for test only.
  12. Jarek, I plan to create a specific SF2 install to fly your beautiful and highly accurate helicopters ! Job time and real life take time this week......... Best regards, Coupi.
  13. Hello ! This effect should it be created for each cylinder escape ?

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