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  1. Old SFP1 good guy... flying interception mission from SF2 game !
  2. Very very good ! Thanks a lot !!!
  3. Test ok ! Short video... thanks for you help !
  4. Hello guys ! Very interesting stuff ! Thanks ! I'm testing your updates and fixes... however I don't know why my plane (Su-33) goes through the deck when I want to take off and I land in ! The Flanker is ok when it operates from the Ulyanovsk. Best regards, P.
  5. US Wings over the... Faroe Islands ! Thanks a lot !!!
  6. Top ! Many thanks !!!
  7. I play with FE 2, is it ok for testing !
  8. If I can help for another plane !
  9. I only play with the FE2/SF2 games... so I keep the 390.77 because it works very fine in my W10 install. Ed, I hope you could solve your problem !
  10. I've found the MontyCZ's Bf 109B (and C) from the SF2 section. Very fastly I've tested it in my FE2 install and this fighter works fine over the wwiCaporetto terrain for example !

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