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  1. Edit : the new version of the Mirage F1CZ cockpit !
  2. Inspired by Gepard ! F-111B in action...
  3. Do you see the resemblance

    It will be interesting to compare with the next B-21 Raider...
  4. Beta new CVA-41 Midway by Guuruu !
  5. Sopwith Triplane variants

    Greatissimo !!! Many thanks !!!
  6. MiG-25PD Foxbat-E WIP by Veltro2k !
  7. I remember the YAP Team has created something like that with its X-47 mod from the "Strait of Hormuz" (WoV) campaign...
  8. Sopwith Triplane Uploaded

    Many thanks !!! Next week I'll have free time in order to play with your beauty... full Triplane ! P.
  9. Top ! I've found this link from theavionist.com : https://theaviationist.com/2020/11/25/check-out-these-photos-of-the-blue-angels-flying-the-diamond-formation-with-the-super-hornets-for-the-first-time/
  10. Hello, Interesting about... proposed paint schemes for the Navy's new Adversary Super Hornets ! https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/37634/these-are-the-proposed-paint-schemes-for-the-navys-new-adversary-super-hornets Best regards, P.
  11. Sopwith Triplane - WIP

    Great project !
  12. "No sé qué nombre en clave fue designado por la OTAN si lo designaron." NATO Name "Flipper" I like this plane !
  13. 1986... MiG-29 over Finnish country !
  14. 1989... Fulcrum "29"... of the 968th IAP, East Germany.
  15. Your project takes shape very well !
  16. Hello?

    Take care of You !
  17. 1945... Two YP-80As flight tested over Italy !
  18. Hello ! Five stars for this beauty... In 1986 we discovered the early Fulcrums during a meeting in Finland on the Rissala air base ! Many thanks !

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