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BAe Hawk Mk. 66

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BAe Hawk Mk. 66

Export version for the Swiss Air Force. Twenty ordered on 20 October 1987, with first built by BAe and remaining 19 assembled by the Federal Aircraft Factory at Emmen. Delivery from November 1989 to October 1991. Decommissioned in 2002, 18 were sold to Finland in June 2007


What's in:



- a new plane;

- 3 new skins;

- Historical decalsets;

- open canopy 10 key auto closing at take off;

- weapons

- "real" sound;

- New screens;

- loadout.tga;






- This plane uses as stand in Harrier1 cockpit






- RussoUK - plane model 2.0;

- Ndicki- original Templates;

- Hi Ho Silver original SF1 skin;

- Coupi cockpit tweak; (1.1)

- Spillone104 - RR Adour sound

- Paulopanz - Skins, Decals, edits;





- all mod folder content in your mod install

- overwrite

- if you haven't SF-2EU or dislike Harrier1 pit open Hawk66.ini


AircraftFullName=Hawk Mk.66




CockpitDataFile=Harrier1_cockpit.ini <---- delete this






AvionicsDLL=Avionics70.dll <---- delete this


AvionicsDataFilename=Harrier1_avionics.ini <---- delete this



---> delete all "//" too and you will use the F-100 cockpit


That's all





@ paulopanz


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