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  1. I like this new F-5A !
  2. Weekend is welcome... to play your beautiful F-5 ! Many many thanks to You and all !!! P.
  3. Windows 10 version release... soon after july 19 ?
  4. Hi I like the Sukhoi fighters ! it’s good to make us salivate... So what is the current status of the Fitter family new mod project ? Best regards, P.
  5. Hello ! I've play with your beautiful F-4G. In my opinion the problem is not the cockpit. This is more the game than your very highly detailed mod. For example, I've tested with the mirror on/off and their impact on fps with my PC, around -20% after activation. The game needs an overall optimization... for a long time ! Thanks a lot Ravenclaw_007 !!!
  6. Hello ! Do you have tested the change of the extension name (.bmp or .jpg) of the radar files and in the Avionics.ini file of the plane ?
  7. Remember... "Two weeks" my friends... "two weeks" !

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