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  1. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Ok mi amigo ! P.
  2. Alaska, Bering Strait (1955-2018)

    Hello ! Using the latest 1.06 version do you have experiment this from the Provideniya Bay and Lavrentiya airports ? This occurs when I take off but not crash. P.
  3. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    ¿Estás planeando una versión sin la "canopy structure" como en la foto? P.
  4. Hello DA, If you are interested for skinning this later... I took these photos in 1994 at the Mérignac Air Base BA106 near Bordeaux city. This was the KC-135R #23577 named "Loaded Dice". Best regards, P.
  5. J-35F cockpit (from the TW F-105D)... flight testing !
  6. Super project ! Nedeed screenshot :
  7. Hello, Please... About the Rafale mod : Is there a fix in order to have the good configuration of the loads on the left MFD ? Here the example of the Rafale C F4. So I don't understand the link between their cockpit.ini file entries and the stations (meshes) indicated from their cockpit LOD file. Thanks, P.
  8. Two TEST videos : Rafale NG & Remora UCAV...
  9. In 2022 I tested the AI with a what if project "Rafale NG and the Remora UCAV" from an old UCAV mod. This seems to be interesting to do despite SF2 AI limits.
  10. My friend, about AI aircraft you should take a look at the Super Hornet v5.5 package mod by EricJ. P.
  11. I hope this Fencer will be uploaded... P. 2007 : QRA mission for this early RAF Typhoon F2 !
  12. Hello ! Aleducat is working on the Su-75 Checkmate. About the J-20 I think this is an interesting project because this PLAAF fighter is in service now. P.
  13. Rest in peace NIELS ! Thousands kind thoughts... P.
  14. Ok my friends very well I'll take a look ! P. Edit : In the [Canard] section of the data.ini file of the plane you should delete the following line : [Canard] ParentComponentName=Fueslage ModelNodeName=Fueslage_2 ShowFromCockpit=TRUE DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE DamageRating=DISABLED ... ... ... XacMachTableStartX=0.00 XacMachTableData=-5.756,-5.764,-5.785,-6.117,-6.236 Ymac=-1.21.............................. DELETE THIS LINE MovingSurface=TRUE ControlSystemID=1 DummyComponent=TRUE SystemName[001]=CanardL SystemName[002]=CanardR
  15. Yak-11 a interesting plane.

    Top ! Thank You !
  16. Yak-11 a interesting plane.

    The "single seated" in flight ! why not a next "Yak-11" project for SF2... P.
  17. Yak-11 a interesting plane.

    Hello ! I took this one in 2019 at Cazaux (BA 120)... I suppose this is a modified Yak-11 for airshows. P.
  18. Real life problem

    All my condolences my friend ! P.
  19. Hello my friend ! I use these lines. Try to delete _ok and effectively you should use ParentComponentName=Fuselage Example : Component[0xx]=DeleteY [DeleteY] ParentComponentName=Fuselage ModelNodeName=supp_radar DestroyedNodeName=supp_radar DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE P.
  20. Very beautiful !!! Great idea... P.
  21. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    ¡Muy bien! ¡Muchas gracias, querido amigo! P.

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